Rounds' popularity

Here is an interesting poll I came across from the 2010 Governor’s primary of Republican voters.

Almost 70 percent of those surveyed said South Dakota is headed in the right direction; 83 percent gave the governor a favorable rating; and 81 percent said they think the next governor should continue Rounds? policies.

What stood out to me is the fact that 81% of Republican primary voters said the next governor should continue Rounds’ policies. That number is nothing to scoff at. And as Bob Mercer wrote following the 2010 primary:

 It?s likely Daugaard will post wins in 64 or 65 of South Dakota?s 66 counties. This can be interpreted as a mandate. Support for Daugaard also seems to parallel the favorable ratings that remained above 60 percent this spring for term-limited Gov. Mike Rounds, who strongly endorsed Daugaard in the closing weeks of the campaign. In that respect the outcome of this primary is also a final endorsement by a majority of Republican voters for the Rounds administration. If Daugaard represents the status quo ? and that?s how his four opponents portrayed him ? then tonight?s results are a victory for the status quo.

We are often told that Rounds was an accidental Governor. I’d like to disagree. He had smart people working for him who made a smart strategic move regarding campaign practices. It is true that Kirby and Barnett fighting opened the door to the possibility of a Mike Rounds victory but Rounds didn’t just squeak it out, he won handily.

In the 2002 primary Rounds won with 44.3% (49,331 votes) Mark Barnett came in second with 29.5% (32,868) and Kirby brought up the rear with 26.1% (29,069). Clearly voters weren’t just turned off by Kirby and Barnett’s negative campaigning, they evidently also liked Mike Rounds.

In the general election, Rounds received 56.7% (189,920) and in 2006, 61.6% (206,990).

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  1. Anonymous

    Gordon Howie is trying to recruit Bill Napoli for US Senate in ’14. Gordon is obviously still pushing influence west river.

      1. grudznick

        Mr. Howie is delusional. I learned about that 2 years ago.

        Mr. Napoli should run on his own without the craziness and insane insanity that being associated with Mr. Howie brings. But I think Bill is busy selling his car lot and business, so it would be tough for him to run.

  2. Anonymous

    One reason I like Mike Rounds is because if he were to win a Senate seat I can see Rob Skjonsberg going with him to DC as Chief of Staff and I can see Jason Glodt becoming his state director.

    Both of those guys have lived in SD their entire lives and have been very active around the state. The other reason is that they are adults.

    I’m sorry but I am not impressed with Noem’s office hires. Andrew Christensen? This guy essentially graduated from college and left the state for DC came back and campaigned and got a job that sent him off to DC, Jordan Stoick? Not spent much time in SD since 2002. Renee Latterell? Once again another kid who went to DC for Thune then switched to work for Ed Schafer as sec of AG and is now with Noem in DC. The new press secretary is from California…

    For the most part Noem’s DC staff is a bunch of juveniles who haven’t spent much time in SD since they graduated college and moved to DC for a job and DC is where they’ve been ever since.

    They are all DC animals.

    I want a Senator with South Dakotans who actually have roots planted in the ground in SD.

    1. Anonymous

      Totally below the belt comment, only the most worthless among us would anonymously attack young staffers for nothing more than getting good jobs and trying to work hard on behalf of SD. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

  3. Anonymous

    81 percent wanted Daugaard to follow what Rounds did. Did Daugaard follow Rounds or did he stray?


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