SD Bernie Sanders Activist claims unwanted advances & sexual assault from SD Dem Leaders?

I have nothing to go on but the person’s own account. However, if this is true, it’s shocking to say the least.  h/t to Steve Sibson of Sibby Online for pointing this out.

This originated as a WOW moment in response to the Nesiba arrest for unwanted sexual contact, and the silence by the SDDP over it. It was posted at Cory Heidelberger’s blog, by Katrina Wilke, who was involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign out of Rapid City earlier this year.

Apparently Wilke is laying all of her cards out there, and is going public accusing South Dakota Democratic leaders of unwanted advances and sexual assault over the past couple of years.

And it’s not pretty.

Katrina Wilke                                                  2016-11-15 at 14:40

A friend sent me this article today and after reading it I felt like throwing up. There is a fine line between responding too quickly, before all the facts are in, and responding too slowly, making it appear like I don’t care. I don’t want to have a knee jerk reaction, but I need to address this.


I have been a victim of unwanted advances and sexual assault from Democratic leaders over the past couple of years. Yet I said nothing because I didn’t want to give the Republicans ammunition against us. What if I had said something? Could I have helped change the culture? I am in tears, not for myself, but for the women I could have protected. If I had said something and been more vocal about unwanted advances, maybe something would have changed.

That’s why I am saying something now. Men, you can NOT treat women like this. You are not allowed to grab my butt without permission, you cannot let your hands linger on my lower back for too long, and you cannot objectify me and tell me how pretty I am and stare at me with that lustful look on your face. I will not tolerate this anymore. I cannot allow the young women growing up now to be treated like you treated me.

Read that here.

This is especially troubling coming at a time when Senator Elect Reynold Nesiba has been accused of unwanted sexual contact, with him writing it off with claiming the woman “was playing hard to get.

Not to mention the fact it has all taken place under SDDP Chair Ann Tornburg’s watch.

9 Replies to “SD Bernie Sanders Activist claims unwanted advances & sexual assault from SD Dem Leaders?”

  1. Anon

    This is bad, yes. However, let’s not get too puffed up about this as a partisan issue. Republicans – elected and non-elected – have their own issues. The only difference is those victims are not going public – yet. Carlos Danger started it but it’s a bipartisan or actually a non-partisan issue.

  2. Anonymous

    I really believe this has nothing to do with party but more of an overall cultural issue. It happens and kids and adults need to be educated on what is appropriate and what is not. Like I said it certain things happen not just in a political environment but work and everywhere. It is not just exclusive to how men treat women either.

  3. Anonymous

    I could tell you plenty of sick stories about — [redacted – unless you care to put your name to it, no anonymous accusations. -PP]

  4. Fred Deutsch

    Sex abuse is NOT a partisan issue. If you are abused, or have witnessed abuse, PLEASE report it to law enforcement.

    1. Tara Volesky

      You can stop sexual advances before it starts…it has always worked for me. When it would happen to me I would just say “if you try and grab me one more time, I am going to tell your wife”. If he wasn’t married I would just say “knock it off you pervert”. You just have to treat them like an untrained dog that likes to jump up on you and lick you. I am sure with the case in Sioux Falls if she would have just told him to get out or I am going to call the police he would have jumped out of bed so fast, put on his clothes and out the door he’s gone. Many of these incidences could be nipped in the bud.

  5. Tony Sayer

    More likely as related to the state Dems this is a case of political suicide. Katrina Wilke is one of their few bright stars with an exceptional gift in organizing yet rather than move her into the chamber for any kind of office they’ll objectify her. Now granted, nobody would want to stare at say Rick Weiland too long unless one was to realize in horror that he looks like a puppet from Team America. However given their recent set-backs, defeats and need to draw their campaign funds from the tax-payer coffers, they should rather leave their party to people like Miss Wilke and apply their lose hands trade in something like illegal loan sharking which they can claim credit for re-introducing.