Sad news coming in of Don Rounds’ passing.

There are early reports coming in that Don Rounds, father to US Senator Mike Rounds, State Representative Tim Rounds, and Crooks Mayor Jamison Rounds has passed away.

The patriarch of the Rounds’ family was not just an institution in Pierre, but also among the members of the South Dakota Republican Party. I’ll have more on services as information comes out.

2 Replies to “Sad news coming in of Don Rounds’ passing.”

  1. Stan Adelstein

    Don was a remarkable man, friend and father. Always available for thoughtful reflection and advice. Knowing so many of his remarkable family, their values and contributions, his reflection will never disappear from shining pool of life.

    He will never really die, since his memory will continue to be a guide for the lives of all of us. He will be at our side every time we represent his memory – when we smile at a friend, and a stranger, when listen with caring to another joys, and tears, when we refuse to repeat words of prejudice, or criticism.

    In the rising of the sun on another day of possibilities, or rejoice in the incredible South Dakota sunset — he will be there.

    Stan Adelstein


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