Scott Brown's zinger

Elizabeth Warren/Senator Scott Brown

What is with liberals being so thin skinned? Politico has a brief post about Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren’s recent kerfuffle.

Asked to respond to Elizabeth Warren’s zinger that she “kept her clothes on” to pay for college, Scott Brown returned the fire with his own biting retort Thursday morning.
Brown began laughing lightheartedly and gave his reply. ?Thank God,? he said, with more laughter.

UPDATE: New poll in the MA Senate race – Brown 47 Warren 42

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  1. CaveMan

    Brown’s got it right here. Ms. Warren would have much in common with Hillary Clinton and what that certain look can do to guys according to Jon Stewart. Yet Winston Churchill said it best speaking back to Nancy Astor, and I quote from both; ?Sir, if you were my husband, I would give you poison.?
    Churchill: ?If I were your husband I would take it.?

  2. caheidelberger

    This from the same politicians who tried pimping out his teenage daughters from the stage. Sounds like typical burtish objectification of women. And really, shouldn’t family values types be backing Warren on this minor fracas? Warren offers an observation about the character of her opponent. He engaged in activity that, if it had been a woman, would certainly be used against her as evidence of ill morals and general sluttiness. Yet instead of pointing out that obvious family values point, you chortle over more chauvinist piggery.

    But keep it up, Hans Grüber. J Rae has it right: Brown’s boorishness will make his loss next November all the bigger.

    1. Fahz E. Behr

      I can see your words Corey, but as I read them, all I hear is “waaa… waaa… waaa”.

      Warren didn’t offer any sort of observation, she fired off a cheap jab regarding what Senator Brown did to put himself through college. Is he proud of it? He has said he isn’t. But this jab was tossed around in 2010… and failed to gain traction in 2010.

      Btw, if the election were held today, Brown would win by about three points (

      Just think, a Republican will most likely hold on to Ted Kennedy’s seat!

      1. J Rae

        For an incumbent to only be up by 3 on a candidate that just entered the race would make me think this is going to be a lot more interesting than you might think.

        It’ll be fun to watch, pass the popcorn.

    1. Arrowhead

      I thought it was funny!

      Brown, Stewart and Churchill all have a sense of humor while liberal curmudgeons do not.

    2. duggersd

      Does that make Lady Astor a bi***? When one offers a barb, that person should expect to receive a barb. Since Warren is a female, note I did not say a lady, she should be immune from having something thrown back at her? Coremeiester, you seem to have a double standard.

  3. Bill Fleming

    Put it this way, I’d rather see Ms. Warren undressed, than Mr. Brown, but to each his own GOP boys.

    If you dig lookin’ at Scotty in the buff, more power to ya, Mr. Clay.

    You too DuggerSD. *csk, csk, csk* 😆

  4. duggersd

    Leave it to Bill to bring up what nobody said. I do not believe BC said anything about wanting to see Scott Brown with no clothes. I did not say I wanted to see Scott Brown with no clothes. I believe the comments were about a cheap shot be Ms Warren and a retort that hit home. I really do not want to see either of them with no clothes, but if you want to see Ms Warren, go for it.

      1. BF

        “When one offers a barb, that person should expect to receive a barb.” ? DuggerSD

        Time to take your medicine, buddy.

          1. duggersd

            I guess if you want to suggest things about me that you have no knowledge of, that is fine with me. I suspect you and Bill do this more because you are projecting your true feelings onto someone else.

          1. BF

            “Does that make Lady Astor a bi***?”
            “Since Warren is a female, note I did not say a lady…”

            Total gay-style dishing, duggerSD.

            You reveal your homo tendancies more often than you know.

            (…not that there is anything wrong with that.)

            1. duggersd

              You know, BS, most of us quit using that type of “humor” after junior high. If you never matured, so be it. A person who made a comment such as the one by the “Lady” Astor, is a b***ch. That is not a barb. And a LADY would not make the kind of attack she did. That is not a barb, but an observation. And where you get the homosexual tendencies is beyond me, but like I said, I matured after junior high. I would think you would too.

  5. CaveMan

    Fine, good, appropriate,final, and exceptable for a DEM to rhetorically squeeze the living blood from any GOP in nearly unacceptable language; but make a joke about a female DEM and the libs come apart at the seems.

    Nice to finally find out what is really driving these little brains of liberal persuasion Cory.

    1. duggersd

      Caveman, you have a point, but also, I think it was a joke about a joke. Ms Warren threw that out there the way she did because she thought it would make a point and be funny. Mr. Brown had a rejoinder that squashed her joke.

  6. CaveMan

    Honestly a bit of humor and you go off the wall Corey attacking me over your perception of something you know absolutely zero about. I can’t wait to get face to face with you and give you bit of history you obviously know nothing about.

    Aristotle Onassis kept a black book filled with those who screwed with him on business deals. I keep one in my head little friend; and you are in it. Trust me the last damn face I wanted impregnated into my brain was yours too……….

  7. CaveMan

    Oh yeah Corey; nothing personal or physical here dude, just the beginning of a nice round of pin the scumbag button on the little liberal Madville guy. 🙂

  8. CaveMan

    I’d venture to say we will all have a great day on Saturday; roosters in the bag or not Lee. Might be a great opener to keep the plug in and use only steel shot as the ducks will outnumber the roosters this year.

    Sadly though pig-headed German’s remember everything anyone ever did wrong and so little of what was done right. 🙂

  9. Doug Wiken

    I kind of think both Warren’s and Scott Brown’s remarks were inappropriate. As for news coverage, did they say anything else?

    Of course if Republicans in Congress had not blindly opposed Elizabeth Warren for the consumer post, they would not have to contend with somebody as intelligent and articulate as she for an opponent in a senate race.

  10. CaveMan

    Just one more thing closer to home. I hear the pheasant farms will see their greatest profit year on record as the number of roosters being delivered right now are on a scale unheard of ever before………..makes ya wonder just how bad this spring really was. Guess we will all know Monday morning. 🙁


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