SD Pols note last night’s tragedy in Las Vegas

The deadliest mass shooting in US History occurred last evening, and it has the attention of our elected leaders as we all pray for peace and sanity in a world that sometimes makes no sense anymore:

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  1. Emoluments Clause

    The American people don’t want “attention” to this matter. They want solvency.

    Oh, and just how much money have Kristi, Marty, Mike, John, and Dusty taken from the NRA over the years anyhow?

      1. Emoluments Clause

        Yep, can’t win the argument or message so why not try attacking the messenger….

        I just heard that Senator Thune’s answer to these tragedies is for all of us to “get small”….. Where did he get that advice from, Steve Martin?

    1. Anonymous

      I do agree with you; the American people do want America to have the ability to pay it’s just debts, but with the Democrats spending on entitlements to buy votes all the time and the Republicans being afraid to cut spending, I don’t that happening anytime soon.

      However, I don’t see what your call for solvency has to do with this post.

      1. Anonymous

        Pardon, “I don’t SEE that happening any time soon”; that comes of typing too quickly.

      2. Emoluments Clause

        “Solvency” means to solve or have an answer to a problem, whether the problem is financial or not. But your tangent divergence was a cute attempt, however, I must admit…. (I am glad we ‘solved’ that one…. 😉 )

        1. KM

          EC – You know what the point is, you’re not that ignorant.

          Didn’t you mention that you don’t support the murder of unborn babies, but trust women to make decisions for themselves? Do you trust a woman, who has been raped, to own a gun so she can protect herself so it doesn’t happen again?

          Where were you on the DFP post? Thought you called out people from both sides of aisle? Hmmm….you’re loosing your credibility.

          1. Emoluments Clause

            I am impressed, or should I say flattered, by your alleged understanding or remembrance of alleged past comments of mine…. One can always use a fan base….. 😉

            As far as your above mentioned scenario, what does common sense gun legislation have to do with definitely preventing one from buying a firearm for their protection, if they think they need it? That’s a quantum leap unless you are suggesting the woman in your scenario needs 49 long guns like the assailant in Vegas….

            1. KM

              EC – Please, do enlighten us on what “common sense gun legislation” entails? Do you have an educated suggestion on how one would have prevented the massacre in LV? I’ve got a hunch…you believe what Jimmy Kimmel is saying about “gun control” and probably health care too?!!

              A quantum leap would be the government confiscating guns from law-abiding Americans…oh wait, that’s exactly what the Left wants to do.

              The NRA is here to stay;)

              It’s easy to remember a conversation when you’re a part of it. Not to mention, your statements are still posted on the article. If thinking I’m a fan of yours makes you happy, I’ll let you have it.

              1. Emoluments Clause

                There is a legislative answer to all of this and it has nothing to do with “confiscation.” Rather all we need to do is make sure that the gun industry is subjected to product liability laws like other manufacturers…. When you manufacture violence you should be held accountable for it….

                1. KM

                  “When you manufacture violence”…you mean like Hollywood? Like BLM? Like Planned Parenthood? Like Antifa?

                  So, you think the manufacturer should be held accountable for what happened in LV? Really? Doubtful that’s going to happen. Here’s an idea, let’s hold people who commit these evil acts accountable, that seems reasonable.

                  You aren’t very good at discussing 2nd Amend rights or the Right to Life. There’s a new post about our mayor, you do a fine job of calling him out…move on.

                  1. Emoluments Clause

                    “Move on?” What are you a closet liberal?

                    Apparently, I am only good at discussing issues that you like to agree with me on, huh?

                    The fact that you are “doubtful” about holding the gun manufactures accountable merely proves my point that it is the crux of the issue…. Wow, maybe I do know something about the gun debate after all….

                    Oh, and who said I didn’t want to hold those “who commit these evil acts” accountable? I just think that they have a knowing accomplice called the gun industry.

            1. KM

              You can discuss that quote with Emoluments Clause, I was using the words he said from a previous thread. Those are his words, not mine. But here we have those pesky facts again.

  2. David Barranco

    For her comments regarding the Las Vegas massacre, CBS fired Haley Geftman-Gold, Vice President for business affairs. Of the 59 murdered Americans, including an emergency room nurse who died protecting his wife, Ms Geftman-Gold wrote: “I’m actually not even sympathetic b/c country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

    Regardless of whether a radical jihadi slays 49 victims in Orlando or a Caucasian psycho kills 59 in Las Vegas, the result is the same: a massive, devastating loss, catastrophic far beyond snide ‘gotcha’ politics. Profound sympathy is what Thune, Rounds, Jackley, and Noem hoped to communicate. If you’re eager to debate gun laws, Emoluments, that’s your right as a citizen. Please give it a few days to show respect for those who died and those who yet grieve.

    1. Anonymous

      But, David, you’re never supposed to let a crisis go to waste, according to that liberal hero Rahm Emmanuel.

      1. Jaa Dee

        Even though it has half the population of the other 22 nations combined, the United States accounted for 82 percent of all gun deaths. The United States also accounted for 90 percent of all women killed by guns, the study found. Ninety-one percent of children under 14 who died by gun violence were in the United States.


