Rounds moves up decision

Mike Rounds might not be back in the spotlight, but he sure is tip toeing around the edges. He spoke last week at a GOP Dinner.

Former South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds said he has not decided whether he will run for the U.S. Senate in 2014, but he will make a decision by late summer or early fall.

I believe Kevin Woster said that Rounds was going to make a decision by fall. I’d assumed that meant after the election or else slightly before. Evidently the feedback is encouraging an earlier decision. Late summer sounds good to me, because the earlier Rounds makes his decision, the earlier Tim Johnson can announce his retirement.

You be the judge. What’s the decision going to be?

I’m going out on a limb to predict we won’t have a Democratic Senator in SD following 2014’s election.

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  1. Anonymous

    There is no way Johnson would run against Rounds.

    SHS will not run against Rounds.

    Noem has two options. Run for Senate against Mike Rounds and probably lose or run for reelection to the House and likely face SHS in a rematch. I don’t know if Noem can defeat SHS again without the climate on her side.

    Either way SHS is coming after Noem in ’14.

  2. Donna

    We had heard Rounds was a keynote with Daugaard and wish we could have been there! Probably the most INTRIGUING speech on the circuit this year.

    We would really have enjoyed listening to what was said.

  3. A Boogeyman behind every door

    I haven’t talked to one person outside of a few upset political activists who aren’t Pro Mike Rounds.

  4. The Dude

    These are the highlights of the Lincoln Day dinner last Thursday in chronological order. Both Rounds and Daugaard were fantastic.

    1. Gov. Daugaard introduces Gov. Rounds:

    2. Health Care:

    3. Debt:

    4. No Compromise:

    5. Make a Commitment:

    1. anon

      If that is the Rounds who is running for Senate sign me up.

      I’m impressed that he is willing to talk about the problems and not avoid them.

  5. barney

    If Rounds wins it will be just like having another Dem Senator,he’s been in Obama’s pocket on healthcare all along. He’s the kind of sleezeball politician ready to cash in on Obamacare for his big insurance company.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m sure that is why Rounds appointed Marty Jackley who happens to be taking Obamacare out as we speak.

      If Rounds had appointed Brendan Johnson AG you might have a case but since he appointed Jackley you just sound dumb.

    1. duck soup

      I don’t understand the people who think Kristi Noem could defeat him. Have they been talking to anyone outside of their offices or in the real world? Kristi can defeat Jeff Barth or Matt Varilek. That’s about all.

      Frankly I don’t understand the people who think Tim Johnson or Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin could defeat Rounds.

  6. Hammerhead

    Mike must have some family memebers that are out of work and he needs to find them jobs. In this case, he will probably be running for senate. The friends and family employement program part II.


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