Rushmore PAC involved in Watertown mayoral campaign, out campaigning for Mayor Steve Thorson

If you see the story in the sidebar, South Dakota GOP Chair Dan Lederman’s long-time political organization is out working in the Watertown Mayor’s race in an effort to re-elect first term Mayor Steve Thorson:

Watertown Mayor Steve Thorson has been a driving force for growth and free enterprise. When community projects were in danger of floundering, Mayor Steve Thorson took notice, and made it happen.

Unfortunately, there are those who stand against progress. After being fired from her job with the city for insubordination, Sarah Caron took out petitions to run against the mayor, and has been engaged in a negative campaign, making unsubstantiated charges and allegations to gain traction.

Shortly thereafter, local Watertown residents contacted Rushmore PAC, and helped us spring into action to counter the attack politics of Caron which unfortunately have become more common in campaigns today.

With the encouragement of local residents, we’ve been running newspaper ads, radio ads, and a series of mailers highlighting Thorson’s positive record of growth through development and economic freedom.

The Watertown race represents the most recent local election we’ve been involved in, having previously been engaged in municipal races in Iowa & South Dakota, including the Rapid City Mayoral race, as well as a local Aberdeen election where we raised money to stop the most liberal Democrat in South Dakota, after he took out petitions only days after moving to the community!

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Dan and Rushmore PAC are also out campaigning in the Watertown area today, as noted by this picture including former State Representative Fred Deutsch, and Former State Senator and current GOP National Committeeman Ried Holien.

30 Replies to “Rushmore PAC involved in Watertown mayoral campaign, out campaigning for Mayor Steve Thorson”

  1. KM

    I would love to rock one of those “Freedom” t-shirts. Love when the conservatives come together and support one another. Fred Deutsch and the Rushmore PAC are a God send, fighting for our rights to life, justice and the American way. I’m sure the people of Wtown will vote for the person they see fit, allowing their city to continue prospering. Dems/Libs have a tendency to push cities into near implosion. I am curious of the insubordination firing? Caron made a statement about questioning cutting corners in a new development, that constitutes being fired? Sure there is more to that story; I see a red flag.

      1. anon

        For the same reason he didn’t debate her. Personnel records are private. Had the mayor said anything about the reasons behind her being fired, he and the city could have been sued.

    1. KM

      Tara, I didn’t need to watch the debate to know she is a progressive. I only had to read the links provided, do a quick Google search and talk with a couple friends in WT. If the city of WT or any city for that matter allows the left to steer the ship, it will sink before you can blink. Be careful, do your own research and pay attention, ppl will lie to you. There’s a person in my district (republican) who claims to be pro-life, but is not. We will not vote for them, just like others who claim to be for life but their record shows otherwise.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Well thank you KM, but it seems like party doesn’t matter anymore because they both like to tax and spend. Just look at Pierre and Congress.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    It’s been a good race. You can’t have that exchange of ideas in the political market place, without candidates.

  3. Anonymous

    She is a democrat who changed her registration to independent to hide her liberal agenda. She is pro abortion and the bulk of her followers are liberal pro abortion democrats. Don’t be fooled!

  4. Anonymous

    It is not a hot button. It is a fundamental core value that cannot be ignored. To support abortion is a disqualify position for a pubic official to take. How can that person be trusted?

  5. chief

    I’ve never heard anyone rebut Caron’s charges of being leaned on as city engineer to cut corners and lie and do things the “establishment good-ole-boy way”. Besides, look who’s endorsing Thorson, it’s Fred Deutsch who always stands up for fundamental core values, like when he endorsed Deb Peters !!!

  6. Tara Volesky

    He supported pro-choice Deb Peters over pro-life Lora Hubbel…….You are kidding, right Chief?

  7. anon

    I worked with Sarah for a few years. She’s a smart lady but has a hard time getting along with people. She is rigid in her views. Her strength is her professional training. Her weakness is her people-skills. That’s been my experience with her.

  8. Karen

    Schoenbeck’s right. There has been a good exchange of ideas. Thorson has run a clean campaign. Caron has run a traditional covert progressive campaign. Her advisors are some of the most liberal people in Watertown – Bruce Ford, Mark Roby and Nancy Turbak.

    When there are no substantial issues in a community, how does a candidate compete with an incumbent mayor? Caron’s method has been to manufacture controversy.

  9. Tara Volesky

    Are the postcards from the Rushmore PAC manufactured controversy? I don’t think she will be a status quo Mayor.

    1. Bill B

      I planned on voting for Thorson because of his progressive record in Watertown. But when a PAC is involved in small town SD politics, that has seriously made me consider voting for Caron.

  10. Fred Deutsch

    I participated in the door-to-door campaign for Steve because he shares my values; and importantly, because I believe he’s done a fine job as mayor. Pretty simple.

    1. Tara Volesky

      Just curious Fred, but why would you support pro-choice Deb Peters over pro-life Lora Hubbel?

  11. anon1

    I wish people would just take a step back and ask themselves – “Should I vote for a mayor that has a strong four-year record of success, or should I vote for a disgruntled former city employee, who’s only motivation to run is for revenge against the person who fired her”?

    Come on… how easy does it get?

  12. Tara Volesky

    I believe she is standing for free speech. She is running her race in a professional matter with no personal attacks against her opponents. She will make sure the taxpayers money will be invested efficiently and thoroughly. Never met the women but she appears to be passionately committed to Watertown and will carry out the people’s wishes in a conservative manner.

    1. Joseph

      Tara, as usual, you are 100% wrong. Caron’s campaign has been all about attacks and lies.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Can you give me an example Joseph? I listened to the whole debate, and thought it was very mild.

    2. KM

      Tara, I don’t think SC’s free speech was taken from her or anyone in WTown for that matter. The 1st Amend protects us, so we can say whatever we want. However, some speech comes with consequences, as I’m sure you know. I respect your passion and dedication, but sometimes I wonder if you have a solid world view? Just bc someone seems to be a Rep/Conservative, doesn’t mean they are; SC seems to be running for revenge, not for the awesome ppl of WTown…Go Panthers!!