SD Dems = unenthusiastic?

Matt Varilek - Jeff Barth

Apparently Davison County is a hot bed of activity in the Democratic Party.  Potential congressional candidate (and Senator Johnson staffer) Matt Varilek  spoke to the Davison County Democrats and drew an astounding 15 people to the meeting last month. Tuesday night, announced congressional candidate Jeff Barth spoke to the group, drawing an even bigger crowd of 20 people.

At this early stage we’ll probably have to give the edge to Mr. Barth.

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    1. insomniac

      I think it would be easy enough to find 40 Democrats who want free food. Oh wait they already get it with food stamps. So Varilek and Barth will need to come up with something even better.

  1. Tom Lawrence

    The Davison County Democrats served coffee and dessert. I don’t drink coffee but the dessert was tasty. Barth was enthusiastic and well received.
    Noem last spoke here for a Lincoln Day dinner earlier this year. She drew far more people but a full meal was served.
    I have noticed the GOP always has more food and drink at its election parties. More money? Better concept on how to celebrate? Hungrier workers?

    1. Anonymous


      Why don’t you write something about Nancy Turbak-Berry considering a run agianst Noem? She would be a better candidate than either of these two clowns.

      First there was Curd. Then there was Nelson. Then there was Noem. I wonder who the 3rd likely candidate will be in the Dem race???

      1. Tom Lawrence

        I have discussed former state senator Turbak-Berry’s potential entry into the race with officials from both parties and some think she may get in while others tell me she isn’t a candidate. So I’m keeping an eye and an ear on it. The Davison County Democratic chairman, David Mitchell (yes, that’s really his name), says no other candidates are scheduled to appear as of now.

  2. Capt Obvious

    The Democrats showed great wisdom in not putting these two “stellar” candidates up against Sen. Thune.

    Mr. Barth? Really? Democrats just can’t find a South Dakotan to run on their tickets?

    Matt who? Tell him to come back when he shaves and has a clue.

    1. 73*

      The Democrats are so pathetic that it boggles my mind that they could be this bad at fielding a decent candidate against a fairly vulnerable Republican. Noem is not sitting pretty at the moment and if SHS ran against her I would give SHS the edge.

      I’d probably give Brendan Johnson an almost 50-50 against Noem. He is who should reconsider.

  3. CaveMan

    C’mon, run for congress and hang out with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and B. Hussien Obama or stay in SD and hang out with Bernie, Jason, H. Paul, Peggy and Frank?

    No brainer here.

  4. Troy Jones

    KN is not even close to being vulnerable. During her close to 10 months in office she has been surprisingly astute with regard to moving the debate/discussion (which is critical to the solution) to concentrating priorities on core, critical tasks of the government and away from those that are non-core.

    As much as I would love to the the House stand on principle, propose and pass what needs to be done, it would do no good. The Senate has been a graveyard for even minimal improvement in the situation. And, even if it got passed the Senate, the President would kill it.

    The House leadership has done an amazing job moving the pendelum part-way to the ultimate solution. We need to get what we can, show the American people what else needs to be done so they support the GOP in the election allowing us to take over the Senate and White House, and be prepared to fight when we have the horses.

    KN can’t do everything herself. Neither can John Thune. But in the big picture, we are closer to a solution than we were in January. And, closer than I thought we would be.

    1. Stace Nelson

      Mr. Jones,
      I would agree for the most part; however, the mud slinging campaign, that never stopped, takes a toll.

      Congresswoman Noem’s strong point was on the stump and out shaking hands. I was at that GOP event in Mitchell that Mr. Lawrence mentioned. Congresswoman Noem made a point of going around to each table and introducing herself to each person. The more she is able to do that, the more the Democrats can only howl into the wind.

      For the record, the $110 we spent on Granny Klumb’s Sour Cream & Raisen pie was well worth it!

      1. cornerstone

        I’d disagree with Jones on this point. Noem is not vulnerable against the bottom tier of the SDDP bench but neither was SHS vulnerable to Whalen or Lien.

        Stace is right that the campaign got really mean and left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. Most people in SD haven’t met Kristi Noem and that was their first impression. I don’t know who advised her in that campaign but she went really unnecesarily negative when she started going after SHS’ families driving record. (SHS went over the top aswell).

        Noem needs to run a race in ’12 where she is almost unchallenged so she can run fluff and not be challenged.

        I won’t vote for a Dem but Noem is overrated in the GOP circles.

        1. William

          Kristi has already been more effective in representing South Dakota in the House that SHS ever was. Given the political reality, as described by Troy in his above comments, the GOP controlled House has done a very effective job.

          Controlling 1/2 of the Legislative Branch is not a “power position”, it’s a “holding position” and that’s just a fact.

