Scott Brown suggests our US Senator John Thune would be an excellent VP candidate

From the Argus Leader:

John-Thune-at-State-FairBrown, who had already endorsed Trump, was asked by the Boston Herald about whether he wanted to be Trump’s running mate. Brown volunteered Thune.

“I feel very strongly that John would be fantastic,” Brown said. “John’s from a smaller state but I don’t think states matter anymore. What John provides is he will carry the entire central part of this country, the left coast and the right coast, and he is that bridge to the establishment where he is so deeply respected on the left and the right, inside and out.”


For what it’s worth, Thune didn’t endorse a candidate in the race for the GOP nomination.

And last year, GOP lawmakers in the Legislature did this to allow Thune to run for his U.S. Senate seat this year and be on a presidential ticket as well.

Read it here.

“Respected by the left and the right” sums up our senior US Senator, although the liberal extremists in the state Democrat party may disagree. We’d be well served to have him as our nation’s VP, although we’d hate to lose him here in SD.

27 Replies to “Scott Brown suggests our US Senator John Thune would be an excellent VP candidate”

  1. Gideon Oakes

    “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”

    As much as I’d like to see John ascend to such a prestigious role, it would be a shame to have his good name attached to the train wreck that is Donald Trump.

    1. Anonymous

      You know you want to embrace all that is Trump.

      Especially if you could support Stace Nelson in ’14. There was nothing principled about that guy.

      1. Gideon Oakes

        Sorry, I make it a point not to dialogue with anonymous sources. If you want my attention, pick a handle, or even better, cowboy up and use your real name instead of cowering behind an anonymous handle.

        1. Anonymous

          You contradicted yourself by replying to Anonymous @ 11:11 am. Because he/she obtained your attention.

          John Thune should go back to being a lobbyist.

  2. Anonymous

    South Dakota doesn’t carry enough weight in the electoral college to make Thune an option. With the intense dislike of Trump (yes, I know Hillary is despised as well, including by me), he’ll need someone to help him carry a big state like Ohio.

  3. Anonymous

    Can we all admit that Jonathan Ellis writes whatever Jon Lauck tells him to?

    Ellis is one of the worst reporters in the state. Dana Ferguson and former Argus reporter David Montgomery are good.

    Ellis writes these second hand hack fluff stories.

    1. Anonymous

      Best for what purpose? To win the general or, if Trump actually wins, to be VP? I don’t think Thune has the clout to help Donnie boy in the general. Unfortunately, South Dakota won’t matter in the primary (why can’t we be earlier in the process?) and may not matter in the general.

  4. Troy Jones

    The Scott Brown comment maybe was a week ago as my sister saw it and said something to me.

    Clinton/Gore and Bush/Cheney shattered the old geographic test for a running mate. Kennedy/Johnson is probably the last time you can claim it was relevant.

  5. Adam Zobel

    Food for thought: How many Republicans are out there who have defeated a big-name Democrat? Having a running mate from “flyover country” and with solid D.C. experience would also provide balance to the ticket and reassure many party regulars. Thune fits the bill on those three accounts.

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t know that Thune will reassure really conservative folks like me. He has been too much of McConnell’s lackey, and McConnell is a huge part of the problem. It’s time for a change in leadership in the Senate, but Thune would never stand up to McConnell. Only Cruz did, and yet he was an insider, according to Donnie.

      1. Anonymous

        How do you know he hasn’t influenced McConnell? Maybe McConnell would have been worse without him. The R senators chose Thune. McConnell didn’t on his own.
        And what did Cruz accomplish in his selfish me-first bid to be president from his first day in the Senate? Zip.

  6. Anonymous

    This discussion is purely academic, Thune is smart enough not to attach himself to Trump. South Dakota was a non player in the primary and will be a non player in the general. The Senate is the one place we can make a difference, expend you energies and intellect there.

  7. Bright Ideas

    He needs to shore up female or hispanic votes more than he needs votes in any one state. So from the SD delegation I think Mrs. Noem would be a better pick for his general election chances. That and promising Cruz the scotus nomination.

  8. Anonymous

    Photo op for vice president, guarantee a picture photo op can do that well he it would be a good choice ,He doesnt get anything done now and wouldnt as vice either,Imagine if photo op became president,He would be two busy taking pictures.

    1. Dakota Conservative

      The “photo op” people who comment such ought to get out there and run for something if they think they are so great. I do not see anonymous running as a congressmen/congresswomen, senator, et cetera. Hollering photo op, photo op does not lead to discussion other than proving you do not like them.

  9. jimmy james

    The second I saw the “Meathead” Rob Reiner criticizing Donald Trump, it hit me. Archie Bunker. We have nominated Archie Bunker! I was sure that others had previously referred to him as such (they had) but I hadn’t heard it. It was exactly how I feel about the Donald.

    Now can John Thune play second fiddle to a curmudgeon from the 70’s? That would be a wild ride. South Dakotans could look back on this election in fifty years with a weird sense of awe. Those were the days.

  10. Anonymous

    Scott Brown? The short-term, one-time former senator from Massachusetts who was defeated by Elizabeth Warren in 2014? And then became a carpet bagger by moving to New Hampshire to try and win a US Senate for that state? Thinks Thune would make a good VP? Bwahahahaha!