Schoenbeck the writer!

Lee Schoenbeck

Our good friend Lee Schoenbeck has taken up writing for the South Dakota Magazine website. Not surprisingly he is very good at telling stories that catch our attention, including this one about the Hiedeman Turkey Day 5k  that takes place in Watertown.

Now the perfectly good warmth of a Thanksgiving morn in front of a roaring fire with Snoopy and Bullwinkle and the rest of the Macy?s Parade ensemble is no more for many in our community, due to the Hiedeman family. As first impressions go, Steve and Patty seem like a normal couple, blessed with four beautiful and accomplished daughters, but there?s something a little unusual about the Hiedeman household. A few years ago they decided that the excesses of Thanksgiving dinner should be preceded by a family run ? taking in the late November beauty that a northeastern South Dakota community has to offer. Over time, the little family run grew to an annual community event ? the Hiedeman Turkey Day 5k. Until last year, the event was staged from the family garage in Northeast Watertown, plus a porta potty in the driveway. The awards ceremony took place in the two-stall garage, with the premium spots located near the space heaters. Awards are ? of course ? pumpkin pies. The good news ? everybody that is there at the end gets hot apple cider and a piece of pumpkin pie.

But, this is no ordinary little run. In 2008 over 190 runners participated. Runners are encouraged to share their bounty, by bringing food stuffs for a local church food bank.

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8 Replies to “Schoenbeck the writer!”

  1. CaveMan

    Sure would be nice to have a few URL’s put out there on FB for all of us to easily snoop onto when we are feeling down and need a Schoenbeck fix!!! 🙂 🙂

    Way to go Lee! You could teach more at USD Law school too brother.

  2. Anonymous

    I congratulate anyone out there willing to publish their original material. But some of the sentence construction seemed a trifle odd. Really not trying to be nit picky; wonderful story, told well. I just think sometimes those of us who would like to write (myself included) need a heavy handed editor, chopping up ones newly submitted content like pulp wood. Like I said, excellent story, well done; just get Mr. Hunhoff to dust off the old red pen and let fly. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I like it because it is original to Schoenbeck. Lee talks that way. I prefer to see the uniquness of the writer. Lots of spunk and personality in Lee’s writing. Keep it up!!!

  4. Bernie Hunhoff

    We learned long ago at South Dakota Magazine that you don’t take a red pen to a writer with a unique style if it’s working, and Lee has a flavor all his own so we’re not going to screw it up by making it vanilla. It would be like capitalizing e.e. cummings’ works.

  5. Lee Schoenbeck

    after 6 years of having the nuns correct my spelling at St Otto’s, I appeciate the opportunity to write withour regard to the rules. It’s fun to tell stories about our state – expect the next two to be about on old Model 25 from Jeske’s hardware store — and a Black Friday pheasant hunt with a G-man and a priest.


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