Russell for Attorney General campaign sends out fundraising letter

From today’s mailbox, Republican candidate for Attorney General Lance Russell sent out a 5-page letter asking for campaign donations, dated March 8th.

Lance Russell Fundraiser by Pat Powers on Scribd

5 thoughts on “Russell for Attorney General campaign sends out fundraising letter”

  1. I hope Russell didn’t pay someone to put this letter together for him. Way too long and other mistakes.

  2. Just about everything written under this post was off topic. When I post stuff about an AG candidate, it is not an open invitation for the supporters of each candidate to start poking at each other.

    Try to keep it to the topic at hand, please.

  3. The AG candidates are going to need to raise 50K each before the next reporting period.

  4. With staying on topic, 5 pages seems very long for someone to read through. I know I would only skim it at best, he should have kept it 1-2 pages to be effective.

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