        How about somebody explaining that? If you say it is “leftie” bs without something to refute it, you are displaying just how stupid the nra puppets are….

        1. KM

          The NRA is here to stay, that makes you angry.

          The government will never take guns away from law-biding Americans. The 2nd Amendment is a godsend. It makes you even more angry I mention God;)

          Let me help educate you with real facts…

          The number of unarmed civilians killed by governments in the 20th century alone: 262million.

            1. KM

              Your comments make it easy to understand what you believe. Every time you pop-on-in to SDWC, you rant & rave about everything that makes your life horrible and it’s always at the fault of Republicans.

              You hate God…previous freak-out when discussing death with dignity.

              You hate Republicans…read every statement you’ve posted on SDWC.

              You hate the NRA….see your rant on this thread.

              Sometimes it’s just to easy. Facts can getting confusing for someone who only thinks with their emotions. I wouldn’t expect you to understand much of what I post…you know those pesky facts. Oh, don’t forget, the NRA is here to stay…fact;)

    2. Jaa Dee

      “Please give it a few days to show respect for those who died and those who yet grieve”– B.S. dude, that is the line after every slaughter, nothing could respect the victims of these slaughters than doing something— These bs condolences, and prayers and thoughts and “Profound sympathy” are meaningless time after time….and hypocritical by the bunch bought by the nra……… The gun manufacturers have gotten filthy rich off these slaughters and the lie lapped up by the stupid for 3o years that a Dem. is going to tale their guns….

    1. Anonymous

      Where in the link you posted did Senator Thune blame the victims, you witless wonder? Can you even read?

      You’re getting your “news” from the propaganda machine of the left, a known cesspool of lies, misinformation, and twisting of facts, so I guess you can’t be expected to come up with anything coherent.

      Your post shows the intellectual honesty of all the leftwing socialists out there.

      I’d call it RawBullcrap, not RawStory.

      Also, when you’re stringing together multiple adjectives you should separate them with commas; if you can’t be factually accurate at least try to be grammatically correct.

      1. Jaa Dee

        Not big on comprehension, huh? ““I think people are going to have to take steps in their own lives to take precautions,” he opined. “To protect themselves. And in situations like that, you know, try to stay safe. As somebody said — get small.”—

        “You’re getting your “news” from the propaganda machine of the”– If it is wrong—-prove it wrong. Does that never occur to “you people”? Wow dude, you are a real special kind of stupid.

  3. Troy Jones

    Jae Dee,

    Interesting you use the same word (“Repug”) as the woman fired from CBS for having no sympathy for the victims because they were mostly Repugs.

    You and your words are eerily similar to the Jacobins and Robspierre during the French Revolution. You are as scary and dangerous as any radical islamic terrorist or guys like this nut in Las Vegas.

    1. Jaa Dee

      Ohhhhh my my my- I know truth is scary and dangerous to “you people”— What do you have a problem with? If anything I posted is in error refute it..

  4. Troy Jones

    Jaa Dee,

    I compared you to the Jacobins and Robespierre.. I think you are at your core to evil to Do anything but fear you could do what the guy did in the park in DC. I hope you are under watch by law enforcement. You are evil. Evil. Evil.

    1. Jaa Dee

      Can you not respond to my comments?…. Hey Jones, you are hilarious when you get frustrated because you are lost when facts are presented…. ” You are evil. Evil. Evil.”– arrrrggghahahaaaaarrghahahahasnotetc…

  5. Troy Jones


    These people screaming for something are like children crying when they fall down and want it to stop hurting. Sometimes, the answer is the just put your hand on them and tell them it will be all right.

    The reality is there is not a single piece of “common sense” Constitutional legislation proposed or discussed which would have even a smidgeon of impact on any of the mass shootings in 5e last ten years. Zip. Nada.

    But these whiny little babies get some comfort in crying “Mommy, it hurts. Do something.” So, what we must do is hug them, pat their head, and smile. Sometimes it is all adults can do when presented with the mental and emotional maturity of a six year old. Reasoning with them is futile because hey just don’t have the skills to handle big boy and big girl matters.

    1. KM

      Troy – Isn’t that the truth! They’ll scream and shout…gun control, when really the only way to have prevented what happened would be no guns and that’s exactly what the Left wants.

      This guy passed gov’t-mandated background checks, no history of mental illness and a brother who says he didn’t know anything was wrong. Where are their screams for justice when we see the same number of deaths in Chicago each month…don’t Democrats want to save lives?

      It’s also interesting that they’ll scream the NRA is evil and bribes legislatures (which does not happen) but we don’t hear a peep about when unions actually are bribing Democrats. The NRA is strong because of the millions of members they have.

      They are certainly acting like children needing comfort from mommy and daddy. Children generally don’t bring reason, logic and facts to the table when presented with civil discourse.

    2. David Barranco

      You wrote: “These people screaming for something are like children crying when they fall down and want it to stop hurting. Sometimes, the answer is the just put your hand on them and tell them it will be all right.”

