SDGOP Ballot Guide – VOTE NO on T, V, 22 & 23!

A big vote no for T, V, 22 & 23!


15 Replies to “SDGOP Ballot Guide – VOTE NO on T, V, 22 & 23!”

  1. Anonymous

    Those are the worst 4…all being pushed by weiland…which should be enough to vote NO right there….

    But also badly worded laws…they actually paid people to write these…they should ask for their money back…

    Unconstitutional provisions galore ….plus they leave lots of work for the legislature meanwhile calling them corrupt in every other word….

    I agree NO on T, V, 22 and 23!

      1. Anonymous

        maybe because these are the worst of all of them…..I have heard the Governor is in support of R

      2. Anon

        These are the 4 that the GOP convention formally voted against. They don’t necessarily support the others but didn’t pass a formal resolution to take position on them

    1. Anonymous

      last anonymous…then let them negotiate on their own…the unions choose to do exclusive negotiations….

    2. Anonymous

      What are you trying to say? Try to be more coherent in your posts if you expect anyone to take your seriously.

    1. Anonymous

      I wish the Democrats would have taken a position on these ballot measures also…take a some leadership…but sadly it is lacking as their registrations numbers sag…

        1. Anonymous

          Just like they want to hide the “D” that identifies them as supporting big government, abortion, unfettered welfare, and socialized medicine. If Ricky Weiland supports something, you know it is a bad idea as he is a bad guy.

        2. Anonymous

          I can see why they support T, 22 and 23 but not V. Democrats don’t have primaries very often as is. Now they will have to win two elections to get elected. That is unlikely.

    2. Anonymous

      Oh, so Democrats don’t listen to the party leaders on how they should vote? Geez, Democrats are okay with the government telling them how to live their lives!

    1. Anon

      Must be where you’re getting your info and news then. Majority of communication from the SD Dems has been about Clinton and Trump, while the SDGOP has been more focused on some of these awful ballot measures. They’re not too involved in any of the races.

      Unless by “Dems” you mean Rick Weiland, Drey Samuelson, and Steve Hildebrand?