SDGOP sends mailer wishing GOP Mayoral Candidate Paul TenHaken Good Luck in May 1 Runoff

The South Dakota Republican Party has a mailer hitting households in Sioux Falls today wishing Republican Mayoral Candidate Paul TenHaken good luck in the May 1 runoff election (against liberal Democrat Jolene Loetscher):

15 Replies to “SDGOP sends mailer wishing GOP Mayoral Candidate Paul TenHaken Good Luck in May 1 Runoff”

  1. "Very Stable Genius"

    Well, this is a mistake. The Minnehaha GOP tried the same stunt for Jamison in 2014 to no avail.

    This postcard also speaks to how nervous the TenHaken camp really is, as well as follow Republicans.

    It probably also helps to demonstrate why our AG wouldn’t interfere into the Rounds campaign in 2014, relative to the EB5 investigation, nor arrest Bosworth until after the primary vote was in, but is more than willing to interfere with the Sioux Falls mayoral race with a disinformation press release in an attempt to benefit the Republican at the expense of the Democratic candidate in the current Sioux Falls mayoral race.

    1. Lincoln County Delegate

      You don’t seem to have the slightest idea how long it takes to get a post card out. This was probably planned since he won the run-off not in response to any of Jolene’s non-sense this week. The turn around time on printing alone would take a week for that many postcards.

  2. Anonymous

    It probably also helps to demonstrate why Loetscher supporters are going into full crybaby mode.

    They were clinking glasses on Monday. Now at the end of the week they see the people pulling Loetscher signs from their yards in embarrassment.

  3. Anonymous

    Go Jo, and I mean go away! We don’t need a leftwing, anti-family type in the mayor’s office. I wish you no luck in the election, Jo.

      1. KM

        Hey, Matthew, I’ve been watching you take to task people trying to spin the narrative and it is fun. I’m impressed. Hope you stick around.

  4. Pence

    When I think of Trump the first thing that comes to mind is his family values. Who hasn’t paid off a porn star?

        1. KM

          Heads are exploding today…

          House Intelligence Committee finds “No evidence” that the Trump Campaign “colluded, coordinated or conspired with Russia.” Clinton Campaign paid for Opposition Research obtained from Russia.



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