SDGOP: Did Susan Wismer Finally Read the EB-5 Reports?

SDGOP: Did Susan Wismer Finally Read the EB-5 Reports?
After admitting “I didn’t read it” in March,
Wismer is now playing politics with investigation.

Pierre, SD – Today, the South Dakota Republican Party called on Rep. Susan Wismer (D-Britton) to stop playing politics with the investigation into the late Richard Benda and the federal EB-5 program.

At a legislative hearing in March, at which state officials answered numerous questions, Rep. Wismer said the following to a state-retained auditor: “Your report takes up about an inch of this book or more. Could you talk – I didn’t read it. Could you talk a little bit about what else takes up the rest of the inch of paper?”

Since that March hearing, Rep. Wismer has gone on to become the Democrat nominee for Governor.

Dick Wadhams, a spokesman for the South Dakota Republican Party, had the following to say:

“As a member of the committee looking into this matter, Susan Wismer didn’t even take the time to prepare by reading the auditor’s report. It is hard not to wonder if Susan’s sudden interest is motivated by her own political ambitions – especially when the South Dakota Democrat Party is live-tweeting scripted partisan attacks as Wismer recites them in the hearing room. If Susan Wismer really cares about this investigation, she must direct her campaign and the state Democrat party to stop playing politics.”

Wadhams finished by saying:

“Just today, Attorney General Jackley discussed his plans to file criminal charges as a result of the investigation that Governor Daugaard requested. It is clear that they are doing what they can to get to the bottom of this, despite Susan Wismer’s bizarre claims.”


20 Replies to “SDGOP: Did Susan Wismer Finally Read the EB-5 Reports?”

  1. Wayne Gilbert

    OK–Susan Wismer is lazy. So what does that have to do with the quality and thoroughness of the EB-5 investigation which the committee is doing? I will repeat the question I asked on another thread–why not subpoena Mr. Bollen?

      1. Wayne Gilbert

        That of course is true. That fact ordinarily doesn’t stop an oversight committee from using its subpoena power. Mr. Bollen then can take the fifth if he chooses, or testify under a grant of use immunity.

  2. Questions

    If Joop Bollen were ever subpoenaed, he would be found dead in a shelter belt like Benda.

    (Roger, is there a reason you’ve started sock-puppeting? Or are you embarrassed to put your own name to such a ridiculous statement? -P)

  3. grudznick

    Exactly. EB5 and all that beef bankruptcy stuff aside, Susan Wismer is lazy and not qualified to be Governor.

    1. Wayne Gilbert

      So how do you put “EB-5 and all that bankruptcy stuff aside” in the context of the Senate race? I think Mikey Rounds has some serious culpability here.

      1. grudznick

        Ms. Wismer is running for Governor. She is squished between a stone and a bigger stone and you can see it grating when you hear her talk.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m not saying this to make excuses for Wismer, but as a legislator it would be hard to find time in March to read an inch-thick report, especially if one were on the Appropriations committee as she is. I’ll ask the same question, “why not subpoena Bollen?”, or is this being handled by our “justice” system elsewhere? I understand he’s still hanging around Aberdeen, living high on the hog, but not “talking” to anyone.

  5. Questions

    Just to make it clear, there is no EB-5/Benda death investigation, It was completely shutdown today at the order of Mike Rounds.

    (Roger, is there a reason you’ve started sock-puppeting? Or are you embarrassed to put your own name to such a ridiculous statement? -P)

      1. sdsen_2014 Post author

        Make sure you qualify that.

        There’s a “Good” Lee S., Schoenbeck, who is out working hard to get Republicans elected this year.

        And there’s also a “Bad” Lee S., former pornographer Lee Stranahan, who is working hard to get non-Republicans Chad Haber and Gordon Howie elected.

  6. MJL

    Lalley was right on 100 Eyes today. The lazy ones are Tidemann and the rest on GOAC. They are the ones not doing their job to fully investigate what went wrong in this program and NBP. It is Rounds and Daugaard that are willing to continue to use EB-5. If you want to prevent a massive screw up like this, you do the job to protect South Dakota.

  7. Liberty Dick

    She is like the Pelosi of South Dakota. Let’s prosecute someone so we can find out what the report says. Socialist Susan needs to get caught up on the info before commenting further.

  8. Troy Jones

    If you read closely what Jackley said, the process is proceeding and is in the hands of the Feds, whose program this is. The call for GOAC to go off half-cocked can only jeopardize the ongoing investigation.

    My friend Rich Benda paid an extreme price for what he appears to have done. To jeopardize Bollen paying a price to satisfy either prurient desires of people not responsible to judge citizens of criminal acts or serve a political agenda would be the ultimate injustice.