SDGOP hits Heidelberger again, reminding people that he considers “Blue Lives matter” as a rebuke.

And the GOP brings us week #3 of “Heidelberger’s biggest hits.” This week’s golden oldie refers back to his recent diatribe (in July) against people saying “Blue Lives Matter.”



If you recall his anti-police rant:

If police officers constituted an aggrieved class disempowered by systematic, institutional bias, appropriating the Black Lives Matter slogan to express one’s concerns about police safety might be a valid act of protest.

It is a direct rebuke to those fighting to rectify genuine imbalances in America’s power structure.

Read that here.


6 thoughts on “SDGOP hits Heidelberger again, reminding people that he considers “Blue Lives matter” as a rebuke.”

  1. I don’t mind hitting Heidelberger…but wouldn’t that money be better spent in competitive state senate races?

    1. Good point. Does Hamburglar stand a snow cone’s chance in you-know-where of winning? If not, let socialist, atheist dogs lie.

  2. We were very happy to see this in our mailbox today. After looking back on Cory’s blog we were shocked to read post after post from his associate always ranting against lawn enforcement especially in the case of drug busts and whenever our officers were hurt or killed the attitude of his associate and other commenters which was basically ENDORSED BY CORY was that they deserved it! No sympathy towards what happened to Trooper Bader and how it affected his family at all! What is wrong with these people?

    Heidelberger can deny and try to spin it but the fact is that he owns it and should be held responsible for the content of his blog.

    Brown County voters a legislative seat is too valuable to waste on what would be a ineffective nutjob that will be shunned in Pierre by other legislators while he creates a circus atmosphere always trying to get the attention of the press to promote himself. Please support & Vote for Al Novstrup who has proven and will continue to be an effective and reasonable legislator.

  3. I think this money will pay dividends in the future helping Aberdeen keep Cory out of the city council or anything else he may attempt to run for in the future.

  4. Cops’ lives suck. Little wonder they abuse food, drugs, detainees and occasionally murder their wives.

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