SD GOP recruits strong candidates

Two more big recruits have taken out petitions to run as Republicans with the announcements of Mark Mickelson and Christine Erickson as state house candidates.

From Erickson’s press release:

Christine Erickson, a small business owner and stay-at-home mother, has announced her intention to enter the District 11 House of Representatives race in western Sioux Falls. Christine, along with her husband, Tony, and her three boys, decided now is the time she could make the most difference for South Dakotans.?After a lot of thought and prayer, I believe that now is the time for me, and other working and stay-at-home mothers, to let our voices be heard for education and small business,? stated Erickson.

An interesting fact about Erickson is that her brother is the four time Super Bowl winning kicker Adam Vinatieri.

NFL great Adam Vinatieri

And now on to Mickelson. People have been talking about this guy running for years, and he is finally jumping in. I’m glad to see it for several reasons. First he should be a strong candidate, and second it will allow us to relive some great memories of his father who was Governor of SD from 1986 until his tragic plane crash in 1993.

Now Mickelson, the son and grandson of former South Dakota governors, is taking the leap. Mickelson has taken out petitions to run for the state House this year in the newly configured District 13, which includes central and southern Sioux Falls. It?s a district more Republican-friendly than its previous incarnation, thanks to new borders.

Now 45, Mickelson went to former Gov. Bill Janklow?s funeral. It felt, he said, like the passing of a generation. And, he decided, time to give public service a try.

Two more reasons for Republicans to look forward to 2012. The bench keeps getting deeper. Unfortunately for the Democrats, the only thing getting deeper is the hole they continue to dig for themselves.

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  1. 73*

    11 is the district Hubbel was cut out of. So we’ll have Willadsen and Erickson running for House and Schlekeway for the Senate. Any way we could get rid of Willadsen also???

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    just looked – two Democrats have filed for the House and three for the senate —- should have a pool, like for the super bowl — pick a number from 1 to 105 (more if primaries) and see who can guess their number of candidates the closest without going over. Anybody taken 13 yet?

    Good one. Are we playing “Price is Right” rules where we can’t exceed their number? If so I guess 12. Bill

  3. Anonymous

    Great candidates. Does that mean Vinatieri will be holding a fundraiser for the Gov or her? What a great way to get media.

    If I was the Dems I’d start worrying that 2012 is going to look a lot like 2010.

  4. Jim Stalzer

    Unfortunately, who one is related to does not qualify them for office.

    However just to make it interesting, I will point out that my son Steve, is President of Howard Head Sports Medicine in Vail Co. He has rehabbed Adam Vinatieri (and a host of other NFL players), so maybe Adam will do a fundraiser for me too.

    Also just in case relatives help, my daughter Pam was a 3 time 1st Team All-American at WVU in Rifle and also a 3 time Academic All-American. She was on the US Shooting Team for 9 years and earned 7 medals in International competition.

    Now if I knock on enough doors and convince enough people that I’m one of the two best candidates, I will be on the November Ballot. If not, I’ll be helping Christine or whoever the Republican candidates are get elected.

    1. Anonymous


      I like you and think you are a nice guy but I don’t want anymore Lora Hubbel’s in Pierre. And your comments are silly.

      1. anon

        As far as I can tell nothing written above says that Christine is a strong candidate because of her brother. (but what do you want to bet that doesn’t hurt?) It’s nice to know how petty you are though.

        Jim Stalzer = Stace Nelson and the blog addicted candidate. Next!!!

        1. Anonymous

          Ok – Erickson sent out a press release announcing her candidacy to the media. Did Stalzer??? I was not aware he was running. Was anyone else?

          Nothing personal but if you want media often times you have to seek media.

          Jim since I vote in Districit 11 I will vote for you over Willadsen with my second vote.

    1. insomniac

      #1 requires the ability to stay off blogs.
      #2 requires the ability to work hard
      #3 requires the ability to connect with voters by being outgoing and friendly
      #4 requires the ability to raise money

      Looks like Christine is also a strong candidate… Stalzer you are alright in my book but stay away from Tammy Wies and double-Hubbel-trouble.

  5. anon

    I knew Christine when she lived and worked in Pierre. I think she will be a great candidate and wish her the best. From what I know of her, I would guess she would prefer to be judged on her ability to lead rather than her brother’s football accomplishments. If you have questions about that , ask her yourself. I was also glad to see Mark Mickelson’s decision to get involved. This has been a long time coming and he will do well. Glad to see fresh faces stepping up. Good luck to both.

