Rounds supported in his campaign by National Turkey Federation.

From politico, an interesting holiday season tidbit. Well, maybe not a tidbit, but the main course of a big meal we ate last week.

Mike Rounds earned a mention in politico for being one of the recipients of PAC support from the National Turkey Federation, who will likely be seeking some legislation to aid in a quest to turn leftovers into fuel (and not sandwiches).

TALKIN’ TURKEY: If the dinner conversation at your Thanksgiving table lags, feel free to dazzle with some wonky energy-related turkey talk. One of the National Turkey Federation’s top lobbying issues is the Renewable Fuel Standard; the group supported EPA’s initial proposal to decrease volume requirements in the 2014 rule (ICYMI, the White House last week whiffed on the 2014 rule: The turkey industry’s other lobbying topics include various bills to repeal or reform the RFS; a House bill requiring more study of E15 fuel; Senate propane supply legislation; EPA’s greenhouse gas emissions reporting rule; and “possible tax incentives for producing energy from animal by-products.” The NTF’s PAC has waded into the Louisiana Senate race, sending $2,500 to Mary Landrieu in September. Other key lawmakers the PAC supported this year include John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Fred Upton, Bill Shuster, Collin Peterson, Mark Warner, Pat Roberts and Mike Rounds.

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10 Replies to “Rounds supported in his campaign by National Turkey Federation.”

  1. Anonymous

    Let’s see, Jon Kobes deputy chief of staff, former legal counsel, POET, Rob Skjonsberg. chief of staff, former Sr. VP Poet. I don’t think so.

  2. Anonymous

    For an alleged conservative Verchio you were real quick on signing on the largest tax increase in South Dakota history. One hundred million additional dollars a year extracted from your constituents and the rest of South Dakota. I must have missed that chapter in the Conservative’s Handbook.

  3. El Kabongg

    Who cares about Verchio not responding to a crazy charge? Let’s have Anon#1 spell out what single bill increased taxes paid by South Dakotans $100-million. Be specific, and don’t just add up things from a shaky set of cause-effect political arguments. That’s who got real quiet all of a sudden after a cheap attack.

  4. Anonymous

    El Kabong, have you looked at the bill reported out of the interim gas tax study? Until you do you really shouldn’t be making such a fool out of yourself.


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