SDGOP Elects Delegates and Alternates for Republican National Convention

SDGOP Elects Delegates and Alternates for Republican National Convention


Today over 70 delegates from counties across the state met in Pierre to elect delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland July 17-21. Twenty six delegates and twenty six alternates were elected from a pool of county delegates. In addition, the South Dakota Republican Party State Chair, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman are delegates for a total of twenty-nine delegates.

South Dakota is a winner-take-all state and delegates are bound to vote for the Republican Presidential candidate that receives a plurality of the vote on the June 7th Primary Election. Delegates are only bound for the first round of voting at the National Convention.

“I am very pleased with how our election process worked,” stated State Party Chairwoman Pam Roberts. “We had a lot of interest from across the state and Republicans are excited about electing a Republican new President in November.”

Governor Dennis Daugaard was elected as the Chairman of the South Dakota Delegation. Hal Wick and Nancy Neff of Sioux Falls were elected to serve on the Platform Committee. Roger Meyer of Yankton was elected to serve on the Credentials Committee. David Wheeler of Huron and Sandye Kading of Rapid City were elected to serve on the Rules Committee. John Teupel of Spearfish and Lynne DiSanto of Rapid City were elected to serve on the Committee on Permanent Organization.
Congratulation to the South Dakota Republicans elected as delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention!


Pam Roberts (State Party Chair)
Dana Randall (National Committeeman)
Sandye Kading (National Committeewoman)
Anne Beal
Jim Bolin
Matt Bruner
Char Cornelius
Dennis Daugaard
Linda Daugaard
Lynne DiSanto
Jason Glodt
Bob Gray
Dan Hargreaves
Steve Haugaard
Phil Jensen
Isaac Latterell
John Meyer
Roger Meyer
Nancy Neff
David Omdahl
Lance Russell
John Teupel
Florence Thompson
Judy Trzynka
Allen Unruh
Mike Vehle
Dick Werner
David Wheeler
Hal Wick



Jason Ravnsborg
Peggy Schoon
Lana Greenfield
Mark Kroontje
Don Greenfield
Peter Burkett
Doug Post
Debra Elliott
William Beal
Joshua Klumb
Karen Mondillo
Marilyn Wiese
Judy Jelbert
Betty Wyatt
Kevin Nelson
Rick Vallery
Linn Hendrickson
Beau Byrd
Wayne Bierman
Karin Mueller
E Steeves Smith
Eric Stroeder
Ron Schreiner
Kurt Wolf
Wanda Howey-Fox
Dave Gillespie

16 Replies to “SDGOP Elects Delegates and Alternates for Republican National Convention”

  1. Anonymous

    The delegates are not ranked. That list is alphabetical. Only the alternates are ranked.

    1. @SoDakCampaigns Post author

      For South Dakota Republicans, candidate slates have been eliminated as a result of the need to certify delegates early because of the early convention. There’s simply no time for slates to be chosen in June.

      SD Delegates are now “winner take all.” Whoever wins the state gets all delegates for the first round of voting. After the first Round, they are bound to no one.

    2. Springer

      Unlike your favorite, Hillary, who stacked the deck in her favor with the super delegates so that she would win no matter how many votes any other Dem candidate would garner. I can’t for the life of me understand why Bernie and his supporters aren’t screaming about this rigged primary.