Rumors of buses coming from Fargo tonight to cause trouble in Downtown Sioux Falls

Was texting with my daughter up in Fargo today, who noted the local opinion of what took place in that community yesterday… and it was interesting that many were hearing of buses of people coming to the community from out of town:

There were riots in Fargo last night. I got stuck in traffic for 2 hours with my dog because of protests.

It was nuts. The protests earlier in the day were peaceful & impressive as far as the turnout goes but buses of people from out of town came at like 10 PM and started throwing rocks & looting & breaking windows.

Those were just dipshits looking for a reason to fight. Very few. The police were very patient with them all day & very respectful so it sucks that a few people not even from Fargo made the earlier people look bad.

Fast forward to a short time ago, and it sounds like the group may be heading South.

On the heels of the Governor’s release that riots and looting will not be tolerated, there are rumors of the same buses coming to Sioux Falls. This is one of the messages going out to people in Sioux Falls across social media:


I have been told by a city official that there are 3 buses from Fargo en route for tonight’s protest. Although this is not officially confirmed, some are very concerned that the protest may get out of hand.

The city and DTSF are encouraging owners and businesses to bring any tables, chairs, signs, or anything that could be thrown through a window inside for the evening. The protesters that are destroying properties have systematically used street furniture to break windows.

Update: I am also told that business owners are being asked to voluntarily close at 5:00 PM tonight.

Please help spread the word.

And this message is filtering out as well:

We can hope that people keep it peaceful in the downtown Sioux Falls area, and they don’t experience the damage and mayhem that went on in Fargo yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Rumors of buses coming from Fargo tonight to cause trouble in Downtown Sioux Falls”

  1. If I had a business in danger, I would be armed standing outside to protect it. This is long past anything to with the man who died… is simply a reason to riot and pillage. If the police aren’t going to protect the citizens from these criminals, the citizens have every right to do it themselves.

    I am not talking about the peaceful protestors. I am not a white supremacist, and neither are these criminals. Follow the money…who is paying their expenses as they travel,? They sure as h— aren’t working!

  2. More liberal BS… bussing in out of stagers telling is to be outraged

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