SD Constitution Party Chair Lori Stacey claiming I smeared her by talking about her robot bee claims. But… She’s still talking about robot bees.

Came across this on Facebook today:

Lora Hubbel’s friend, Constitution Party Chairwoman Lori Stacey, is apparently claiming that I somehow smeared her by pointing out the article she personally authored which questioned whether colony collapse disorder is because corporations have an evil plan to replace bees with robot bees:

In light of a newly released video put out by the Greenpeace organization, the topic of what will be done if bees become completely extinct begs an answer to this question. Is colony collapse disorder caused by an honest mistake or is it rather the planned destruction of bee populations?


A simple Google search of “robo bees” will show you that this supposedly outlandish and futuristic mock commercial in question is really not as far-fetched as one might think. In fact, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is taking a lead role in a RoboBees project.


So what about the demise of our bee population? Well, the takeover of our nation’s food supply has made some people billions of dollars. It is boldly evident that there is no concerted effort within our government to reign in their ill effects because it is against their own personal interests to do so. Years ago, it would have been seen as far-fetched and grossly futuristic to think that large pesticide corporations could patent our “food”. Now we are left with the prospect that these same products likely are killing off our bees. So are robotic bees the next planned step to replace real bees and thereby create a new dependency on yet another multi-billion dollar industry? It may not be as far-fetched as we currently think it is. As it becomes more and more evident throughout the world that these pesticides and GMOs can be harmful to living things, many countries have now banned the use and importation of such “foods”, yet here in our nation, it is big business as usual.

Read my original robot bee post here.

You have to read it through my post, because she took her original one down once I started questioning it.   Why did I question it? Because one can’t help questioning statements about robot bees when a candidate for statewide office and now chair of a statewide political party is writing columns asking whether there is a “planned step to replace real bees” to “create a new dependency on yet another multi-billion dollar” robot bee industry.

While Lori Stacey is claiming I somehow smeared her by pointing out her own words about an evil corporate plot to kill bees and replace them with robots, LORI STACEY IS STILL TALKING ABOUT CORPORATIONS CREATING ROBOT BEES.  I’m not sure how exactly I’m smearing the Robot Bee theorist/Constitution Party Chair when she keeps bringing the subject of robot bees up.

And since ‘scientist‘ Lora Hubbel is concerned I have no shelf in my brain to contain anything scientific, what about this news source her compatriot is using to corroborate her robot bee claims? IS being talked about in the scientific community. As a collection of crackpot stories. From Forbes:

If you don’t know who Mike “Health Ranger” Adams is, he may be a steadfast presence in your social media newsfeed without your knowledge. Awarded the top slot on Real Clear Science’sWorst Websites for Science in 2016” list, and with its founder touted by Dr. Oz as “the Renegade Health Ranger,”  Natural News is a thorn in the sides of all who hold legitimate science dear.  But bad science isn’t Adams’ only offense. Natural News is a fake news fixture, with articles on Obama birtherism, HIV/AIDS denialism, and the Sandy Hook tragedy as an elaborate hoax by FEMA to promote gun control. With the current uproar about fake news, the website and its founder should top lists of spurious sources.


Scientist Alison “Mommy, Ph.D” Bernstein explained on her site: “Natural News writes some downright crazy stories, like those about ancient civilizations on Mars, but some stories about Zika or the safety of vaccines harm public health initiatives.”


Though his bio is uniquely fascinating, Mike Adams is nothing short of affront to the truth, and Natural News, with its staff of over twenty writers, is his platform.  He has called for the killing of those who speak out in support of biotechnology. He fabricates and publishes stories about those who dare criticize him. He aims to convince desperate cancer patients to use snake oil rather than proven treatments. He is a leading proponent of chemtrail conspiracy theories.

Read that here.

This quote is particularly telling:

One such blogger, David Gorski of ScienceBlogs, called Natural News “one of the most wretched hives of scum and quackery on the Internet,” and the most “blatant purveyor of the worst kind of quackery and paranoid anti-physician and anti-medicine conspiracy theories anywhere on the Internet”,[23] and a one-stop-shop for “virtually every quackery known to humankind, all slathered with a heaping, helping of unrelenting hostility to science-based medicine and science in general.”[12]

Read that here.

So, in other words, to back her Robot Bee claims, South Dakota Constitution Party Chair Lori Stacey is citing a website that promotes chemtrails and ancient civilizations on Mars.

But in her defense, she did read it on Facebook. So it must be true.

The South Dakota Constitution Party State Convention is Saturday, July 14, 2018 at the American Legion Post #15 in Sioux Falls. No word on whether robot bees will be provided by Lori, or if you’ll have to bring your own.

10 thoughts on “SD Constitution Party Chair Lori Stacey claiming I smeared her by talking about her robot bee claims. But… She’s still talking about robot bees.”

  1. How can Lori Stacey be the chair of the Constitution Part (ie working against the Republican Party) and then be running for a Republican Precinct spot?

    Don’t these women understand that EVERYTHING they post is fair game when you put yourself into the public eye?

      1. My apologies and mistake—stephanie strong is running…if you want to just delete that is fine…my mistake

  2. Constitutional Party for Governor Doctor Terry LeFleur and Kurt Evans will square off though if Kurt wins their nomination he will normally drop out a week or within a month but how is Dr. LaFlerus lawsuit going?

  3. I don’t know about a conspiracy to kill bees (though I don’t put much past Monsanto/Bayer or Dow/DuPont) but robotic insects are a thing: Colony Collapse Disorder is also a thing, and given the gross importance of bees to global food supplies, it’s probably a good thing people pay attention to this stuff. But like booze and thick steaks, some things are best enjoyed in moderation.

    1. I’d agree about the need to identify the causes of colony collapse disorder, as it affects agriculture. But saying it’s an intentional plot by major corporations to replace bees with robots? That’s in the realm of crazy-talk.

      1. Oh, definitely. I didn’t mean to imply that I’m on-board with the idea that Monsanto is purposely killing bees so that somehow Wal-Mart could profit from making robots – that’d be like the world’s worst dot-to-dot puzzle. Just pointing out that there’s usually a grain of truth to conspiracy theories… some people just aren’t happy with our boring reality I guess.

  4. Young Ms. Hubbel is very pretty, and insaner than most. That makes her an attractive candidate to many.

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