Russell for AG puts out fundraising letter for his campaign

So far, I think this might be the first fundraising letter I’ve received for the Attorney General Candidates, and Lance’s team got this out literally on the same day they made their announcement. (My announcement went to an e-mail account that I don’t monitor for political stuff, but I have that resolved and posted now.)

RussellforAG Fundraiser by Pat Powers on Scribd

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      1. Anonymous

        I agree with Mr. Anonymous-ish…seems to be more of a direct slam on AG office itself….”violent crime is on the rise”…

  1. Ike

    Values like poor judgement and professional misconduct? Nothing like a censured states attorney to bring honesty and transparency to state government.

      1. John

        So I went and found it, OUCH!

        Read it for yourself like i did–to me this is a disqualifier-how can you argue it is not?

        Note that retired Chief Justice Miller ( a man of supremely high integrity in my opinion) is the referee and he said this:

        [¶ 29.] In ultimately recommending the public censure of Russell, the Referee concluded:

        A. [Russell] exercised poor judgment and violated the Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 3.8 concerning special responsibilities of prosecutors; Rule 4.4(a) concerning respect for rights of third persons; Rule 8.2(a) concerning judicial officials; and Rule 8.4(a)(d) concerning professional misconduct. He used his office as State’s Attorney: (a) to further local political aims of his associate and advisor, Schjodt and others who shared opposition to the golf course project; (b) to enhance and/or defend his own political career; and (c) by failing to use his independent professional judgment in the conduct of the investigation of the golf course project.

        B. [Russell’s] misconduct (1) in publicizing and putting the grand jury transcript on his web site and (2) in preparing and in issuing the press release criticizing Judge Davis for the delay in the trial of the Fast Horse case, standing alone, warrant the discipline that this Referee is recommending.

  2. nion

    Maybe some of you governmental smart guys can explain something to me. Why does Lance or any other Republican AG candidate need to fund raise big dollars? The people he needs to market are the Republican faithful that will be at the convention, right? A few hundred people?

  3. Anonymous

    As of today it’s Fitzgerald, Ravnsborg, Russell and distant 4th McGuigan at this point. Ravnsborg is working hard, hopefully won’t peak to early and he can win this.

    1. Anonymous

      True if it was a popular vote primary but it’s not. In the convention systems, everyone knows John Fitzgerald. He’s a safe bet for those who want a prosecutor and he is genuinely a good person. But Jason R is really working it hard, has more energy and has a more diverse resume.

      Lance Russell’s entry into the race is a bit of a puzzle.

      1. Anonymous

        I think the smartest move would be for Ravnsborg and Fitzgerald to team up. Two outsiders who no one owns. They could give everything a fresh look.

        Ravnsborg could be the front man, to me he clearly has the most leadership -few people get selected as a Battalion Commander –overseeing hundreds of people. He also has a real good relationship with a number of legislators which is vital for the AG, to pass or stop legislation important to law enforcement. Plus I agree he seems to have endless energy and the most well rounded resume.

        Fitz could be his deputy AG and then prosecute all over the state and he would probably enjoy that more. While prosecuting is important it is not what the actual AG does, the office does, the AG can’t be bogged down in trials. Then Fitz would not have to deal with the other aspects of the job, which I do not see anything in his background for, but he is good at prosecuting.

        Russell perplexes me also…that ethics opinion is an albatross. He has to know he can’t win with that. So I don’t know why he is even trying. That ethics opinion is only going to get talked about more and more throughout the campaign.

  4. El Rayo X

    McGuigan looks like a dedicated officer of the court who wants to serve the people as SD Attorney General. The rest look like future candidates for Governor, US Senator or Congressman who want to be AG until the openings occur. Sorry Charlie.

    1. Anonymous-ish

      So individuals who serve as AG never look for higher office, i.e., Governor, US Senator, or Congressman? (Farrar, Janklow, Jackley *cough-cough*)

    2. Mark N.

      I think this comment is true for both McGuigan and Fitzgerald. Neither of them has run for any office that didn’t involve prosecution. That was true for Farrar, Janklow and Jackley when they first ran for AG.
      Ravnsborg and Russell have run for other partisan office. While it is OK to look for other office, this type of history is clearly relevant, depending on what you want in an AG.

  5. Anonymous

    Charlie is definitely more workhorse than showhorse. There is a reason he’s been the number 2 for so many ags because he’s good. I don’t want an AG with an axe to grind I just want someone good who will get the job done.
    Russell and Ravnsborg are non starters and I’m not sure Fitz is ready for this but he’s my second choice.


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