12 thoughts on “Rounds for Senate on the air with TV Ad”

  1. Good thing he has an opponent with no money— horrible ad.. nothing to do with rounds

    Good ad for the president

    As usual no substance

    And I voted for him last time.. maybe it should be for the last time

    1. This is going to be a GOP theme throughout the nation. Good for Rounds for advocating for the USA and the president’s message. Total domination.

      1. This is good for the Dear Leader why? It puts the pandemic right up there in front to remind us all what a mess this thing is because of Trump’s complete lack of leadership. All that’s missing is footage of the fat guy golfing this weekend (as opposed to going to church).

  2. Great ad- I like the patriotic focus during these challenging times. I also like how Mike has Trump’s back!

  3. Please tell me this isn’t a Lawrence and Schiller ad? If so they need to stick with Taco John’s ads..

  4. Exactly what we need more of in America today. Positive outlooks based upon historical American successes coming from incredible low points.

    Everyone is getting tired of the doom and gloom dumped out daily by the drive by media.

  5. Doom and Gloom? This ad reeks of it. Gives me no idea of what Rounds has done or what he wants to do. Weak ad from a weak leader. I’m tired of politicians that play on peoples’ fears (and confusion). And Patriotism? Is Patriotism being “Anti Another Country”? I think not. I’m reminded of what my parents taught me: if you complain, have a solution. Help others. Work together. I am looking for hope, and promise of a better future. Real Change, not more of the same. Dan Ahlers is a proven leader as a long-time legislative Appropriator, and small business owner.

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