Rounds considering US Senate run

KELO is reporting that Governor Rounds is considering a run for US Senate in 2014.

Rounds says he likes working in private business, but the former two-term Republican governor says he’s giving “serious thought” to running for the seat held by Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson…

The 57-year-old Rounds says he’s not interested in the U.S. House seat held by first-term Republican Rep. Kristi Noem.

The former chief of staff for Rounds, Sioux Falls businessman Rob Skjonsberg, has reserved two Internet domain sites for a possible campaign: and

Rounds appears to be staking his claim to the Senate contest. He is not interested in being 1 of 435. I guess who can blame a former governor for that?

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m a Noem supporter but Rounds would be a shoe in for US Senate in ’14.

    SHS doesn’t stand a chance against Mike Rounds. He’s the most electable candidate in the state.

    1. anon

      If this was the Johnson pre medical problems then yes I agree. Johnson might have even been favored. I have always liked Senator Johnson but he is not in the condition needed to run a competetive race against a formidable opponent.

      The big problem would be Johnson’s voting record this past 3 years. That’s not the Johnson I knew and that isn’t what South Dakota voters elected him for.

      I just can’t see how Johnson could debate. After seeing him and visiting him in person there is no way he can opperate under the level of openness he and his staff would have to provide.

      1. Voters are ready to move on...

        The election might be close until the debates and then when Rounds answers a question in about 30 seconds and Johnson requires 10 minutes to answer the same one voters will vote against Johnson in large droves. If Johnson runs again he loses. Rounds would get 55-60% of the vote. Johnson is to protected. He’s much worse than we are allowed to see.

  2. mhs

    Kinda throws a wrench in the plan to move Brendan Johnson into the seat, doesn’t it?

    I’ve always thought Mike’s true gift was as a legislator, not an executive. He is a master of persuasion and won’t be bamboozled by the professional party poll-driven policymakers as Krisite, sadly, has. As well as he did as governor, can you imagine what he’ll do for us in DC?

  3. Anonymous

    The only reason I would vote for Rounds is if the choice was either Rounds or Johnson. Rounds was a lousy governor and the reason I didn’t vote for Daugaard. Given the choice again, Daugaard gets my vote because he has proven to me that he is not a Rounds clone.

    1. softball

      I don’t know about Rounds being a lousy Governor. He would get about a B+ from me.

      The only person I would vote for over Rounds is Daugaard. While Noem talks and caves on conservatism Daugaard is following through with it.

  4. springer

    Johnson won last time by a pity vote and by refusal to allow a real campaign because anytime he was attacked on an issue it was screamed “unfair,” etc. There is huge buyer’s remorse by those who voted for him last time thinking he would improve enough to be a true voice for SD in these six years. Johnson is probably a nice guy. He is also this time around a very predictable vote for anything that the Obama administration throws his way wanting his vote. He is also not going to win another term should he decide to run, no matter who is the candidate IMO. He does have a competent staff, I will give him that, and they have probably developed this competency by acting on their own in his stead for the last four or so years.

  5. Anonymous

    Mike was a very effective legislator, moreso than an executive. He would a fine person to represent SD in the US Senate. A former governor brings gravitas, and Thune/Rounds would be a strong team.

  6. Sullivan

    Rounds would be perfect for Washington, DC. He is a go-along to get-along, don’t stir the pot, don’t make any hard decisions guy. Plus, he is the only Governor in our state’s history that is used to spending into deficits.

    Terrible for the country, but perfect for Washington, DC.

      1. toga


        Comments like that are absurd. There was more money in the reserve fund when Rounds left office than when he came into office.

        And after all of that flooding all I can say is that it was a good thing Mike Rounds was a fiscal conservative. SD has over $100,000,000 in reserves and that is great to know when facing times of crisis.

  7. veldy

    I always thought Rounds was done with politics once his Gov term was up, but then(having carried a petition for him previously), the Christmas card arrived….

  8. typical Pierre arrogance

    That we see in so many schmucks in SD elected offices today, the culture of perverted HS politics in Pierre.

    Rounds is too good to run for the House? Rep. Noem paid her dues there, and did well.

    My vote nor support will not be for Rounds.

    1. Arrowhead

      Nothing against Noem. She is doing fine but don’t you think Rounds has done more for this state than she has? I can’t say I’m sold on either of them but if I had to pull the trigger on two pols I’m not inspired to support I’ll pull the trigger for Rounds. He has experience and he has put in many more dues than Noem for the GOP.

      Not ripping on Noem I’m just sayin her time will come.

    2. Les

      Pray tell us what dues Noem paid in Pierre? I see she couldn’t answer questions about the NDAA any better within weeks of voting to approve it than she could answer questions about her recent voting record in Pierre. I’m not happy JT voted that bill in either but I’m sure he knew what he was voting for.

      I will work to support Rounds for Senate. Anyone comparing KN to Mike Rounds isn’t talking about getting a job done.

      She doesn’t read her bills any better in DC than she did in Pierre. Cmon Kristi, lets just vote on it to see what is in it??

  9. Arrowhead

    I don’t blame Rounds for not wanting to run for Congress. 2 year terms. Anyone needs to pick their battles. Congress is one of 435 and Senate is 1 of 100. Governor is 1 of 1. Not to hard to make a decision.

  10. Anonymous

    With the congressional gridlock we are facing I wouldn’t be surprised to see Noem call it a day and go home to her kids.

    Her kids are only young once and it isn’t like anything good is happening in DC. If she was making a difference she should stay but she’s not. If it was me I’d put my priorities into my kids.

    Think of all the moments of her childrens lives she’s missing out on. She can run again when Booker is 16.

    (my preference is Daugaard for Senate but then we wouldn’t have a Governor)

  11. homer

    Anyone would be better than Johnson.Among other things,he said something to the effect that the obamacare bill was the greatest bill he ever had the privilige of voting for. As for Rounds,as a former Republican legislator I would classify him as a weak,ineffective,bumbling Governor. He’s not a conservative,and I could not support him as US Senator.

  12. Les

    Homer, going beyond Rounds, we need another party as there’s nobody willing to open their mouth for true conservative issues and I’m not talking wing fringe. He’s miles ahead of Johnson or anyone else I can see getting elected.


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