SDDP internal war continues – Kloucek says time to dump Tornberg

The Argus story on the internal strife among South Dakota democrats was updated this evening with some very pointed comments from democratic party member and former legislator Frank Kloucek:

Frank Kloucek, a former Democratic state legislator and member of the party’s executive board and central committee, said he agreed with Hawks’ assertion that Democrats need to move in a new direction.

“Ann has to go,” he said. “The ball keeps getting dropped.”

Read it here.

12 Replies to “SDDP internal war continues – Kloucek says time to dump Tornberg”

  1. grudznick

    People might give it some consideration when a smart young lady like Ms. Hawks makes these suggestions, but when a fellow like this Mr. Kloucek calls for it you have to wonder: is this a reason to keep this Ms. Tornberg or a slam dunk to get ride of her because Mr. Kloucek is so…ah…er…respected and accomplished.

    Perhaps Mr. Kloucek should be put in charge of the SDDP. That should shiver a cold trickle right down every Democrats nethers.

    1. grudznick

      Mr. Novstrup, there is some wisdom in your plea. I, for one, might agree but only because I think it would tank the party. Is that your thought also, sir?

    2. Anonymous

      Heidelberger administration with his pals, Larry Kurtz, Mentelle, Porter Lansing and that person who had the grow operation in the garage that got busted in Sioux Falls.

  2. Slim Shady

    Way to much money directed to Ann’s own race while other left high and dry.

    Let’s open the books over at SDDP and see what’s going on