Scott Walker, State’s Rights, and CPAC.

“Scott Walker, State’s Rights, and CPAC”

Name three things that have never been mentioned in Mark Mickelson’s social media before today.


(I’m just sayin’.  Is there a campaign for something going on?)

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  1. Troy Jones

    Mickelson probably has never said it before because it is a presumption upon which he understood politics from his earliest years. It was a principle of his father articulated regularly during his administration.

    There are very few people I know who understand top to bottom the historical basis of our nation’s founding and the formation of the Constitution.

    The people created the States, the several states created the federal government and our State created local governments.

    On a side note: My original attraction to Scott Walker was he reminded me of Governor George S. Mickelson. Governor Mickelson often used the phrase “inside the bumpers.” If an issue was “inside the bumpers”, he encouraged debate and discussion because there is likely multiple good choices and the art was in finding the best among the good. When an issue was “outside the bumpers,” he got more assertive/aggressive as before we could find a good particular solution we had to get “inside the bumpers.” The things that riled Walker was issues “outside the bumpers.”

    And, while I’m rambling, when a fellow Division Director (Ken Schaack) who was famous for “outside the box” thinking was going outside the bumpers, Commissioner Rolly Dolly would start humming the song “Pinball Wizard.”

  2. Anonymous

    At least he is retweeting conservative thoughts.
    I’d bet Scott Walker isn’t retweeting Mark Mickelson’s proclamations of how great it is we raised taxes just for teachers.

    1. Anon

      Mickelson has voted lockstep with Daugaard’s agenda this session. We all know how pissed the grassroots are with Daugaard, will they remember where Mark was on all this 2 years from now? I’m sure there may be a Republican or two that will have the resources to remind the voters…

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, Mark is one of the No-Spine Nineteen who used to want to keep boys dressed as girls out of the girls locker room, but since Dennis says that’s OK, now they crouched down and kissed his fanny.


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