Pierre, SD – January 25, 2017 – This week, South Dakota lawmakers took the first step in repealing unconstitutional Initiated Measure 22. During the more than two hours of testimony and questioning, not one of IM22’s initial sponsors were anywhere to be seen, including Rick Weiland. Instead, IM22 hired a paid lobbyist to give testimony. 

“I think it’s ironic that not one IM22 sponsor or spokesman was in attendance yesterday, instead sending their hired lobbyist,” said South Dakota Republican Party Executive Director Ryan Budmayr. “I did see Mr. Weiland sent out a misleading press release earlier this week. It’s too bad he didn’t have the courage to attend the committee hearing and explain to everyone why he and his operative friends misled voters and put a measure on the ballot they knew in advance was unconstitutional,” added Budmayr. 

More than $1.73 million dollars was spent to pass Initiated Measure 22 last year. Of that money, 98% came from outside South Dakota and 61% came from dark money groups that don’t disclose their donors. Outside groups are now spending tens of thousands of dollars to run slanderous ads against South Dakota lawmakers.

“There’s still time for Mr. Weiland and his buddies who made a lot of money working for the out-of-state group to pass IM22 to come to Pierre and testify,” said the GOP’s Executive Director. “You’d think with all the money they’re spending on ads attacking our legislators, they could charter a plane and get to the capitol without much trouble,” added Budmayr. 

Lawmakers in Pierre have publicly committed to replacing the unconstitutional IM22 with good government legislation that addresses voter’s concerns, and several of those bills have been introduced.

3 Replies to “SDGOP Press Release: WHERE’S SLICK RICK?”

  1. Anonymous

    For a second I thought it was a press release from the SD GOP about Lederman running for Chair. Turns out it’s about Wieland. Pretty bad when Wieland can get ink on the SD GOP stationary but Lederman can’t… Just saying.

  2. Troy Jones

    Is anyone surprised Rick didn’t show up? He’d have to face those he has accused face-to-face. His conduct is analogous to Facebook bullies.