Schoenbeck on push for Kaiser: “There’s a difference between conservative and crazy and those people are crazy”

KELO Radio has an article posted to their web site which puts the attacks by Stace Nelson on Kristi Noem’s choice for Lt. Governor in their proper light. Crazy.

…brewing behind the scenes is a movement to draft state Rep. Dan Kaiser of Aberdeen. A group called SHE Political Action Committee has sent out a mailer to GOP delegates lauding Kaiser. A number of current and former Republican state legislators have also expressed their support for Kaiser’s nomination.

Kaiser posted on his Facebook page for his unsuccessful run for Brown County Sheriff on June 14 that he wasn’t being considered for the position. That was six days before Noem’s announcement of Rhoden.


However, according to state Sen. Stace Nelson from Fulda, he says he wants Kaiser or another conservative Republican to be Noem’s running mate.

“With the groundswell of conservative South Dakotans we’ve been able to get recruited to go to the convention, you’re seeing the establishment do everything they can to thwart that,” Nelson said.


However, long-time legislator Sen. Lee Schoenbeck from Watertown doesn’t see the effort to replace Rhoden on the ticket as viable.

“There’s a difference between conservative and crazy and those people are just crazy,” Schoenbeck told KXLG Radio.

Read it all here.

“There’s a difference between conservative and crazy and those people are just crazy,”   I think that sums up Nelson’s attacks on Rhoden pretty succinctly.

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  1. “…you’re seeing the establishment do everything it can to thwart that.”
    Who exactly is the “establishment”?
    What does “establishment” even mean?

    I’m really sick and tired of buzz words being thrown around with no meaning or due to one person not liking another.

    You know what, Stace? I want a lot of things too but sometimes they’re not in the cards. Deal with it and stop acting like a whiny baby. You sound like a stereotypical millennial.

    1. establishment, in context, means the republican party leadership. nelson considers it an establishment, similar to a building (I have had this argument before thanks) which has no door by which he can enter and provide his leadership perspective too. nelson stands at an outer wall of this establishment, trying to build his own door inside, with his own lock and key. that’s what ‘establishment’ means in context. he misses the point that if you take time to approach and work with the establishment you can become your own door over time.

  2. Are delegates loyal to the Republican nominee for Governor going to reject Larry Rhoden?

    Are the delegates who are loyal to Marty Jackley going to select Laura Kaiser’s husband?

    Are the delegates who respect the prerogative of the Governor to have who they trust as their chief deputy going to force on Governor Noem someone she didn’t pick?

    If the above don’t represent a majority (especially in light the nominee got almost 60% of the vote against a capable opponent), I don’t know what to say.

    1. So representatives of the people are to do whatever the Republican Governor says? Sounds exactly like the atmosphere during the South Dakota Legislative sessions. We no longer have a representative republican form of government, Instead we have a dictatorship that is beholden to an oligarchy of special interests. That is crazy and certainly not conservative. Schoenbeck needs to look into the mirror and stop being such a hypocrite.

      1. Steve, it is the governors decison to pick a LT…she picked the most conservative person in the legislature (as graded by a neutral 3rd party). Do you want a conservative (Rhoden), or do you ACTUALLY just want one of your dumbass buddy’s to have the position?

        1. I agree that Rhoden has done a lot of good conservative work. One big exception was the Ag property tax valuation change. We had a very respectful conversation about that issue, and I maintain respect for Larry.

          My concern is not as much about Rhoden as it is about the process where representatives of the people are to do what executive leadership says.

          1. That leadership was selected by the MAJORITY based on their values, desicion making skills, judgement, etc. Most people don’t blindly follow a leader, they know them and they trust them to make the right decisions, but also the delegate system is in place for the MAJORITY of people to overturn that if they wish.

            I keep capitalizing “MAJORITY” because you and your bonehead faction of the party represent a small portion of Republicans. You don’t see any others kicking and screaming when they don’t get their way.

