SDGOP blasts Starr robocall as illegal, encourages people to report to FCC. Wife receives Starr robocall in Brookings.

This is starting to blow up. In a press release posted on the SDGOP website, the South Dakota Republican Party is hitting Democrat MInnehaha County Treasurer candidate Patrick Starr for making illegal robocalls, despit it being this third campaign for public office:

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman today issued a statement criticizing Sioux Falls City Councilman and Democrat County Treasurer Candidate Patrick Starr for violating provisions of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by illegally placing a number of “robocalls” to people’s personal cell phones in furtherance of his political campaign.


Lederman said “Calls to cell phones using any form of artificial or pre-recorded voice without your consent are flat-out illegal, and I would encourage anyone who received Patrick Starr’s illegal robocall on their cell phone to go online to and report that they were robocalled without their permission.”

Lederman continued “This is at least Starr’s third run for public office, and apparently after all this time he still doesn’t have a grasp of the basic rules of campaigning, much like he lacks the basic qualifications for the office of Minnehaha County Treasurer.”

Read the entire story here.

Starr’s robocall muck-up wasn’t just limited to Minnehaha County. He was blasting this to cell phones in a wider area, as this was received by my wife yesterday afternoon on her cell phone in Brookings from the Starr robocall number cited in all the complaints:

This one might be a bit tough for Starr to explain.

7 thoughts on “SDGOP blasts Starr robocall as illegal, encourages people to report to FCC. Wife receives Starr robocall in Brookings.”

  1. I received my robocall from Pat Starr yesterday at 2:21pm.
    Thank you for the story, Pat (and I’ve submitted my complaint with the FCC.) I appreciate the link!

  2. I applaud the SDGOP leadership for jumping on this issue. Regardless of party affiliation, the overwhelming majority of South Dakotans do not want political robocalls directed to our mobile phones. Dear candidates: it’s 2020. No more robocalls!

    1. That’s a good point. Because that crew is a pack of morons.

      Because otherwise I don’t know why they’d be directing people in Watertown & Brookings to go vote in Sioux Falls.

  3. I wish I could have left a message; I would have let Pat know that I was already planning on voting on election day for all the people and things he is NOT voting for.

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