      You’re 100% correct that some have… overreacted. To cite one example, from the Daily Trojan, USC professor Amy Granados, who lectures on “gender imbalance and sexualized portrayals across media and how these depictions relate to issues of labor and production as well as psychological and emotional effects for viewers,” ran amok in her classroom, shouting, “active shooter! active shooter!” Granados’ bizarre conduct triggered a campus-wide security lockdown. Thankfully, there was no shooter on campus. As Granados’ student texted police: “there is no shooter. Pretty sure my teacher made it up. She was drunk in class and breaking down about Vegas. Eventually, she crawled out of the room yelling for help. Our room is where it was first reported and nobody else heard gunshots.” Once PD officers realized it was a hoax, or a hallucination, or whatever, they located Granados. She’ll undergo a mental evaluation and get some badly needed rest.

  6. Charlie Hoffman

    Since 1993 the number of guns owned by Americans has more than doubled while gun death homicides half almost been cut by half. I believe the statistics are 57% and 48%.

    1. David Barranco

      You make a solid point but I’d like to reiterate that there’s nothing wrong with feeling upset, angry, or emotional. At least 59 good Americans have been murdered. Reading the life stories of the victims — law enforcement officers, Iraq war vets, school teachers, nurses, & newlyweds — reinforces that the LV massacre was a horrible crime perpetrated by a despicable villain. Those among us who grew up listening to Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, and other greats find it particularly galling that the killer targeted country and western music fans. I don’t blame anyone who’s angry, who wants her government to act promptly, or who hopes to prevent a recurrence. Such sentiments are, in my view, perfectly appropriate. We may disagree over how to best protect our fellow citizens. We may dispute which solutions are politically viable, practical, or effective. But we all want to save lives. After the families and the nation have mourned the lost, reasonable people, liberal and conservative, can debate in good faith.

  7. Troy Jones

    Jan Dee,

    I will not respond to you.

    I think you are severely intellectually challenged, I think you are a despicable human being with inclinations similar to The Jacobins, and I think you should be observed by law enforcement just as James Hodgkinson should have been observed. To discuss anything with you is to only feed your sickness and thus would be enhancing the threat to humanity. You need mental health help.

  8. Troy Jones


    1) Guns were modified with LEGAL bump stocks which allowed the guns to fire at nearly the speed of ILLEGAL automatic weapons.

    2) Bump Stocks were legalized by Obama Administration, thus,

    3) Obama Administration is directly responsible for the number of people killed and injured.

  9. Troy Jones

    OOOPS: Forgot to add the above was brought to America by the author of the Fast and Furious gun running enterprise, Obama Justice Department.

  10. Anonymous

    Studies show….
    My linked study shows…
    I’ll link studies that show…
    We will both poke holes in each other’s studies…
    Let’s have some independent thought here.
    Gun ownership has increased dramatically yet overall gun deaths are down significantly. Mass shootings however seem to be on the rise. My hypothesis is the internet and social media along with Hollywood have radicalized a vulnerable population. Maybe we should ban these mediums since I could justify this is more correllary than gun ownership.
    Oh darn…that pesky constitution and the free speech thing!
    Like most issues, this seems to follow a political divide. Pro gun politicians are no more beholden to the NRA than pro abortion politicians are beholden to NARAL.
    Conundrum…ban certain guns vs guns are already everywhere. That leaves the nasty guns in the hands of criminals.
    Fact…the most regulated cities in our country have the highest incidence of gun violence. Score one for more gun control not being the answer.
    Is ISIL evil because they have guns or are they effed in the head? No different here.
    Face reality, we love our guns here and we have a constitution that says we get to have them. In a free society like ours, not our socialists brethren there are inherent risks associated with letting people make bad choices. We as a society can regulate ourselves into perfection and live in this grand utopian society but even the Almighty himself saw fit that it was better if we had some free will.
    Point being evil exists in this world and it manifests itself in many forms. In this case I think we could all use a little more “love thy neighbor” and a little less us vs them.

  11. KM

    Well-said. Love that pesky Constitution and free speech thing;)

    Agreed – Evil exists in the world and no matter how much the Left says more regulation/laws will stop it, evil will not magically go away…poof, utopia.

    Rape is illegal and it still happens. How about illegal immigration, pretty sure that’s taking place. Aren’t illegal drugs available, NASD will surely tell you it is? Last time I checked, driving while intoxicated is illegal. We all want laws to protect and serve for the good of all Americans, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to break those laws…that free will point you make, I liked that one too.

  12. KM

    MC – No, no, no, this person is not the only one to blame. You must have missed where EC tells us who’s also liable for this violence. Fault should lie in the hands of gun manufacturers, they are a knowing accomplice. /s

    We need to be more proactive, we should also have Congress investigate car manufacturers. They should really be the ones held responsible for when a drunk driver murders a family or when a terrorist uses these killing machines to run people down.

  13. Troy Jones


    KM and I are being sarcastic by using liberal logic (I know, its an oxymoron) to blame this on Obama.