Sad News – Former Republican Legislator Roger Hunt passes away.


Roger Hunt, a Brandon lawyer who was at the epicenter of South Dakota’s abortion wars during the last 25 years, died Friday night.


Hunt served 20 years in the South Dakota House of Representatives, including one term in 1999 to 2000 as speaker of the House. Hunt was also one of five candidates who vied for the Republican nomination for Congress in 2002, a contest won by Gov. Bill Janklow.

Though he was firmly opposed to abortion – sponsoring a state law that banned the procedure – and steadfast in his socially conservative beliefs, Hunt was also known as a gentleman and negotiator.

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10 Replies to “Sad News – Former Republican Legislator Roger Hunt passes away.”

  1. enquirer

    hunt was a conservative who worked to stay close to the heart of the state republican party and would never have considered bolting and forming his own tiny caucus. let’s draw a lesson here.

  2. Troy Jones

    Jonathan Ellis’ bigotry comes out all the time.

    “Though he was firmly opposed to abortion, . . . he was also known as a gentleman. . . .”

    1. Anonymous

      Stupid line by the “reporter” Ellis. I think he knew exactly what he was trying to say. The only thing I read of the Rag of Record for Sioux Falls are the bits that Pat posts here, and that is quite enough, thank you.

      From what I know from a colleague of mine, Roger was a very good man, and his opposition to abortion is simply more evidence of that.

  3. Fred Deutsch

    Roger was a giant of a man. He was South Dakota’s most profound pro-life lawmaker.

    Roger, you will be missed.

  4. Troy Jones

    And let’s not forget this one by dumbest guy at the Argus (who thinks he is smarter than all South Dakotans), Stu Whitney, who said after the election:

    “There’s a running joke about South Dakotans being allergic to change, with no discernible punchline. A great many residents are reactionary by default, clinging to the rudder of rural-based vessels such as faith, family and insularity, not to mention low taxes.”

    Read it closely:

    1) “rural based vessels” meaning we are all just a bunch of hicks.
    2) “faith, family and insularity, not to mention low taxes” which he meant as an insult but I take as a compliment. Faith first always, then family. BTW, I wholly disagree with the insularity. South Dakotans travel as much as anyone (and at one time were #1 in the nation for per capita who visited other countries) and it is that travel which gives us the resolve to not copy “great” financial banana republics like Michigan and rathole known as Detroit.

    1. Troy Jones

      Nope. Ellis and Whitney are either really poor writers and mis-speak with regularity that would disqualify them as journalists in a paper above “rag” or are bigots, a bigotry that is editorial policy at their “rag.” Oh my, I just realized they are perfect employees for the Argus.

  5. Troy Jones

    BTW, if you want to see a major reason the two-time District 3 State Senate candidate gets crushed, go read his dismissive and insulting post on State Representative Hunt.


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