Run and ask questions of Mayoral Candidate Paul TenHaken

I might have to work myself up to walking and chewing gum at the same time  🙂  But Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Paul TenHaken is looking for those who can do a bit more:

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      1. Anonymous

        I don’t see that this is an ego trip, but I guess if this isn’t your candidate you can find fault with just about anything.

  1. Pat Powers Post author

    It’s not a post about that, but Paul has put out a statement:

    Paul TenHaken : “I don’t think there was malicious intent on the front end of this,” said Paul TenHaken, one of eight mayoral candidates to official declare so far. “It’s just reinforcement that you can never really go wrong with being overly open and transparent. That rarely is a bad move.”


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