          There is effectively no “Top Tier” Democrat in the State to challenge her, as SHS will not choose to run in this cycle, as BHO is an anchor to the ticket (at least in South Dakota) and Brendan Johnson may have some inherited name recognition, but little else to run on.

          Other that name recognition and possible fund raising capability, what do those two potential challengers have to offer in 2012?

          As to fundraising, the DNC will not be able to extend the nearly the amount of funds to SHS in 2012 as a challengers, as they did when she was the incumbent. While I’m sure there are Democrats in South Dakota that would love to see a “grudge match”, they’re not going to get one.

          Is there any other Democrat in the state that can be considered “Top Tier”? Ben Nesselhuf?

            1. Anonymous

              I wouldn’t underestimate Brendan Johnson.

              I predict Noem will win but it won’t be a landslide in typical SD fasion like Thune, Johnson and Herseth. She will get somewhere between 55-59%.

              SHS will run again in 2014 for Senate and she will have 4 times the money she had when she ran for House. It will depend on us Republicans whethere we nominate Rounds or Noem.

    2. caheidelberger

      “Astute”? Please. Noem is not. She has not moved any debate or discussion. She simply repeats what the leadership tells her to repeat. She does not represent South Dakota better than SHS. She represents her self-interest and Speaker Boehner.

      1. Capt Obvious

        Comment: “Nice day today” Cory: (snarl) Kristi Noem caused it to rain in China and snow in Antartica for her own evil purposes.

        Comment: “The kids played a good game of BB tonight.” Cory: (whine) SHS went to Georgetown, lived in DC her whole life, and was a real liberal princess who represented real conservative South Dakota values better than Kristi Noem who doesn’t know how to count.

        CAH, giving South Dakotans countless reasons to vote Republican for decades.

  5. Lloyd

    Has anyone that’s writing Barth off met him, or made any effort to see his positions? We always talk about wanting more citizen government, not glitz, and not career politicians. Everyone who isn’t born into or stumbles into political privilege because of “connections” has to start somewhere to gain recognition and vie for office. Is it fair to write him off without considering his viewpoints or merits as a candidate? Maybe so. The guy from Madville apparently got somewhat informed about Barth’s viewpoints and doesn’t like him. Maybe that doesn’t count for anything, even with the folks who frequent DWC, but maybe it should.

      1. William

        Cory and I have different “world views”, but I respect his opinion and passion for politics. As Stace said, don’t discount him.

        1. Lloyd

          The whole point of my minor comment was not to discount/write off/assume futility about Barth unless you educate yourself and decide he’s not your candidate. And you hijack it into “don’t discount Madville.” Nice.

            1. Anonymous

              It took me 11 seconds to know Blake Curd didn’t have a shot at the congressional primary the first time I met him at the state dinner in RC. He wasn’t friendly on first meeting.

              I knew Chris Nelson wasn’t going to win the nomination the day Noem got in. He wasn’t out going and it didn’t matter how hard he worked.

              You better be good at retail politics in SD if you want to run on a high level. It doesn’t have anything to do with looks as much as personality.
              In the GOP Dusty, Jarrod, Barnett, Jackley (to a lesser degree), Daugaard, Noem, Thune, Rounds and the Dems Daschle, Brendan, SHS are all good at retail politics.

              1. Anonymous

                Jarrod Johnson? The man gets tongue tied ordering a hamburger, and his budget busting ideas have him on the outs.

    1. caheidelberger

      I didn’t say I don’t like Barth, and right now he’s my only horse in the race, so I just about can’t not like him. I said that his support for Keystone XL could lose him votes in a primary against a candidate with stiffer enviro-cred. Remind me: are there other positions he’s taken that I oppose?

  6. Bruce Whalen

    Herseth attached herself to Obama. It is likely on that alone Noem would win. All others would be lucky to compare to top tier candidate Jack Billion’s run against Rounds. Democrats will be too busy defending seats (or funding personal destruction campaigns against GOP candidates) in other states and White House to worry about this certain loss in South Dakota.

    Brendan Johnson replaced Marty Jackly as USASD. That too can be linked to Obama. And it says something when dad helped to get him the job.

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah Bruce you attached yourself to Bush and see where it got you. Did you get thirty percent of the vote.

  8. Bruce Whalen

    Yep, Bush was my guy and I would vote for him any day over Obama. To be fair, Bush could have done better and so could have the Democrat Congress working against him. In any case Bush is proven to be far better then Obama.

    And thanks for asking, I got about 27 percent of the vote on about $150,000.00. But then again, if memory serves, Billion had 35 percent of the vote and won one more county than I did for being top tier and having a war chest. Weird huh?

    I suppose it helps to have a family name too.

    1. William

      Well said Bruce, and always remember the “naysayers” didn’t put themselves on the field to make that challenge. You did.

