SD GOP state dinner Nov. 5th

The South Dakota Republican Party is gearing up for another exciting State Dinner!

The State Dinner is Saturday, November 5th in Sioux Falls at the Convention Center. There is a 6-7pm social and a 7-9pm dinner & program.

The featured speaker will be Congresswoman Kristi Noem with special guests Senator John Thune and Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Tickets are $75. To RSVP, contact the SD GOP by calling 605-359-6912 or emailing them at

What I am looking forward to most is the opportunity for attendees to fill out a GOP presidential straw poll ballot. This will be a great addition to an always fun gathering! Any thoughts on who will win?

In other news, the State Central Committee will meet that morning. The SD GOP will be unveiling some Grassroots/Activist-Driven committees that will do a lot of work during the winter months.

Looks like a full day for GOP activists across the state!

10 Replies to “SD GOP state dinner Nov. 5th”

  1. Anonymous

    Why would I pay $75 to see Noem, Thune and Daugaard when I can pay $30 to see them at a Lincon Day or see them at the fair for free?

    I would pay $75 to see Thune keynote but not Noem…

    SD GOP needs to step up the game…

  2. Name

    Take note that on November 7th, the LDD in Hamlin county next week is promoting itself with the tagline:

    “Representative Kristi Noem will be our honored guest and speaker for the event along with many other State and Local Republicans.” That ticket is $25 per person.

  3. spook

    At the State dinner in Rapid back in October 2009 both Curd and Nelson announced while Noem sat in the crowd wishing she was up on stage as a candidate.

    What surprise will we get at this years state dinner? Noem announces for reelection? Maybe she just attempts to beat Rounds to the punch and announces for Senate really early?

  4. Anonymous

    I’ll fill out my presidential straw poll ballot for Newt or Cain.

    Tough decision so I’m glad it doesn’t count…

  5. caheidelberger

    Straw poll prediction (why not): chamber of commerce Republicans will give the chamber of commerce candidate the edge. Romney 30%, Perry 18%, Cain 17%, Gingrich 10%, Bachmann 10%, Huntsman 9%, Santorum 6%. Margin of error roughly equivalent to the amount of doubt over Bill Clay’s real identity.

    1. Anonymous

      My money is on Cain winning the straw poll. He has a lot of momentum these days and we are talking about a very conservative audience.

      I’m hoping the GOP contest comes down to Newt vs Mitt though. Cain makes me kind of uncomfortable because I don’t think he has thought it all through.

    2. Name

      Cory, unfortunately you’re too predictable anymore, and not just a little boring. Why don’t you go back to your own blog, and obsess your only three topics:

      1. Hating Kristi Noem
      2. Oil is evil, and we must adopt more expensive green power.
      2. Bill Clay’s identity.

  6. Pierre native

    Mitt Romney – maybe
    Rick Perry – no
    Ron Paul – no
    Newt Gingrich – yes
    Herman Cain – yes
    Rick Santorum – crazy
    Michele Bachmann – batsh*t crazy
    Jon Huntsman – no


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