SDDP Chair Randy Seiler down to complaining about Governor Noem’s belief in South Dakotans

Randy Seiler must be getting tired of Governor Kristi Noem winning.

Nationally recognized and lauded among our Nation’s Governors for her message to “Trust your citizens” and  “don’t ‘lay down mandates.”

We have some of the lowest rates of covid in the nation and in the face of a national economic crisis, a $19.1 million dollar surplus, with most of the saved money came from executive branch agencies.

Not to mention Governor Kristi Noem’s strong approval among the state’s residents.  Which came before Governor Noem brought fireworks back to Mt. Rushmore and put South Dakota on the national stage with a visit from President Donald Trump.

How can the state’s Democrats respond in the face of Governor Noem leading? Sadly, as Randy Seiler, the man who has signed a loan to keep the Democrat Party afloat, offers the state dems are “re building” as he complains about the Governor:

The Democratic Party in South Dakota has not held a statewide office in decades, and currently, opposes a super majority in both houses of the state legislature.


“Medical professionals, and scientists and the CDC are giving guidance and advising us what we have to do to combat the coronavirus not only in South Dakota, but across the country… our Governor’s approach to that is personal responsibility, my perspective is that is a lack of leadership.” Seiler said.

Read it all here.

Dems complain about Governor Noem believing in South Dakotans “personal responsibility,” and call it “a lack of leadership?”  Are they actually vetting this before they speak to the press?

When Dems attack the Governor believing in the residents of the state, they’ve already lost.

58 thoughts on “SDDP Chair Randy Seiler down to complaining about Governor Noem’s belief in South Dakotans”

  1. Noem listened. CDC data manipulation scheme/scandal under harness. Texas health department uncovers/publishes the fraudulent case load reporting (probable cases are NOT cases, motorcycle crashes are NOT COVID deaths). MS-13-China network unraveled, scurrying. Be careful.

    Obama’s treasonous stay-behind network is reeling, but on the attack spreading an “invisible enemy”. Nyuk, nyuk, the bad joke’s on us.

    Brace yourselves .. the real false flag may be coming. Will it be another Vegas? Stay frosty, patriots. Get active, spooks. Be strong, citizens. This could get really sad, fat, and ugly.

    John Dale, SCLPT

  2. This is so illuminating.

    Democratic Party concept of leadership is coercion and authoritarianism.

    GOP concept of leadership is to lay out the challenge/issue, provide data, and inspire the people to do what needs to be done for the good of all.

    Any vestige of civil liberties and civil rights no longer exists in the heart and mind of the Democratic Party.

    1. Interesting.
      Does that “GOP concept of leadership” include using unarmed, masked officers to pull people off the street, as federal officers are doing in Portland? Does it include armed and mounted officers using tear gas to clear a peaceful protest so Dear Leader can amble across Lafayette Square to pose with a Bible? Does it include threats on Twitter to “dominate the streets?” Did the photos of all those US soldiers on the steps of Lincoln Memorial last month make you proud? Does this myth of “leadership” include preventing the CDC from releasing guidance documents for schools to reopen? Does it include disagreeing daily and publicly with the top federal scientists?
      And where does shilling Goya beans fit in with that?

      1. mmmmm goya. hey Pierre July 18 7:35AM thanks for the encapsulation of the main parts of the current dem tantrum-think. lol it’s a perfect concoction doing what it is meant to do, namely misdirect and hide the real sources of anarchy around us. vampires and democrats have nothing to fear except mirrors.

        1. You’re welcome, even though my comments weren’t meant as an “encapsulation” so much as a brief listing of topical examples of “GOP concept of leadership.”

    2. Troy: “…civil rights no longer exists in the heart and mind of the Democratic Party”.

      So says the Confederate flag party.

      1. Exactly. The Democratic Party, the party of the Confederate flag. Thanks for confirming that.

    3. “GOP concept of leadership is to lay out the challenge/issue, provide data, and inspire the people to do what needs to be done for the good of all.”

      You mean like a governor who goes on FOX and shows joy in her face that masks will not be mandated at the fireworks display at Mt. Rushmore?

      1. Now Dear Leader says wearing a mask is “patriotic.”. So if he’s so patriotic, why has he only worn a mask once in public? Seems he could have demonstrated even more of his alleged patriotism by wearing one at Mt Rushmore or on the 4th.

  3. OK. How exactly are Kristi’s Covid policies different from Kemp, DeSantis and Abbott? She is doing the same thing… and expecting a different result.

    “We did, in fact, we according to the national experts, did everything wrong,” she said. Kristi said. It may take a little time because we are a rural state surrounded by rural areas but our Covid numbers will rise again.