  9. Anonymous

    Bruce get over it. Your party either abandoned you or rejected you. BTW, Billion didn’t have a “warchest”. You may have him confused with his republican car-dealer brother. SD was the loser in 2006 – and not bc of your race.

  10. SD Thinker

    Barth doesn’t stand a chance, but Varileck… I wouldn’t count him out. He’s smart, articulate, and a better choice than Noem, who has no clue what she is doing. And what about those rumors that she was screwing a lobbyist in Pierre, who is now a lobbyist in DC. Didn’t Noem’s husband leave the family house only to return JUST before she announced her candidacy for the house?

    1. Stace Nelson

      What kind of a person says such things?

      I had the pleasure of being around the Noem family during the campaign last year and of interacting with Congresswoman Noem and her husband Bryon. You cannot pretend that kind of close loving relationship:

      I am curious, how many of these scumbag type comments are from Democrats who are still bitter over the retirement of SHS in 2010, and how many are from other people sharpening their blades for the 2014 Senate race…

      1. cornerstone

        My guess is Dems. ip used to spread that rumor on his blog.

        Noem isn’t my top choice for a lot of offices but I wouldn’t vote Dem to replace her.

        1. cornerstone

          I would vote for you Stace if you ran statewide. I’m thinking Governor Nelson sounds good some day.

    2. anon

      SD Thinker….very sad…you should seek help.

      No, there were never any rumors out there, except for you trying to start some. None of which are remotely close to true.

  11. Lloyd

    Great idea Thinker. Lets push a Varilek candidacy. After all, he’s gained so much experience in the private sector, lived a significant part of his life walking in the shoes of those he wants to govern, and done so much for our country. Better yet, lets also dig up some dirt about the incumbent, so we can bring down two people, and elect our shiny young white knight. That’ll be great. No way he’ll fall into the mold of congressmen who sell their souls to special interests, and put up just enough of the right image to keep their seats here in “flyover country.”

  12. Anonymous

    Bruce evidently you don’t get it your party left you out their by yourself,if you cant figure that out why are you in politics, you were the goat buddy. Did i hear scape.

  13. SD Thinker

    Glad I ruffled your feathers. You repub’s seemed to enjoy the rumors that SHS broke up her husband’s former marriage. I didn’t see any outrage over those rumors. Spend some time in Castlewood, ask some questions, it’s fact.

      1. Job Creator

        Yeah, but everyone likes the smell of their own brand, don’t they? Is it truth? If so, acknowledge it. If not, condemn it as a lie. I love the way some of you folks in here attack the messenger, but leave the message alone…

    1. anon

      I spend LOTS of time in Castlewood, and you’re spreading bold face lies.

      Seriously, you should seek help… behavior like you exhibit here needs attention.

  14. ymous

    SD Thinker-
    Calling something like that fact is a very serious charge and I hope you have good lawyers. Coming on a blog like this spewing that garbage put’s you in a category that is without spine. I don’t recall on this blog anybody ever spewing that on Stephanie. They have kids, show some respect you troll!

  15. Bruce Whalen

    The bottom line for me is that anyone in congress that votes for, or White House that signs, bad legislation further turning America into a larger reservation than what it has become needs to go. I warn about this all the time for those that have ears to hear. We need to get rid of the bureaucratic government and return to a constitutional one. We should be fighting to keep what the Founders fought for instead of fighting to give it away. So I vote for candidates I feel think a little like me and at this point they are Republican.

    Come visit me and I will show you what not to accept for the future of your children. You can believe your own eyes and not my words.

  16. feasant

    Interesting how a story line on Dems running for Congress turns into a bashing of Noem, then Whalen. First of all Kristi Noem is the real deal, she represents real SD values in DC. She is already at the leadership level. She will get 64% of the vote in 2012! If Kristi along with her Family decide that it is a good fit for her to run for Senate, she will win.

    As for Bruce Whalen, it is tough trying to beat a Liberal running as a Conservative. Herseth campaigned across the State saying she was a Conservative, then “her voting record” caught up to her in 2010. I know Whalen would not have had to hide from his voting record.

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoy the Holiday with Family and Friends. May God Bless you!

    1. Troy Jones

      I agree. Bruce would have been a great Congressman. He had three things against him:

      1) Lack of statewide name id or launching platform (i.e. been a legislator).

      2) Wasn’t a great campaigner with regard to instant charisma. He had to grow on you. If elected, over time, he would have been untouchable.

      3) SHS hadn’t voted positions overtly opposed by South Dakotans (ie Obamacare or Stimulus) and didn’t have to defend a clearly unpopular President (who didn’t carry the Democrat primary here even though he already had the nomination won).

      1. Anonymous

        And lets not forget the electorate wasn’t ready to change congressperson. SHS was still the darling (probably still is).

        Whalen would have done much better in 2010 than ’06.