Rumor alert – Lawsuit coming today on IM22

I’m hearing rumors from multiple sources on a lawsuit potentially being filed today against Initiated Measure 22 on the basis of an unconstitutional exercise of spending authority by the measure.

What I’m hearing is that around 20-25 legislators could be named as plaintiffs in this fight against funds being arbitrarily appropriated via a ballot measure.  The question is whether they’ll be throwing only that portion of the measure out, or the whole thing entirely.

Watch as this story develops.

4 Replies to “Rumor alert – Lawsuit coming today on IM22”

  1. Anonymous

    Rounds and Daugaard’s incompetence, nepotism and cronyism created the environment that allowed this to pass. Why aren’t they doing anything about this? Why not the State GOP? Why not the Chamber’s of Commerce that benefited from EB-5 and GEAR-UP? Oh, I guess the Tiedeman and other stonewallers have just as much blame for its passage. My bad.

  2. anon1

    No, it was a million dollars in out-of-state funded ads that were intentionally misleading. The dems haven’t been able to win any elections by talking about issues, so they did this the old fashioned way…they lied to everyone!

  3. Anonymous

    They have been saying a lawsuit is coming for over a week….seeing is believing on this one…..they never should have let it go into effect….