SDGOP National Committeeman and Committeewoman break from Gov Daugaard’s choice, endorse Lederman for SDGOP Chair

For roughly 40 years and half-a-dozen Governors, the Republican Governor has hand-selected the chairman for the South Dakota Republican Party, either through explicit endorsement or by direct recruitment.

For the first time in that same 40 years, a significant challenge has arisen to challenge that status quo. In a contest that has arose as a surprise itself to many seasoned observers, arguably the biggest surprise just dropped in the race today.

In an e-mailed letter released by Dan Lederman today, Republican National Committeewoman Sandye Kading of Rapid City, and Republican National Committeeman (and former State Senator) Ried Holien of Watertown have announced their support of Lederman for the position of Chair of the State Party over the current chairwoman Pam Roberts:

As noted in the letter, the pair state “While we support Dan based on his qualifications, we made the commitment to publicly endorse Dan after the current Chair told each of us the week of President Trump’s inauguration that she was not going to run again for the SDGOP Chairmanship. Dan enthusiastically wants the job, and he has the experience and passion to lead our party into a successful future.

Governor Daugaard, and Senators Thune, Rounds and Congresswoman Noem signed a letter endorsing Pam Roberts for the office on January 24th.

Among the party faithful, the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman arguably represent the highest state party offices aside from only the party chairman, as they represent the South Dakota State Republican Party at the national level for party functions and duties.

The positions are elected every four years at the State Republican party convention and at the moment, represent the highest elected offices conventions delegates have chosen from their ranks.

With the elections to be held at the Pierre Chamber of Commerce offices on Saturday the 11th, could the selection of the office of party chairman be returned to a decision of the same grassroots?  We shall see.

94 Replies to “SDGOP National Committeeman and Committeewoman break from Gov Daugaard’s choice, endorse Lederman for SDGOP Chair”

  1. Anonymous

    How long before we hear that Rounds, Thune and Noem were not told of Lederman’s candidacy when Daugaard/Venhuizen asked them to sign the letter?

    The most interesting thing is that Roberts told them both she wasn’t running just days before the infamous stationarygate letter was released. I don’t think that information will sit well with uncommitted central committee members. Heck it might not sit well with committed Roberts members either.

    I don’t want to curse the race, but I don’t see Roberts channeling the Patriots and making a late in the game play for the win.

    This sentiment has been shared on previous posts, this year should be considered zero for the SDGOP. A reset to ringing the voters back into the party fold and allowing the Central Committee – who answers to their respective county boards and committees – to elect their own leadership and have the “big” four stay silent on the sidelines.

    1. Anonymous

      Did Daugaard or Venhuizen ask Roberts if she even wanted the job? I’m tired of them both and want to see the party speak out.

      There is a war brewing.

    2. Roger

      The comments on this post are ridiculous. Most are clearly from one person (probably Dan or Roetman). I am sick of them attacking our party. We just had a year of incredible success. This isn’t about performance of the SDGOP it is about control and power…and the actions of Dan and his supporters are deeply disturbing. The posts below are a good example of what Dan cares about most- promoting himself. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t about helping the party- it is about helping Dan.

      1. William Beal

        If you think these posts are “clearly from one person,” then you obviously haven’t been following this issue since it became public, nor a member of the central committee.

        Do you seriously argue that Central Committee members who post here by name, including the State Committeeman/woman who openly endorsed Dan do so lightly? Are uninformed? Are “attacking the party?”

        I don’t doubt you’re “deeply disturbed,” as your anonymous personal attacks are ridiculous and cowardly.

        1. Anon

          william, other than you- who is using their name to endorse Dan on these posts? Looks like one or two people are making a lot of anonymous posts.

      2. Pat Powers Post author

        Dear Roger/DK/Say What? –

        Please pick a name and stick with it. Posting three times using different pseudonyms is spamming the boards, and disingenuous. Especially when you complain that “most posts are clearly from one person.”

      3. Dave R

        “Roger”, I have not made a single post on this thread until right now. So you can stick a sock in your accusation.

        What actions do you find disturbing? Posts and accusations like yours? You are right this is about power, some people seem to think they own the Republican party and resent a fair and open election – that would not be the Lederman supporters.

        You can stop hiding behind a pseudonym and give me a call with your accusations 605 521 2331. If you have the moral courage.

  2. GOP

    I hope Mr. Holien and Ms. Kading are ready to open their checkbooks to fill the gap left with respect to fundraising by the “Big Four.” I’m very afraid that this hostile takeover of the party will leave the entity weakened for a long time.

