SDGOP loses one of it’s most loyal and hardest workers to the party eternal. Joanie Johnson passes away.

Dusty Johnson made reference to it in a Facebook post yesterday, and it came as a bit of a surprise. His grandmother, Joanie Johnson, a long time Pierre resident, and volunteer for the South Dakota Republican Party passed away yesterday on February 7th, 2017.

I remember meeting Joanie after I was hired by the South Dakota GOP as their legislative campaign coordinator way, way back in 1988. As State Party Treasurer, she would come through and sign checks while going to and from the Pierre Flower Shop where she worked.  She was funny, engaging, and glad to put forth the effort towards carrying water for the elephant –  for the sake of the organization, not for personal gain.

I know her friends and family can share chapter and verse of her work for the party. I’m sure it was her and her husband’s involvement and love of the South Dakota Republican Party which inspired their grandson’s interest in government and love for politics; which led Dusty to run for office, and which might lead this congressional candidate to Washington in two years hence.

Today, let’s celebrate Joanie’s spirit of volunteerism and love of the Republican party, and thank her for her hard work. Today, we stand a little taller on the shoulders she provided for us.

2 Replies to “SDGOP loses one of it’s most loyal and hardest workers to the party eternal. Joanie Johnson passes away.”

  1. Troy Jones

    I grew up living right next to Joanie. As her son was in my class and one of my best friends, I was in that house before school, after school, after dinner, overnight. I’m pretty sure I over-stayed my welcome but not once did Joanie make me feel unwelcome.

    Yes, I saw all the work she voluntarily did for the party because often her kitchen table was covered in party papers. Yes, I was sometimes drafted to stuff envelopes being sent to probably central committee (didn’t have emails back then). Yes, I observed her on the phone at night talking with people about party business. But, to me Joanie was a great mom and great host to her kids friends.

    May the soul of Joan Johnson, by the mercy of God, Rest in Peace.

    *Sidenote: Over the last 40+ years, the two people who carried more water for the elephant were Pat Adam and Joan Johnson, both of whom left us in the last few months. People like Pat and Joan whose involvement is measured in decades make more difference than a legislators et. al. whose involvement is measured in years.