            And why put up such a fight for Kaiser if he is only marginally better (in your opinion) than Rhoden?

            1. “I keep capitalizing “MAJORITY” because you and your bonehead faction of the party represent a small portion of Republicans.”

              So because we are a minority, we can be trampled on and treated with blatant disrespect that includes being publicly labeled “crazy”. So much for civility, and the minority maintaining their rights. This again shows how our democratic system is broken and is now based on mob rule governed by those with enough money to decide what and who is popular and who is not.

              I have already decided not to support Dusty, and now I have to reconsider my support for Kristi. I refuse to blindly follow the crowd.

              1. I don’t believe the “crazy” context comes from being the minority. It comes from the actions thereof. Very big difference.

      2. a fit leader always exemplifies the wants, needs and moral priorities of his or her support base. if you’re from an opposing party, or an opposing internal faction, the amount of power accruing to a leader from their supporters always looks stolen or unearned. but it is earned.

  3. Another wave of personal attacks on conservatives. So what happened to liberal Republicans opposition to attacking other Republicans?

    1. You’re the victim here, Steve. Truly. And you call liberals snowflakes while you act like one.

  4. Steve, each person gets to discern the factors they think is most relevant, whether it is going with Stace or Kristi.

  5. Can’t wait to have Schoenbeck back in Pierre. Say what you want about him. He is a voice of reason or maybe just truth and common sense. And that’s lacking severely in the majority of the legislature.

    1. I suppose some will think a voice of reason is a person who gets kicked out of caucus, quits one day and and unquits a few days later, calls a fellow legislator pond scum and calls other persons crazy.

  6. The timeline says the Stacey Nelson crazies wanted anyone except whomever Governor elect Noem chose for her running mate. That’s not only disingenuous but frankly stupid.
    Senator/Chairman Greenfield better have a microphone next to his Gavel plate so he can drown out Stacey Nelson screaming bloody murder when he doesn’t get his way but I wonder how many screamers will be in the back of the room brought in to disrupt the day as was the case in Sioux Falls.

  7. Steve,

    Your claim to be a trampled minority is without merit. The disrespect you experience is directly in response to the disrespect you show to others, including the very not so subtle inference people are motivated to be a “trusted loyalist to the Establishment.” I’ve known thousands of people in politics over the years and its isn’t even 1% who that is their motive. It is offensive when this defamation of so many people gets repeated as if it is fact.

    If I were a delegate, I’d support whoever Noem selected with two caveats: It is my deeply held (with evidence) opinion they were fundamentally unfit to serve or I thought they could/would damage the ticket to the degree it would cost candidates up and down the ticket.

    I would not consider at all whether I agreed with them sufficiently on a preponderance of issues. I think it that important a Governor have a Lt. Governor they can bring into their most intimate confidence and get the frankest of advice.

    1. Troy,

      It is not illegal to be a “trusted loyalist to the Establishment.”

      And Kristi will “get the frankest of advice” from Larry. I say that in respect to Larry based on my interactions with him.

      1. Defamation does not require accusations of criminal conduct, and it’s pretty clear Troy isn’t even using in the context of an actual lawsuit. So, cool story, Steve.

  8. Conservative?

    Who is a conservative?

    The data is out there – read the voting records of our legislators. Read who got bills passed and who didn’t. Read who stood with Democrats and who fought for conservative principals. Research the actual source – it’s on the SD Leg website. Then determine who you are going to believe is a genuine conservative and who has a gaping crater for a mouth.

    Bullies in our party who do nothing to further the sound principals of our cause but are allowed to stay and bring division is mind-boggling to me; it’s unacceptable.

    1. The worst bullies in the party are those governors who call legislators into their office in order to bully them into voting for tax increases.

    2. Who is conservative? Who’s not so much?

      You can see that right here from an independent national group that ranks legislators on their conservative voting records (unbiased, unslanted, no special interest, etc.).

      Here is our South Dakota legislative scorecard:

      And here is the link where you can view all our other state scorecards as well as Congress:

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