    1. Anonymous

      Thune, Noem, Rounds and whoever gets elected to the house in 2018 will continue to support the SDGOP. Any assertion that they won’t is fake news.

      1. GOP

        I hope your right. Just seems like we’ve been winning and I don’t understand why we need to tip over the apple cart now.

        1. Anonymous

          It’s not tipping anything over. Winning can’t be sustained without communication. And that has broken down.

          1. Anonymous

            Daugaard writes candidates checks in the primary if they are rubber stamps. If you are independent minded and have values that differ he tries to have you defeated. I look forward to Jackley as Governor. Noem endorsed Rausch against Begalka.

            Senator Deb Peters over former legislator Lora Hubbel
            Caleb Fink over former legislator Stace Nelson
            Senator Bruce Rampelberg over Rep. Lance Russell
            Rep. Jacqueline Sly over Senator Phil Jensen
            Senator Alan Solano over Rick Kriebel
            Rep. Jeff Partridge over Janette McIntyre
            Terri Haverly over Tina Mulally
            Solum over Tapio

            House Speaker Val Rausch of Big Stone City, the governor’s choice, is challenging Sen. Tim Begalka of Clear Lake in District 4;

            Sen. Deb Peters of Hartford, the governor’s choice, faces a challenge from Rep. Lora Hubbel of Sioux Falls in District 9;

            Sen. Bruce Rampelberg of Rapid City, the governor’s choice, is engaged in a rematch against George Ferebee of Hill City in District 30, where Rampelberg won the nomination by 19 votes over Ferebee in 2010;

            Sen. Tom Nelson of Lead, the governor’s choice, faces a staunch challenge from Lawrence County Commission member Bob Ewing of Spearfish in District 31; and

            Former Rep. Mike Buckingham of Rapid City, the governor’s choice, and Rep. Phil Jensen of Rapid City are battling to win the Republican nomination for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Elizabeth Kraus in District 33.

            No wonder the people are mad.

            1. Anonymous

              All of those were good picks. Too bad they all didn’t win. Nutcase for the most part, Hubbel is a class of her own however.

    2. Anonymous

      Sounds like I’m taking my ball and going home attitude…if any of the “big 4” do that they have lost my support forever

      1. Anonymous

        Does the SD GOP central committee care about Daugaard’s $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ More than they care about principles? The Governor called for the current President of the United States to drop off the Republican ticket. Are you kidding me and he still thinks he can control the agenda of the party in his last two years? I get it if he was running again but he’s not.

        Time for a change. Lederman/Rausch all the way.

  3. Anonymous

    If the Democrats are good enough to pick their own chair, shouldn’t we Republican practice what we preach about the grassroots?

    1. Anonymous

      if the governor openly calls voters stupid for taking positions opposite of his at the ballot box, I can only imagine that he thinks that he should be appointing the chair and that the people who make up the party aren’t smart enough to do that on their own.

    2. DK

      Funny- Dems have elections because they haven’t held the governors seat since the 70s. If they had a governor- their governor would be the leader of their party as well.

      1. William Beal

        Perhaps, you’re unfamiliar with the party bylaws:
        “4. Officers: The officers of the State Central Committee are the state chairman and the state vice chairman, who shall be of opposite sex, the state secretary and the state treasurer. These officers shall be elected at the first meeting of the State Central Committee held every odd numbered calendar year and shall hold their offices for a term of two years or until their successors are elected. With the approval of the State Central Committee, the state chairman shall appoint a deputy treasurer and such other officers as may be deemed necessary.”

  4. Springer

    If a person as head of an agency or department, appoints people under him/her based on cronyism instead of competency, that person has lost my vote. I am supporting Lederman.

          1. Springer

            I won’t provide details as it could affect people who are still employed with the state. I just do not approve of jobs being given to people based on cronyism and not qualifications.

    1. Anonymous

      I also think it looks bad that the head of the party was also appointed to the Board of Regents.

  5. Anonymous

    Sandye Kading and Ried Holien rock! It’s about time the party leadership is responsive to what the central committee wants instead of dictating to us.

  6. Delegate

    I trust Dan he was a good legislator and I think you’ll do a great job as chairman I’m impressed that Sandy and Reed stood up to the governor and through their support behind somebody that actually wants the job kudos to them.

  7. Anonymous

    Dan is passionate about South Dakota politics it will be involved at the county level and help rebuild our party that is basically falling apart. It’s hard to support someone that has one fundraiser that only the elite are invited to for a short boat ride around here.

