• Pretty weak effort. Never any substance.

    • Former Nelson Supporter

      When everyone in this state thinks Mike Rounds is a constitutional conservative except Stace Nelon’s supporters it tells you Mike Rounds IS A CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE.

      • Oh there are many of s who can’t stand Rounds, we just can’t stand Stace either! We are conservatives, but Stace is just a horrible messenger and makes all conservatives look bad, but Rounds is no conservative.

  • I like them- these videos are of random supporters who simply say why they like mike. They are unscripted, which makes them so interesting …and real.

  • Does this have actual South Dakota folks or Parisians and paid actors?

    • Rounds has more supporters in France than Nelson does in South Dakota.

      • Rounds does have more supporters in France than Nelson and Rhoden have in SD combined.

    • They are all volunteers and the campaign has said nobody has every been paid a dime to make one. Pretty sad to see other campaigns attack normal South Dakotans who express support for a candidate.

      • Nelson is just empty attacks on South Dakotan’s who want an electable constitutional conservative in office. Rounds is the only option.

  • Rounds has more supporters in France than what will vote for Stacey in Hanson County in a few weeks.

    • Stace is about to get his doors blown off in Hanson County. I bet he doesn’t even win Fulton, SD.

  • It’s missing the french subtitles!?….

  • Nelson, Nelson, Nelson.. Even the die hard Rounds supporters can’t stop talking about the only conservative in the race.

  • Has Rounds held a single public forum yet where real people can ask real questions on the record?

    • I’ve attended a couple public forums that he has been at and he’s been the last guy to leave both times. Answered every question.

    • What fantasyland do you inhabit? He has numerous times. Just not the ones run by people wearing tinfoil hats.

  • This is interesting to me as a long time reader of the DWC. All of a sudden the Nelson and Bosworth trolls have amped up their rhetoric. Frankly, I expect some of that as the election approaches, and I suppose we’ll continue to see more and more of it as they look for outlets for their frustration due to lack of funds, lack of organization, and lack of any real advertising. Weiland has to be salivating at the idea of running against Boz or Nelson especially.

    Re: the videos — they are great and if the other campaigns had the ability to do them or had enough supporters, we would be seeing many more from all the campaigns. But they don’t and won’t.


    • No, no! Obama.. I mean Mike Rounds.. is the best thing that ever happened! He sends shivers up all the crony-capitalist’s legs!

      • Say what you want but Mike Rounds will go farther than Nelson for a few simple reasons and the first one is that he treats people with kindness.

    • THIS! Why no one focuses on this is beyond me. Most voters have no clue that Rounds is a notch below a used car salesman. If they did, they’d never support him in the primary.

  • Sen. Tim Begalka

    From a grammatical perspective it’s a very poor ad. His last statement isn’t a complete sentence.