Rushmore PAC: “Don’t send an Ineffective Conspiracy Theorist to Pierre.” Yep, that’s about right.

It looks like it got a little scuffed up in the mail, but this arrived in mailboxes today from Rushmore PAC.

I think they hit some of the high points.  Especially the part about “Don’t send an Ineffective Conspiracy Theorist to Pierre.”




9 thoughts on “Rushmore PAC: “Don’t send an Ineffective Conspiracy Theorist to Pierre.” Yep, that’s about right.”

  1. This sounds like a “Hilary” tactic against Trump that I heard yesterday….he’s not stable etc…..desperate move it would appear???

    1. You’ve never seen Lora on Facebook, have you? The stuff on the card pales compared to some of the crazy she chooses to promote, such as government spraying Chemtrails, vaccines causing autism, inferring South Dakota State Government is sending out hit squads, suicide reenactments, etcetera and so on.

  2. Heck, I wouldn’t even want to send an effective conspiracy theorist to Pierre.

  3. Yes, but she wouldn’t have voted for the sales tax increase, and she’s against Medicaid expansion.

    That other stuff is right up there with transubstantiation, dual dispensationalism, the Fatima prophecies, and Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances in North America. We don’t need to discuss that stuff.

    We can just focus on Medicaid expansion. Her opponent is open to it, and Lora isn’t.

    1. That’s like saying “I dislike Jeffrey Dahmer because he ate those people, but I’ll vote for him because he’s against abortion.”

      There comes a point where even a political party has to have standards.

  4. While crazy and childish legislators might annoy all the other people In Pierre, ask yourself, how will they affect you personally?

    We’ve got all these sane, respectable candidates endorsed and supported by a governor who wants to expand Medicaid, blow a hole in the state budget, and leave a mess for his successor to fix with a state income tax.
    And then we have all these crazies who are saying “hell no” to that.
    Ultimately, what’s going to bother you more?

    1. Way to be single issue Anne.

      After the expansion bill is defeated, they’ll only have 1 year and 364 days of looking like lunatics. They can’t cause much trouble in that time span.


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