Rounds Cosponsors Balanced Budget Amendment Legislation

Rounds Cosponsors Balanced Budget Amendment Legislation

Washington—Today, Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) joined every Republican Senator in introducing a Balanced Budget Amendment, requiring the federal government to balance its books.

“Washington spends too much money, plain and simple.” said Rounds. “In South Dakota, we understand the importance of spending taxpayer dollars wisely and we don’t spend what we don’t have. Washington ought to do the same.”

“Taking significant steps to rein in spending, as the Balanced Budget Amendment would do, would send a strong signal to job creators that we are serious about growing our economy for the long haul. It would give them the confidence to invest and hire again.”

Sen. Rounds’ weekly column on our debt and Balanced Budget Amendment is available HERE.


10 Replies to “Rounds Cosponsors Balanced Budget Amendment Legislation”

  1. whats up

    Balance budget, the king of subsidies from the Fed Govrt love when these guys say there fiscal.ABOUT BEING A TRUE CONSERVATIVE AND VOTING FOR FARM SUBSIDIES.

  2. Liberty Dick

    *Applause* Not only is he following through on a campaign promise but this is a much safer way than that half cocked Article V nonsense.

  3. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, so-called “Republican” Kyle Schoenfish representing District 19 in the SD House comes out this week AGAINST a balanced budget amendment as justification for his refusal to support the Article V Convention of States resolution. A few folks haven’t forgotten when Schoenfish ran for office the first time, criss-crossing his district with OBAMA bumper stickers on his car. He lost. Then suddenly, the sales ostensibly fell from his eyes and he came back and ran again as a Republican and won his seat. Calling him a RINO is too damned good for him….what he’s done is run a clever operation to penetrate the SD GOP and now he’s working liberal magic every time he opens his piehole. How Kloucekian (Kyle’s mentor).

    1. Anonymous

      Hey! Come on now! If you can’t win as a Democrat in good ole South Dakota you run as a Republican! If you can’t win might as well join em! 🙂

      1. allupinit

        This is a bit off topic. The dark side is of course that if Congress won’t adopt such an amendment, it’s up to the states to convene the limited convention to get it done. So this doesn’t avert the convention.


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