Sad news from facebook. Senator Jim Dunn has passed away.

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Terribly sad news that former Republican Senator jim Dunn has passed away.  Senator Dunn served a total of thirty years in the House and Senate – 2 in the House with the remainder in the Senate, where he was an institution.  He served in leadership as Assistant Majority Leader 1989-1992 and 1995-1998, he was Assistant Minority Leader in 1993 & 1994 when Republicans were in the Minority, and was back to Senior Assistant Majority Leader for the 1999-2000 term.

It’s hard to describe & quantify Senator Dunn, except to note that they broke the mold when they made him. He was an advocate for the mining industry he represented from his home district, he was a rock solid legislator, I found him hilarious in word and deed, and an all around gentleman.

Godspeed, Senator.

2 Replies to “Sad news from facebook. Senator Jim Dunn has passed away.”

  1. Anonymous

    30 years is incredible!

    Who is the longest serving now? Brock Greenfield at 16 years or is he only at 14 years? Half way. Wow he’d be about 60 if he can keep it up.

    I wish term limits didn’t exist. Think of the institutional knowledge that is lost from term limits.

    Longest serving:
    That title is jointly held by the late C.S. Amsden, of Milbank, Jim Dunn, of Lead, who retired after the 2000 session, the late Alfred Roesler, of Deadwood, and the late Gordon Pederson, of Wall, who lost a 2008 primary and died last August.

  2. In perpetuity

    Rest in Peace, Senator Dunn. He was a good man who represented his constituents well. He was a great example of conservatism and solid South Dakota values. His work protected us while and led to expanding opportunities for the business community. His faith & family were #1. Job well done, life well lived.