  8. Anonymous

    This is much like trumps election people are tired of being told what to do by the establishment. Why should we vote for someone that didn’t want the job the only reason Pam is running is because the governor couldn’t find anyone else.

      1. Anonymous

        I wouldn’t want Daugaard’s endorsement if I was running for anything. I’d take Noem’s even though I prefer Jackley for Governor. I think she is pretty straight and I wouldn’t mind Rounds’. Primarily because Thune and Daugaard dissed Trump in the last month I’d go without their support.

  9. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t Pam run as vice chair? Dan wants to be chair and Pam doesn’t this is a pretty easy election.

      1. SDGOPer

        I’d be irate with Tony if I was Thune, Rounds, or Noem. He and Daugaard made them look bad by how terribly Tony handled this situation. If I was them this would be the last time I listen anything the Governor or his staff has to say (especially politically).

  10. Anonymous

    Dan is work hard campaigning for the spot while I haven’t heard a word from Pam. I think it’s time for a change!

  11. Committeeman

    It’s up to the Central committee to pick that the governor Dan has been out campaigning while the governors office has had his henchmen out telling us how to vote. I’m voting for Lederman for chair and I ask you to do the same.

  12. Anonymous

    The Central committee would be lucky to have Dan he’s a party guy he’s been involved for a long time and he gets it. I ask you to throw your support behind him see you on Saturday.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s definitely time for a change the party is falling into disarray there’s barely any communication and county parties or basically dissolved. I think this is what the governor wanted so that he had complete control over the party. DD is a wolf in liberals clothing.

  14. SDGOPer

    I have no problem with Dan being Chair. He would probably be very good at it and he clearly wants the job. However, has anyone asked him (or is anyone intending to ask him) whether and how he plans to ensure neutrality in the 2018 primaries? Everyone knows he is a Jackley supporter, and I don’t have a problem with that, as long as he is clear that he can’t and won’t use his position as Chair to Jackley’s advantage.

  15. Anonymous

    Who do you think is actually more in touch with the general Republican population in South Dakota? I would guess Sandye and Ried over the other four but if I were in their shoes and she personally told them she wasn’t running why wouldn’t they go look for someone else? Looking forward to some changes throughout the state for our party. I hope that Dan is the man with a plan.

  16. Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to a change I’ve been disappointed with the lack of visibility publicly with the party. I hope Dan can bring that change.

    1. Anonymous

      They completely botched the public image on the IM 22 repeal. I don’t know many people who know why it was repealed unless they read Mary Duvall’s blog post.

  17. Anonymous

    It’s obvious that Reed and Sandy are disappointed with the current leadership to “Obama it’s time for a change “

  18. Anonymous

    It’s obvious that Reed and Sandy are disappointed with the current leadership to “Obama it’s time for a change ” maybe Dan will be leadership we can believe in 🙂

  19. Anonymous

    Having an elitist boat ride in Pierre where only high-end donors are invited to is not leadership. I’ve never been invited on this and I’ve always donate it to the party. So I guess because I don’t give $10,000 I’m just not that important to them.

      1. Anonymous

        Failing to notify county chairs of such events is just rude. You don’t know if they would like to participate or not. You don’t know if they know somebody who would like to participate.

  20. Anonymous

    I’m happy to see there’s actually a race with the Central committee and I’m also impressed that are national committee man and national committee woman had the guts to challenge the governors pick.

  21. Party chairman

    The Republican Party is the party of the people in and Trump proved that it’s time to drain the capital lake swamp out with Dennis’s trash in with Ledermans leadership.

    1. Kelly Lieberg

      Once again, Daugaard’s endorsement proves problematic. His own actions have demonstrated that HE has lost touch with what will soon be the new SDGOP. Exciting times ! Now, do your job. This is a REAL opportunity.

    2. Anonymous

      Pam has done a decent job. I don’t like seeing her get scolded. If she loses it will be more about Daugaard’s decision to go against the GOP nominee for president and perhaps some of his bills to raise taxes and social issues. Pam is a good person in a tough spot.

  22. Pat Powers Post author

    Guys, all anyone wants is to have the best party we can have. There just might be disagreement on the means. Keep it positive. It could be worse. Much worse.

    We could be Democrats.

  23. Anonymous

    I’m excited for a change Dan Lederman has been involved in the party for a long time and there’s a good conservative he’s got my vote!

