Say a prayer for Senator McGovern

Keep former Senator George McGovern and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Former South Dakota senator and 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern was flown to Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, S.D. after falling and hitting his head in Mitchell.

McGovern, 89, was scheduled to appear on a live C-SPAN broadcast of his presidential campaign when the accident occurred, shortly before 7 p.m. central time. McGovern was walking to the set at Dakota Wesleyan University when he tripped, according to his daughter, Ann.

?It could be very serious,? she said.

Don Simmons, the executive director of the McGovern Center at Dakota Wesleyan University, said the fall was not just ?a minor spill.?

?About 10 feet from the door he slipped and fell and hit his head,? Simmons said. ?He was bleeding pretty heavily.?

8 Replies to “Say a prayer for Senator McGovern”

  1. Troy Jones

    Each in their own way Senators McGovern and Abdnor, Governor Janklow, and Ron Volesky remind us all is vanity. So I pray these words of St. Augustine.

    Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
    Rest your weary ones.
    Bless your dying ones.
    Soothe your suffering ones.
    Pity your afflicted ones.
    Shield your joyous ones.
    And for all your love’s sake. Amen.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    Certainly a time to give pause and reflect. A very similar accident took Senior Murphy from us last year. And I still miss him to this day.

  3. Anonymous

    TO bad people that do nothing but bitch can not say some kind to a person who represented SD even if they do not like him. He is still a human being who is worthy of something so as not to be forgotten about like all but 4 have done.

    Good example of what politics has become. If it is not my way it is wrong or even worse those I do not like should die.

    What have we become?????

      1. Anonymous

        I really doubt it as civility has gone for all intent. Religious feelings have very much escaped the need in the mind of most of the youth of the world. Look around.

  4. Dana Randall

    My very first political experience was helping assemble George McGovern signs in Bob Dell’s garage.

    FYI: my Mom thought it was great and my Dad not so much.

    Troy, thanks for the prayer, you are always a good egg.


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