Schoenbeck: Wismer is not effective, can’t get things done, needs to be replaced with Rohl. Wismer: Opponent Rohl “dominating the airwaves”

From Facebook, State Senator Lee Schoenbeck calls out his colleague Democrat Susan Wismer as being ineffective, and infers that she can’t get things done for her constituents:


What brings this up. apparently Wismer called out Schoenbeck and others for expressing their first amendment rights of free speech and supported her opponent, Michael Rohl who Wismer cites as dominating the race in print and on the airwaves:


Rohl also is supported by another one of Wismer’s colleagues, Jack Kolbeck:

If you want to join others who think Susan Wismer is the most obnoxious and ineffective legislator in the entire State Senate, and needs to go, drop Michael a note here, and lend your support!

7 thoughts on “Schoenbeck: Wismer is not effective, can’t get things done, needs to be replaced with Rohl. Wismer: Opponent Rohl “dominating the airwaves””

  1. Unfortunately, Mr. Rohl has called for medicaid expansion, an increase in the gas tax, and passage of the medical marijuana initiative. I’m out.

    1. Even if Mr. Rohr doesn’t fully agree with the Republican platform, he’s better than Wismer. I recall the quote from Ronald Reagan: “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.”

      1. The question that should be asked is WHY would Codington County Republicans ( District 5 ) give Rohl who is District 1 the sum of 3000 dollars? That smells very bad for future fund raising for the District 5 supporters.

        1. Not really. The donors in Dist 5 realize that having a ‘bad’ vote next door cancels out the ‘good’ vote of the D5 legislator. I believe Cod Co GOP has helped in other districts for years.

    2. Susan Wismer certainly agrees with him on all three. So set that aside and look at him otherwise, right? You’re comparing Rohl to Wismer, not Rohl to your perfect candidate.

    3. I heard from a pretty good source he never favored the gas tax; in fact the only time it was brought up he said –

      I don’t think taxing middle and lower class families (major users of gasoline) during a global pandemic is a great idea. Families and certain businesses are already struggling to make ends meet. I’m not a republican who will say I’ll never vote to change or raise a tax if the situation demands it, but I’d rather look at ways we can better allocate the funds we already have before we take steps that can seriously hurt our families and businesses…….

      But who knows – maybe my source was wrong? 🤷‍♂️

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