    Doing “everything wrong” during a pandemic has already proven disastrous throughout the country. Deadly. But Kristi thinks she’s special.

    1. Kristi Noem is popular because (at least so far) her policies have worked. Numbers don’t lie. People in poorly-managed states are dying at far higher rates. When lots of residents die, you’re doing it wrong. Thankfully, SD’s death rate is much lower. Please note the following per capita data.

      According to CDC as of July 18, 2020

      Most COVID Deaths per 1m population, aka the 10 most dangerous

      1 New Jersey
      2 Connecticut
      3 New York
      4 Michigan
      5 Massachusetts
      6 Pennsylvania
      7 New Hampshire
      8 Rhode Island
      9 District of Columbia
      10 Illinois

      FEWEST deaths per 1m population, aka the 9 SAFEST

      1 Utah
      2 Hawaii
      3 Idaho
      4 Alaska
      5 Tennessee
      6 Wyoming
      7 Nebraska
      8 Kansas
      9 South Dakota

      Every life matters. SD has suffered [roughly] 13 deaths per 100,000 people. Those losses are tragic. But New Jersey been stricken w/ 176 horrific deaths per 100,000 people, whilst New York City has endured 278 deaths per 100,000 people.

      1. Playing that game again? Using deaths as a measure of effectiveness. We all know that big cities with dense populations will always lose on that measure.

        What do we need to know? How many positive cases does a state have compared to last week? How many hospitalizations vs. last week?

        But the real subject we have been talking about is what happens if you open up without following the guidelines. I see why you don’t want to talk about it. You don’t wish to acknowledge the horrible results that most Republican governors are seeing now because they ignored those measures.

        Kristi wants to brag about our positive cases still being just five or six percent. But when those start to rise and her failures become obvious, she can always say “look over there, NYC had more deaths”.

        1. COVID-19 is spreading in essentially the same way other cold and flu viruses always spread, and most of us will probably be exposed to it before there’s an effective vaccine.

          The good news is that fewer than one in 2,000 people in the United States have tested positive for COVID-19 and died, and excluding the mass panic and government overreaction, the pandemic itself hasn’t been much worse than the 2018 flu season.

          1. We have already had four times the deaths from Covid compared to the flu.. That’s with the benefit of social distancing, masks and the shutdown.

            If you listened to medical professionals and experts, you’d know that mortality figures could have numbered in the millions.

            1. The flu probably would have produced similar numbers in 2018 if we’d been testing every sick and elderly person who died. Are you claiming fewer than 36,000 people died with the flu that year?

              Any COVID-19 “expert” who says the same mutations of the virus could have produced U.S. mortality figures in the millions is a ridiculous liar.

              1. “Any COVID-19 “expert” who says the same mutations of the virus could have produced U.S. mortality figures in the millions is a ridiculous liar.”

                Trump said it, smarty.

                1. “if I didn’t, we would have lost two million, two and a half million, maybe more than that” Donald J. Trump

                  1. What’s your point? Do you regard President Trump as one of your so-called “experts” on COVID-19?

              2. happily everyone is partly right. had there been no response last march we would have had a massive death toll nationally due to an overwhelmed and crashed medical system, as demonstrated by the debacles in new york and a few other places. noem let cities implement their individual best policies, and facilitated an economical and targeted prevention plan that had no bad result. she hit the main goal that everyone else was trying to hit – – making the rate of spread stay well below the amount of medical resources and personnel needed to treat it. mask wearing is what each of us can do to keep our personal aerosolized spit and sinus drainage out of other peoples’ oxygen supply. all other parts of this screeching match are delusional and unhelpful. stop it.

                1. The IHME predicts that South Dakota will experience 200 cases a day on November 1st without a mask mandate and about 20 cases a day with the requirement. (Based on the current estimates of experts.) Many states are showing this disparity already.

                  Of course some people commenting on this blog would like you to believe them instead of the medical professionals.

                  1. My predictions this year have been much more accurate than those of the anti-liberty “experts” and “professionals” on the political left.

        2. The states hit first were at a huge disadvantage. They experienced a shortage of supplies and a lack of knowledge in how to deal with the virus. The death counts were large and hopefully won’t be duplicated.

          They have learned. They have abided by the guidelines. NY and NJ positive numbers are about 1%. I wish I could say the same for most Republican states.

          1. The positive numbers in New York and New Jersey have gone down because people who’ve had viruses develop immunity to those viruses. You can say the same for all states regardless of their politics.

            The shortages in the health care industry were largely a result of the mass panic induced by dishonest left-leaning journalists.

            1. Is that right? How do you know? I have seen no studies indicating they developed herd immunity if such a thing is even possible.