  24. Sioux Falls voter

    I’m excited for a change Dan Lederman has been involved in the party for a long time and he’s a good conservative he’s got my vote! He wants it and Pam doesn’t it not hard to make a choice or people.

  25. Anonymous

    It’s been along time since the parties had a good chairman this old schoolers ready for a change I’m ready to see Dan Lederman prove himself.

    1. Anonymous

      The last good chair was Bob Gray. Lederman will probably enjoy it more than Bob. But Gray was good and he had good staff in Lucas Lentsch.

      I don’t think Roberts is bad. She is actually pretty good if you look at her fundraising. Her weakness is her lack of experienced GOP staff. They are really thin in this department.

      That said I would vote for Lederman because having staff getting the message out and organizing is her responsibility. But my primary reason for voting for Lederman would be that he will do an excellent job and he’s a Trump guy.

  26. Anonymous

    Holien is the real deal. I’m very glad he chose to continue serving in a leadership capacity.

  27. Ace

    If I had a vote it would be for Lederman. Hope the delegates get this right. Roberts was telling everyone she didn’t want the job. And team Daugaard was shopping the job to several others.

    The Party needs to get back to communicating to and with the grassroots and the donors. The Party can do much better than they have the last few years. Time to show up and have a presence again.

  28. Anonymous

    Pam has left the party in the best financial shape it’s ever been. It is also the best position we’ve been in for Republican candidates winning elections. Isn’t that the role of the party?

    1. Anonymous

      I think people are tired of lean and nonexistent.

      I guess they showed everyone the SD GOP doesn’t have anything to do with winning legislative races or federal races since they sat all of them out.

      1. Say What?

        Um- the GOP picked up 4 more legislative seats and the party was very involved… it also successfully defeated Amendment V. Why waste money on federal races that are not even close to competitive when we knew we would at least have an open gov seat to defend in 18. I’m tired of Dan and his supporters bashing the party. These attacks are sickening.

        1. William Beal

          Unless you’re actually a member of the State Central Committee (which based on your posts, I find unlikely) and willing to voice your opinions publicly under your name, I’ll assume I’ve already addressed your “concerns” on your other postings made under various pseudonyms.

          Those who are actually State Central Committee members, will cast their votes soon enough, and that’s really all that’s left to be said on this matter.

        2. Anonymous

          ask the legislators what they think of the party’s assistance on their races and ballot measures and you will learn a lot more about why she will be defeated

          1. Anne Beal

            I think the reason the District 8 county central committees were so late in finding out who was running for Senate was because the state party didn’t want him to meet us and find out what we all thought of Medicaid expansion.

            Seems like the State GOP thought the county parties would mess things up, so they didn’t tell us about him.

  29. Anonymous

    I just looked, and really had no idea. I can’t believe it, but the answer is 0 dollars. I didn’t expect that.

  30. Anonymous

    So these 2 are elected by the convention and come out for Dan, I suspect they are listening to their voters and plus Pam has answering to do with her out one week and then running days later.

  31. Anonymous

    I think Pam should get a vote from every county she has visited as chair. That would not be many. I think Dan has already visited more counties than she has in 2 years.

  32. Troy Jones

    Anonymous Feb 8, 2017 @ 7:50 p.m. (Near top)

    You seem bitter about the Governor and who he chooses to support. And since you seem to be taking it personal, why don’t you sign your name so we can all give you a hug and a patch for your blankey. Let us give you some love. It might help with the anger issues too.

    All I want to say is thank you to Pam and Dan for their past support of the party and their willingness to serve the party going forward. I hope the Central Committee members aren’t caught up in this petty agenda which is a distraction from electing Republicans to office from top to bottom and will:

    1). Give due credit to those who endorsed each candidate and search out each’s rationale.

    2). Give due credit to what both have accomplished and ask if the skills it took to do that are what we most need now.

    3). Listen to the vision of both candidates and judge what is best right now.

    4). Weigh the above together, discern who one thinks best, vote, and support the winner no matter the outcome.

    If they do that, the party wins and there are no losers except those who want to use the party Chair as a means to settle scores.

  33. Anonymous

    Dan’s been involved for many years and knows all the players in the GOP. Pam has not been involved in years. The governor picked her as chairman to be a rubberstamp for whatever he wanted done. She does not work for the Central committee she works for the governor. Dan will work for the Central committee and that’s why I’m voting for him.

  34. Anonymous

    Pam didn’t come to our Lincoln Day dinner in years past the chairman always comes to our Lincoln Day dinner’s. I’ve been disappointed with how the party has been almost nonexistent. I think it’s time for a change like what’s been said above I’m going to give Dan a shot.

