SDGOP Exec Board issues Legislative Action Alert activating party to call legislators and ask them to vote against House Bill 1259

As promised in an earlier e-mail, the South Dakota Republican Party weighed in on House Bill 1259, and is asking it’s vast membership to contact members of the House State Affairs Committee to request a NO vote on House Bill 1259:

The Republican Party’s position against House Bill 1259 is based on the fact it will make these campaigns longer, more expensive, and less accessible to average South Dakotans.

And they’re correct, when you think about the Democrat’s difficulty recruiting candidates, and the fact that Libertarians would probably sue the state over this, since there would be less ballot accessibility for them.

Watch for the vote at 3:30 tomorrow.

38 Replies to “SDGOP Exec Board issues Legislative Action Alert activating party to call legislators and ask them to vote against House Bill 1259”

    1. Anonymous

      Mickelson wants to take the power away from the base and concentrate it with the governor.

      It turns it into a fundraising game.

      There just isn’t that much money in SD politics. Even congressional candidates struggle to raise adequate money.

      Now lame ducks like Daugaard will be transferring money from their war chests to help the GOP candidates they want.

  1. William Beal

    I honestly do not understand the purpose of this proposed legislation, what problem it’s attempting to address, nor what solution it provides.

      1. William Beal

        Whether or not that’s the intent of the bill, that would be its effect.

        HB 1259 would increase the influence of large donors and PACs by increasing the number of candidates required to run statewide primary campaigns and undermines the party’s ability to ensure candidates have grassroots party support.

  2. Anon

    We’re starting to recomsider our opposition to drug testing members of the legislature. Maybe we need to have the statehouse water tested, too

  3. Barb

    Why why why is Kristi’s Lt Gov pick Rhoden sponsoring this garbage. This guts the Republican Party grassroots delegate system. It takes power from delegates and transfers it to fat cat donors. It would also give the Governor and his big donors control over constitutional offices.

    1. Anonymous

      Rhoden does what McCaulley wants him to. Odds are he likes taking away the voice of the activists and transferring it to powerful leaders such as Thune and Daugaard who could give money from their campaign to candidates they like in a primary. I don’t have a problem with JT or DD but I don’t want them hand picking every office.

      Just like Tim Johnson gave Billie Sutton $100k.

      It would be hand picked candidates for all of these offices.

  4. Blogger 123

    The fact that legislators time is spent on bills that serve no purpose when solving real problems in the state this legislative session is truly concerning. The Republican Party needs to go back to its roots. This madness has to stop.

  5. Anon

    Thank you Dan and Exec Board for taking a stand against this. I’ve been a GOP delegate for many years and this proposal makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. Anonymous

    Why would Republican legislators introduce a bill to kill the state party convention? Are they not happy with the party or the volunteers that help them get elected?

    1. Anonymous

      They are mad that the governor’s pick for chair was not rubber stamped by the committee.

      It’s all about concentrating power. It’s a power grab to take it away from the people and give it to the party elites who want to control everything.

      1. Anon

        Exactly. This is retaliation for not picking the Governor’s choice for state chair.
        This is the kind of thing which could get Lora Hubbel selected as the nominee for Lt Gov.

        If LG is the only office the delegates have left to fill, it just might happen.

        1. Anonymous

          In 2014 Dusty Johnson and the Governors office were concerned with a Stace Nelson run for LG. So They called around to plant a lot of delegates with county parties.

          Nothing ever happened and it was just a rumor but the thing is that all anyone has to do to stop a candidate they don’t want is to show up!

          Unfortunately most legislators don’t show up to convention.

          Mickelson of all people should know that the world is run by those who show up. That is his Dad’s famous line.

          Mickelson and his friends could just show up but that requires using their precious time. They would rather write fat checks than show up and mingle with regular folk.

  7. Charlie Hoffman

    Unless there is a statutory problem only legislation can fix, a bill is nothing but a solution looking for a problem. This bill is that statements Poster Child. Every bill passed takes a certain amount of Freedom away from someone. Never forget that.

  8. Anon

    Tara Volesky, you have until March 27 to register as a republican and file for a run at a precinct committeewoman seat. If you get it, you have the honor of nominating Lora for LG yourself.

    If the House Republicans want to see a runaway convention, we will give them a rodeo.

    1. Anonymous

      What’s amazing to me is that the convention has always produced the best candidate. Maybe not the best office holder but the best candidate.

      Just look at our office holders now and think of who was the better candidate against them at convention:

      Michels vs no one

      Chris Nelson vs no one (appointed)

      Gary Hanson vs no one

      Kristie Fiegen vs no one (appointed)

      Marty Jackley vs no one (appointed)

      Jeesh! If anything maybe they should take away the governor’s ability to unilaterally appoint statewide office holders.

      Shantel Krebs vs Pat Miller

      Ryan Brunner vs no one

      Steve Barnett vs Pat Miller

      Rich Sattgast vs Mike Mehlhaff

      I like everyone on this list. But the winners were just better candidates. Delegates chose correctly and the GOP has won big time.

      I also just realized there is a total lack of interest in most people running for these offices if only three people have run. There aren’t any hurdles to clear to run and campaign. No signatures to collect. What happens when they have to collect 3000 signatures? Does anyone want to run for these offices?

      There should be more competition of ideas and fewer coronations. That’s my only complaint.

  9. William Beal

    HB 1259 – The Special Interest Protection Act of 2018.

    Urge your legislators NOW to make their opposition to this bill known before the hearing this afternoon.

    We must ask that the bill be killed IN ANY FORM. We cannot let committee members tell us they are voting no and then change their mind in committee because of a last second amendment.

  10. Anonymous

    Maybe i am missing something, but wouldn’t this give some voice back to common citizens instead of the people closely tied to the inner party? Wouldn’t this invite more people to run? I mean, i would like to help decide who our next attorney general is, but those candidates are only pandering to the delegates.

    1. Dave R

      Yes, you are missing something. Political Parties are private organizations and their nominating process is internal. We could go to a caucus process organized and paid for by the parties in which the party simply sends a letter to the Secretary of State informing the gov’t of the party nominees, I suppose.

      In any case, the Convention system works well. It minimizes the money required to run for statewide political office for one thing. Democrats and 3rd parties would be hurt even worse by this bill, frankly.

  11. Charlie Hoffman

    Actually in thinking about 1259 a little more one could honestly say it is just premature. Knowing now it was tabled makes me quite comfortable and trusting of the Legislative process. For Democrats though it brings hopeful general election voters onto their candidate and a possible victory. Numbers in elections are all that matters. I should know. LOL
    When or if the Republican Party in South Dakota drops to the registered level of the Democrats we would be smart to pass a 1259 type bill in the hope of bringing more general election votes our way.


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