              Then there is the death count. You guys want to use only deaths as a measure of results. That’s because no death count will ever match the numbers from the first unsuspecting and unprepared states.

              By using death counts, you can look good…. no matter how badly you do.

              1. People recover from viruses by developing immunity to them, and your claim that I want to use only deaths as a measure of results is ridiculous.

  4. Thank the good lord Seiler did not become Attorney General can you imagine the havoc he would be causing Noem and the rest of the state.

    Friends don’t let friends elect Democrats

  5. States that follow the guidelines are running about 3.5% positive cases. States that ignored many of the recommendations, including masks, are already averaging closer to 9%.

    There is one state that claims to do “everything wrong”. We’ll soon find out how that goes.

  6. It’s not about government doing things right or wrong. It’s about government respecting the liberty of the people, and the people acting responsibly. Governor Noem has provided great leadership and the people of South Dakota have responded favorably. The result has been an infection rate significantly lower than what the expert’s models predicted, and a state economy that has not been decimated by government overreach. We are fortunate to live in South Dakota.
    This is a good and instructive read. Take a few minutes and you may learn some things about leadership and tyranny.

    1. Jim Mehlhaff writes: “It’s not about government doing things right or wrong.”

      That’s exactly what it’s about. The governors in the south that did what Kristi is doing are in the middle of a huge spike. People are hospitalized and dying because their government didn’t know “right” from “wrong”.

    2. I know. You think your right to spread a virus trumps everyone else’s rights. Wearing a mask during a pandemic is somehow infringing on your delicate freedoms. Avoiding crowds while a disease spreads is curtailing your right to party.

      Thank God a majority of Americans are seeing through these fake liberty arguments. With rights come responsibilities. Be an adult.

      1. Fewer than one in 2,000 people in the United States have tested positive for COVID-19 and died. Roughly half of them have been nursing home residents, and it seems unlikely that any of them have died solely from COVID-19. The flu probably would have produced similar numbers in 2018 if we’d been testing every sick and elderly person who died that year. This isn’t the plague. It’s a bad cold and a mass delusion.

        You do your face. I’ll do mine.

        1. “It’s a bad cold and a mass delusion.”

          Just wondering what percentage of medical experts would agree with you?

          1. The so-called “experts” seem to have frightened half the country into hiding behind closed doors for weeks on end with no sunshine, no exercise and no joy, suffocating in stress while their immune systems go dormant, breathing and rebreathing stale, potentially infected air.

            It would probably worry me if “experts” with so little common sense were to agree with me.

              1. Some on the political left seem to define “experts” as anti-liberty extremists. Those so-called “experts” don’t usually scare me, but it doesn’t usually bother me when they disagree with me.

      2. Ya know “elk”… I appreciate my rights and my liberty, and while reading your points I realize that were we to ever meet in person the contact would last far less than 3 minutes and a distance in excess of 10 feet would be simple to enforce as your insistence on repeating the scare tactics of the frightened liberal would assure my non-mask-wearing person would be heading in an opposite direction.

        I watch out for myself and my loved ones, part of that is avoiding the soapbox of the BFL (Boisterous Frightened Liberal)

  7. Elk,

    I see you referenced the IHME model. It has had a bit of a problem being close to reality.

    In late Marcy or early April, it estimated South Dakota would have have 257,000 cases, peak hospitalizations would be over 5,000 and 5,000 deaths by mid-June.

    On May 4, it estimated South Dakota would have 21,000 cases, peak hospitalizations of 1,300, and 257 deaths by mid-June.

    On June 15, South Dakota actually had 5,928 cases, peak hospitalization of 106 (May 26), and 75 deaths.

    As of yesterday (a month later than the IHME Armegeddon, we still have less than 8,000 cases, people in the hospital haven’t exceeded 65 since July 1, and deaths are still below 120.

    Whatever assumptions the IHME people are making, they need to sober up.

    Regarding your 3.5% or 9%, I need to see the documentation and source of your data. Percentage of positives is a function of two things: Number of testing and who is being tested.

    1) A state which is only testing people who have symptoms will have a higher positive %.

    2) A state which was primarily doing contact tracing tests will have a positive % in the middle.

    3) If they were testing people randomly, they’d have a lower test result.

    Drawing a conclusion of test results and following guidelines without normalizing for who is being tested is statistical nonsense.

    1. So even amid the mass panic induced by left-leaning journalists and the resulting counterproductive “stay home” campaign, South Dakota’s peak hospitalization rate on May 26 was fewer than one in 8,000 people. A rational observer could make a serious argument that this is BETTER than the 2018 flu season.