    1. She gets my vote

      Entire press release:

      Christine Erickson to enter District 11 House Race

      Sioux Falls–Christine Erickson, a small business owner and stay-at-home mother, has announced her intention to enter the District 11 House of Representatives race in western Sioux Falls. Christine, along with her husband, Tony, and her three boys, decided now is the time she could make the most difference for South Dakotans. ?After a lot of thought and prayer, I believe that now is the time for me, and other working and stay-at-home mothers, to let our voices be heard for education and small business,? stated Erickson.

      A Rapid City native, Erickson understands the importance of family. The daughter of an insurance company employee father and a school employee mother, Erickson grew to understand the value of hard work. She also learned perseverance by watching her brother, Adam Vinatieri fulfill his dreams of kicking in the NFL through a tremendous amount of work. ?My family is my number one priority,? noted Erickson. ?That is why my husband and I choose to raise our family together in South Dakota–being close to family. The greatest lessons I have learned have been from watching South Dakotans make a difference. That is what I want to do for South Dakota in the Legislature.?

      Erickson also understands the role of government. She was employed for numerous years as a South Dakota Department of Revenue agent in Pierre and Sioux Falls. As a mother of three young children, she also understands the importance of a quality education. ?I can?t stress enough that quality education and sound tax policy are my biggest concerns. I look forward to meeting more of the constituents in District 11 to talk about my plans to improve both of these areas,? concluded Erickson.


  6. Anonymous

    She will win in 11. Willadsen is going to lose once again. If he wants to win a primary he better work this time around Stalzer seems to want this also.

    1. RINOs belong in the Zoo, NOT Pierre!

      Great Plains here you come Wlladsen! Save some room for the rest of the herd you run with, don’t let the SDGOP platform hit you in the butt as your replaced with some actual Republicans!

      Go big Jim Stalzer!

      1. anon

        It all depends on who you think governs better. Just because someone is a conservative does not make him or her a better legislator.

        1. RINOs belong in the Zoo, NOT Pierre!

          If they are a true conservative,our history shows that they in fact do govern better.

          It is when the GOP welcomes all the posers in and allows them to subvert our party platform that we lose the faith of the public. Kind of like the frustrations we are seeing across the state now.

  7. anonymous

    It seems that those with holes in their resume throw “small business” or “consultant” in there for filler. A few years ago a full-time school janitor listed himself as a small businessman in campaign literature. Ms. Erickson’s press release says nothing about her small business. That simply raises an unanswered question.

  8. Anonymous

    Both candidates will offer a breath of fresh air in Pierre. They are both intelligent and will bring new ideas and energy to the legislative process.

  9. Winston

    Mickelson versus Huether in 2018, I cannot wait. Imagine the money that would be spent on that gubernatorial battle. Or maybe Mickelson
    will run for the US Senate in 2016, assuming Thune is on the national ticket that year and prevented from running a dual campaign in SD (thanks to his fellow Republicans passing a law in 2004 that prevents it … wasn’t that law actually intended to stop Daschle? How ironic.) In either case, Mickelson at some point will have to make it clear that it was his brother who once got in trouble not him.

    1. How 2014 plays out....

      My hunch is that Noem, Rounds and Napoli duke it out for the GOP nomination while Brendan Johnson and Stephanie Herseth also duke it out in the Dem primary.

      Huether sees Brendan and SHS fighting for the senate nomination and chooses not to run for reelection to SF mayor and runs for the open congressional seat vacated by Noem. Huether cruises to the nomination and emerges unscathed against BJ Nesselhuf and Matt Varilek. While in the GOP primary Dusty Johnson wins a bloody contested primary against Dan Lederman and Shantel Krebs (and a host of others) including Gordon Howie. Dusty comes out dinged and Huether wins a narrow victory over Dusty because his GOP rivals remained fractured and HB 1234 bites him amongst educators.

      In the Mayors race Schlekeway wins a run off with 56% of the vote against Jamison.

      In the end Napoli nets enough of the disenfranchised Tea Party support from Noem that Rounds ends up being the nominee – Herseth rides a wave of revenge against Noem into the general where she is forced to take on Mike Rounds instead of Noem. That kills the over the top dem enthusiasm behind her and Rounds wins easily.

      In 2016 Russ Olson defeats Mike Huether for Congress. Huether goes back to running a bank that takes advantage of poor people with subprime loans… The end.


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