4 Replies to “SDGOP – Governor Kristi Noem gives her State of the State”

  1. Anonymous

    She is really an amazing speaker. I don’t know if she had someone with cue cards (didn’t think so and it didn’t look like it) or if she was just that good at speaking for that long straight. I know she knows her information but wow, that was an amazing address!

  2. Anonymous

    Teleprompters are amazing things. I watched the speech on public TV tonight and there were a couple glimpses of it when the camera panned the Constitutional Officers sitting in front of her. The text could be seen scrolling on the flat horizontal screen, but it reflects up onto the vertical screen which is what she is reading off of, one to her left and one to her right. Those screens have one-way glass so the audience doesn’t even notice them from the front, and it appears she is looking at faces and talking just from memory, but she is reading the words off of them from her side.


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