7 thoughts on “SDGOP raffling off President Trump Rifle find out more at sdgop.com/rifleraffle”

  1. Conservatively valued at $7500?!? Don’t make me laugh.

    Anyone could build that exact same thing for a fraction of that. It’s pretty ugly too with all that ugly yellow. Red , white, and blue is all it needed.

    1. Yeah that thing is butt ugly. Looks like a rodeo clown decorated it. They should pay someone to take it off their hands.

  2. I have to agree with the general feeling about the gun; there is too much going on there, and there seems to be no coherent pattern to the whole design. I would go back to the drawing board.

    However, I like the fact that the raffle prize is a gun; the Dems would have a directory of social workers names and numbers and a bag of fairy dust and a jar of elf pee to sprinkle around the world to make it aaaaalllllllll better.

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