SD District 8 Conservatives Monthly Luncheon on November 9th in Madison

SD District 8 Conservatives Monthly Luncheon

The monthly District 8 Conservatives Luncheon will be held Thursday, November 9th, 2017, 11:45AM, at the Second Street Diner, 610 Washington Ave. S., in Madison.  This month’s meeting will be led by SD District 8 Senator Jordan Youngberg, a continuation and latest updates on the upcoming federal mandate of Electronic Log Devices “ELD” for all truckers scheduled to take effect on December 18th, 2017.  Who is covered, what is required by the new laws, and who and what are exempt will be discussed as well as a possible postponement.  Do not miss this meeting as this issue will have big effects to our local truckers including short-distance agricultural hauling.

South Dakota Legislative District 8 consists of Sanborn, Miner, Lake, and Moody Counties in the East Central part of the state.

Conservatives from District 8 are invited, as well as from the surrounding area.  Order off menu, daily special available.  For information call 605-270-2991.

3 Replies to “SD District 8 Conservatives Monthly Luncheon on November 9th in Madison”

  1. Gail Brock

    I am glad to see there is going to be a discussion on the ELD’s. We have all dropped the ball on this issue and if implemented will have devastating effects on small trucking companies, small businesses and agriculture. Canada has postponed the implementation on this for 2 years. I would hope our country would do the same thing and give more time to address the issue legislatively which has to be done. The larger trucking companies are all for it. Why? well there are some interesting reasons being talked about for that. This requirement is going to put people out of jobs, raise freight rates and much more. I was told by someone who works for the Federal Transportation Dept. dully pickups will be included because of their weight. and the deadline is fast approaching, December 18 is when it goes into effect.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you Senator Youngberg for discussing this important issue.

    As Gail mentioned about small truckers…there should be a minimum exemptions…even Obamacare as bad as it is doesn’t kick in for businesses with less than 50 employees..something similiar should be done for small truckers.

    1. Gail Brock

      That is what I would like to see, an exemption for small trucking companies, those with 50 rigs or less would be excellent. i encourage everyone to become more knowledgeable about this issue. We have a son with a small trucking company in Nebraska and two nephews who have a livestock hauling operation in our community. Tell me how you can haul livestock with an ELD because when your 14 hours are up, they are up even if you have a load of 1400 pound steers on and it’s a 110 in the shade. There is no exception even if you took a couple of hours to rest before loading at the farm. Your truck started when you turned the key and you have 14 hours period.


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