  35. Anonymous

    From an outsiders perspective and someone that doesn’t know the people who are voting it seems like there are real concerns developing in the GOP. For RH and SK to come out against the governors pick tells me they have concerns that are not being listened to.

    I would say Daugaard has been an ok governor. But evidently some of the people who know him best have different opinions of the way he runs a political operation. I would also say that it appears by legislative leadership elections he was rebuffed by the legislative body this year also.

    1. Springer

      I liked Daugaard and voted for him twice. BUT, he is in favor of Common Core, has been in favor of tax increases, and came out against Trump. I would not vote for him again.

  36. Anonymous

    My two cents:
    If the purpose of the state party is to raise money and take credit for Trump’s coat tails I guess everything is fine. Everybody likes Pam. Plus she’s a lot prettier than Dan.

    But when somebody finds out the day of the state district meetings that he is unable to participate because his county isn’t organized, a problem which he could have rectified just by putting an ad in the local paper, notifying the appropriate elected county officials, & getting a few friends together over coffee the week before, there’s a problem.

    When the county chairs in a legislative district hear a rumor that there’s a candidate for the Senate but nobody knows who he is or how to contact him, and a round of phone calls results in contact only 3 days before a Lincoln Day Dinner the candidate knew nothing about, there’s a problem.

    When the website isn’t up to date, phone calls are not returned, and county chairs don’t know when the Central Committee meetings are scheduled, there’s a problem.

    And when the Central Commiitte meets and about all they remember about the meeting was that they were told about all the fun that was had at events they weren’t invited to, there’s a problem.

  37. Anonymous

    Pam on the Board of Regents just goes to show you that Daugaard is over the top in his cronyism. Lets gets some regular people on the board of regents, the kind that get up each morning and go to work. It’s time to drain the swamp, please.

    1. Anonymous

      I disagree. Daugaard jumped the shark with his son-in-law.

      Every other appointment is just toothpaste

  38. Anonymous

    Does this mean more money raised in S. Dakota will be going to candidates in Iowa? Or, does it mean Dan finally decided to claim S. Dakota as his official state of residence until something in Iowa comes up.

  39. Anonymous

    Pam has never been to or Lincoln Day dinner either. In the past the chairman almost always makes it to our dinners. I’ve been disappointed with the lack of effort put forth buy the current GOP. If running lean means running nonexistent then it’s time for a change. Please vote for Dan Lederman.

  40. Anonymous

    If the people who carry water for the elephant go against their top leader in Daugaard what does that say about his relationship with the base?

    It might also say more about Dan Lederman. He would be winning an election against the wishes of the Governor. WOW! This is a big deal.

    I wish the Argus would cover it and maybe Mercer.

    1. Troy Jones

      If members of the Central Committee were to vote for Pam because they love the Governor, the members of the Central Committee aren’t doing their job and are idiots.

      If members of the Central Committee were to vote for Dan because they hate the Governor, the members of the Central Committee aren’t doing their job and are idiots.

      The job of members of the Central Committee is, after listening to all sides and arguments, to choose in their best judgment the person they think will best lead the Party to accomplishing its goal(s).

      What is a big deal (but also not worthy of press coverage because it is inside baseball) is people think the vote for Chair of the party is a proxy for something other than selecting the best Chair for the party.

      What also is a big deal is:

      1) We have two people of Pam and Dan’s ability willing to serve.
      2) We have both voter and party elected officials making endorsements on different sides which gives Central Committee a breadth of information and perspective.

      The above speaks to the health of the South Dakota GOP. Think the SDDP would trade places with us?

      Sidenote: Did anyone notice who President Trump picked to escort Judge Gorsuch to meet the Senators? Former Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. Both Senator Ayotte and Candidate Trump barely lost New Hampshire by virtually the same vote total. Interestingly, Senator Ayotte is one of those who called for Candidate Trump to withdraw and have Pence as the nominee. Just an observation.

      1. Anonymous

        I am pretty sure Daugaard is telling people that he won’t work with a party that is not lead by Roberts. That is exactly the problem you are talking about Troy.

        1. Anon

          Geez, Tony is really poisoning the well for himself and Daugaard. Have they just decided that they’re both done in politics in 2 years so don’t give a damn what kind of reputations they have in the party?

  41. Anonymous

    Dan is with the party needs real leadership. I just hope this doesn’t mean that the governor gets upset takes his ball and goes home.