Rounds Statement on President Trump’s Address to Nation

Rounds Statement on President Trump’s Address to Nation

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) today issued the following statement on President Trump’s address to the nation regarding the need for enhanced border security:

“Tonight, President Trump did an excellent job reinforcing to the American people why additional resources at our borders are necessary. Negotiators must come to the table to find a compromise that will strengthen border security and reopen government as quickly as possible. As the border crisis grows and more Americans are adversely affected by the partial shutdown, time is of essence. It is time to work together to find a solution that has bipartisan support in Congress and adequately addresses the president’s calls for enhanced border security.”


7 Replies to “Rounds Statement on President Trump’s Address to Nation”

  1. Anonymous

    The bottom line is that the national Democrat party is more concerned with power than with the security of the citizens of the United States. Pelosi and Schumer are not good people, and they don’t take the Constitution seriously.

    I am not sure why Democrats value American citizenship so little that they are willing to give it away to anyone who will simply come across our border, legally or even illegally. I guess they don’t really consider America to be that great a place and, if so, why do American citizens who claim to love this country keep voting in Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, the idiot Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist Sanders, the lying Warren, and all the others who put their lust for power above their responsibilities as elected officials?

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. I have seen news clips of Pelosi, Schumer and Obama giving speeches, as recent as 2013, in which they say we need to build the Wall. Were they disingenuous when making those remarks or do they hate Trump soooo much that they cannot bear to vote for anything that he wants.

      They are willing to have our government employees go without paychecks so they can champion the thousands of illegal want-to-bes, over the welfare of our 400,000,000 citizens. That is a lot of hatred that P & S have toward Trump !!

  2. Anonymous

    Do they believe we should tear down the existing wall if it’s so ineffective?
    If your argument is there is a better way to keep out illegals then fine but when I hear things like “it’s immoral” then that tells me they don’t care who comes across the border.
    Just as well scrap the entire application process altogether if all you need to do is get here and claim hardship.

    1. Anonymous

      Pelosi and Schumer have no business talking about immorality with their full-fledged support of abortion. How many of the murdered babies could Pelosi have supported for their lives with the money she has spent on her numerous facelifts? She is truly a despicable person.

  3. Nonymouse

    I enjoyed hearing Governor Noem talk about mandating a citizenship test for our high school students. Immigration has gone too far, and we need to really limit who we consider to be Americans.


    What is the democrats solution to this problem? Oh ya, Pelosi wants to mow the grass on the border! You cant make this stuff up!

  5. Springer

    If the Dems are against the wall, would they support any of these ideas?
    1.end sanctuary cities and states.
    2. End all welfare benefits, food stamps, housing aid, free healthcare, etc to anyone here illegally.
    3. End motor/ voter registration.
    4. Support ICE.
    5. Support Kate’s law.
    6. Reform temporary worker type short term visas for seasonal farm workers.
    7. End catch and release, which still occurs when people are granted a future court date but then disappear into the USA.
    8. End anchor baby policy.

    We all know the answer to this….NO! They want an open border and the votes that come with that, and their continued power forever.


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