Rounds Statement on Health Care Reform Legislation Vote

Rounds Statement on Health Care Reform Legislation Vote

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) today made the following statement after the Senate voted against passing a bill to repeal parts of Obamacare:

“The fight to relieve American families from our current failing health care system is far from over. I will continue working with my colleagues to stabilize the insurance markets and prevent premiums from continuing to skyrocket. The American people deserve better than the failing Obamacare disaster that has forced millions off the health care plans they enjoyed, driven up the cost of health care – 124 percent for South Dakotans in just the past four years – and caused insurance companies to leave the marketplace in droves.”


2 Replies to “Rounds Statement on Health Care Reform Legislation Vote”

  1. Thomas

    Allow me to translate Senator Round’s words: “As a big government progressive, I’ll support subsidies (giving your hard earned tax dollars) to insurance companies and call it “stabilizing markets” (again, giving YOUR money to giant health corporations) and I’ll support taking money from one group of hard working taxpayers in order to give it to people who don’t lift a finger to deserve that money so that we can promote Socialized medicine, just like Obamacare, but we’ll call it something else. But I’m a Conservative, so all you Republicans can vote for me again.”

  2. Not a Fan

    What’s sad is that “working with my colleagues” only refers to 1 side of the chamber. He would do us proud if he stood with Senator McCain and actually extended a hand across the aisle rather than just keep his seat on the McConnell wagon by parroting the same old tired Repeal and Replace dogma.


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