      Great stuff, Troy.

  8. Well, we don’t have to bring in refrigerator trucks yet like other red states Arizona and Texas are doing, but the honor “lauded among our nation’s governors” isn’t really that special coming from ever so red FoxNews.

    1. Being at the bottom of deaths, hospitalizations, and adverse economic damage related to Covid should make everyone happy.

      Makes me think liberals would prefer more deaths, more hospitalizations and more economic carnage so they could win an election. Which is sic.

      1. Our governor brags about doing “everything wrong”. She’s jumping off a cliff and screaming “see, I’m still alive”… halfway down.

      2. Meanwhile your party’s leader is bored with it and downplays it every time he turns around. It’s out of control in this country and his administration has no national plan. However, if it helps you sleep to espouse that the rest of us want more death and misery just to win an election, you be you (although that’s “sic.”)

        1. Cold and flu viruses are always “out of control,” and a “national plan” that violates our God-given right to liberty will always make things worse.

  9. The New York area was hit hard four months ago already. It overwhelmed them and their hospitals because they knew little about this virus. Nobody is likely to have a repeat of those numbers.

    It’s convenient to use them as your measuring stick. But what happened to the early hit areas is not a measure of how well each state is doing now to hold back this virus. The quick opening in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and Texas are examples of how reckless it is to ignore medical science. You can hope South Dakota avoids their fate but you are playing with the lives of our citizens if you ignore the guidelines that these top medical professionals advise.

    You are not a medical expert. You do not have the many years of education and experience in this field that they have. Of course they are not perfect…. nobody is…. but please stop turning people against them. It’s extremely dangerous, especially during a pandemic.

    As I have already said… the states that require masks are performing much better than those that don’t. It’s a fact. You can misdirect people’s attention from that, but it is still a fact.

    Wear a mask. Social Distance. Avoid crowds. Get more testing. They work. Ask a medical professional.

    1. Promoting blind faith in so-called “experts” is much more dangerous than exposing their lies will ever be.

  10. Elk, while I am not a medical expert, it is clear that the self-described “experts” are grossly incompetent and/or intentionally deceptive under serving of any professional or intellectual deference.

    1). There is nothing wrong with making mistakes but competent and honest people own up to them. The “experts” without exception have failed to come clean on how they missed their projections so much and so repeatedly.

    Is Covid less contagious than originally projected? Are there certain “dead-ends” in the population (t-cells, health profile, or immunity from related viruses, ala bovine coronavirus) which resist infection and/or transmission? Is the mode of transmission narrower than projected? Is there a narrower manner of transmission? Is there a minimal magnitude of virus necessary to become infected?

    2). Is Covid less deadly than projected? Is it only deadly to a certain profile or health condition?

    3). Together, with the answers above, how it hospitalizations are so much lower?

    4). Why did we issue stay at home orders when most virus are spread in confined areas (and 70% of the population lives in tight quarters with poor ventilation? Why did we close parks and pools when all virus’ lose virulence outdoors and in the presence of chlorine?

    Until these self-appointed “experts” come clean and give answers to these and other questions (like why all the attention to masks when your own data says staying home when sick, good hygiene, and social distancing are more efficacious than masks?), I think only a moron would heed anything out of their mouths. In my entire life, I have yet to see such a large collective of “experts” be so wrong and yet have such a total lack of humility.

    Finally, ICME continues to use the same assumptions which were grossly wrong not only in the beginning for which you give them a pass above, but again in April, May, June and now July use the same assumptions that were wrong in March.

    1. “Is COVID-19 less deadly than projected? Is it only deadly to a certain profile or health condition?”

      “Why did we issue stay-at-home orders when most viruses are spread in confined areas (and 70% of the population lives in tight quarters with poor ventilation)? Why did we close parks and pools when all viruses lose virulence outdoors and in the presence of chlorine?”

      “Why are professional journalists constantly using their weapons of mass distraction to bury these very obvious questions?”

  11. Troy says, “There is nothing wrong with making mistakes but competent and honest people own up to them.”

    After all the things Dear Leader has said this year (“One day it will go away.” “It’s 1 person, from China.” “It’s 15 cases, but we have it under control.”), and even continued to say this weekend during the excellent Chris Wallace interview (“It is what it is.”), how can anyone continue to support that guy?

    Now he’s saying it’s “patriotic” to wear a mask, and that he wants to bring daily briefings back because of the ratings.

    If Trump had been POTUS during the Manhattan Project, we’d be speaking Japanese.

    1. What this study says is that when you contract it you’re far more likely to spread it to those in your household than to people in public settings. That is unless you’re regularly in as close, unprotected contact with people in public as you are your family.

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