RSLC: Socialist Sanders’ Victory Leaves Down-Ballot Democrats Feeling Burned 

Socialist Sanders’ Victory Leaves Down-Ballot Democrats Feeling Burned

WASHINGTON – Following socialist Bernie Sanders’ decisive victory in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation Democratic primary contest this evening, Republican State Leadership Committee President Austin Chambers issued the following statement:

“After Bernie Sanders’ decisive victory in New Hampshire, the momentum in the Democratic presidential primary is now firmly in the hands of a dyed-in-the-wool socialist. While it’s not surprising that national liberals are now ‘feeling the bern,’ down-ticket Democrats in key states are beginning to face the consequences – forced to wrap themselves in a socialist agenda aimed at fundamentally transforming the United States. Massive tax hikes, sweeping job loss, and the elimination of private health insurance – that’s the Democrats’ platform this year. And voters reject it. The further left Democrats go with Bernie Sanders, the more ‘feeling the Bern’ becomes ‘feeling burned’ and the more Republicans will win up-and-down the ballot.”


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    1. Have to agree, but what they are doing is making the parties go in different ways. If the Republican party starts to actually adopt Trump’s visions, I see it going a long way. If the Democrat party chooses to adopt Bernie’s policies, I see the party falling apart and losing even more power.

  1. In the highly unlikely event of a Sanders nomination, one thing is clear: No truly Republican or Democrat will be running for president. These two septuagenarians are the flip-side of the same coin. Disaster awaits.

    The fact that much more moderates split the vote, and those numbers would have creamed Bernie says its too early for a Bernie victory lap. Democrats will not make the same mistake as the Republicans in 2016 when the GOP candidates let the twitter candidate and carnival act win the nomination.

    Before all of the Trumpsters jump on this, remember where the party was four years ago. Trump was not a serious consideration by a vast majority of Republicans, yet the crowded field failed to coalesce and let him carve them up one-by-one.

    1. I don’t even know what you are trying to say with your post due to its incoherence.

      Are you saying in paragraph two that President Trump didn’t win the nomination but that the other candidates simply lost it? I would dispute that characterization; President Trump gave a clear message of putting America first and gave a list of what he was going to do.

      President Trump has done better for the country than any of the Democrats who ran last time and will do better of the country than any of the Democrats running this time, so he will get my vote and will continue to help the country prosper.

      1. My reaction too. Points contradict each other.

        Whatever merits Pete and Amy may have, they will be popped like zits by Bernie and Bloomberg on Super Tuesday.

      2. He will continue to spend, and spend, and spend this country into the ground so you can prosper and your kids and grandkids will have to pay for it.

        Then, you will blame it on Congress while giving credit for a strong economy to Trump.

        Seriously, how do peoples’ heads on this site not explode from their own hypocrisy?

        1. You apparently haven’t looked at his latest budget proposal. Typical democrat intelligence.

          “The Trump administration’s proposed budget projects federal deficits would be cut in half as a share of the economy by 2024, and in half again by 2029”

          When will dems propose spending cuts?

          1. Is this the part where we look at his proposals and ignore what the man has done for the past 3.5 years? We haven’t had budget deficits this large since the great recession. You wanna try again, bud?

              1. Did the Republicans? There are only 2 parties that are responsible for the national debt. Pick your poison. We need a Ross Perot to get under the hood and fix the engine.

          2. Oh, and btw: was a registered republican for 18 years and recently went independent. Won’t vote dem, but our party sure as hell lost its way.

            1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there it is. When the economy is strong, YAY TRUMP! When things aren’t so good, blame congress.

              We hold kids more responsible than this.

  2. I don’t know who wrote the quoted article, but I would hardly call the old hippy commie’s victory “decisive”.

      1. His margin was only 1.25% against an inexperienced mayor of a small town in Indiana; the old goat must be losing his cachet.

  3. Apparently buttegiegs dad was a marxist/communist. Does anyone seriously think he is a moderate with an upbringing in this philosophy? Why don’t we hear more about this?

    1. 1). That argument only will be effective with those already against him. Th rest know many kids aren’t their parents clone.

      2). There are more effective ways to show his liberalism, like his own words and actions.

    2. He also apparently wrote an essay or something in his youth about how great Comrade Sanders was; he doesn’t seem to have gotten any smarter with age.

  4. Any posts coming about HB1057 being put out to pasture or us not being on meth anymore? We did it, yay.

  5. You don’t seem to have an accurate mindset of what modern socialism is. This isn’t 1953, anymore,Austin. Explain why you believe millennial’s support of “buying as a group” is wrong.

  6. Senator Sanders (Hydra) from Vermont is a direction the USA and the world cannot go. Vote No!

  7. He also apparently wrote an essay or something in his youth about how great Comrade Sanders was; he doesn’t seem to have gotten any smarter with age.

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