SDGOP Sends note to membership about false claims of Represent.US

From my mailbox:

Dear Republican Leaders,

Out-of-state money is paying tens of thousands of dollars to attack our legislators with newspaper and social media ads, robo calls and paid protestors. They continue to mislead the public by being dishonest about the facts.

We created this video, which exposes the truth about IM22 and its supporters:

Please share it and spread the word.

Legislators will vote in the coming week to repeal IM 22 and replace it with something that does not violate our state’s constitution. They’re hearing a great deal from IM 22 supporters, and it’d be great if they could hear from you and your friends. Please call your legislators and let them know that you support their desire to repeal IM 22 and replace it with something that works for South Dakota. 

It would be great if you would consider writing letters to the editor in your local paper to help people in your area understand the truth about IM 22. 

For fun, Senator Stalzer created this image to highlight the groups in town this week for session. These are the groups calls “corrupt lobbyists”.

Please share this message with your County Committee Members, friends, and family. 


Ryan Budmayr
Executive Director
South Dakota Republican Party

8 Replies to “SDGOP Sends note to membership about false claims of Represent.US”

  1. Anonymous

    These SD GOP videos are poorly done. I don’t know who is getting paid to do them but I don’t like them.

    1. Anonymous

      The Voice Over is terrible.

      The entire premise of this video is bad. It’s like the SD GOP wanted to send a message to instead of the people of SD.

      They need to reach the people not

  2. Troy Jones

    I think this is ineffective. In general, I think most SDans care significantly less about the “who” as compared to the “what.” There is one “what” fact in this (spends tax dollars) and multiple references to dark money. There are several other “what” facts which are as offensive to me as the spending of tax dollars. But they aren’t mentioned.

  3. Tara Volesky

    Weak…….not going to change people’s minds. Probably just makes them more upset that the Legislature is more powerful then the people. Just let the Supreme court rule. What’s the big deal?

  4. Anonymous

    Hey look a month later a video….and people wonder why the slow to respond state party is being challenged.

  5. Jaa Dee

    “out of state money”?– Do these people think we don’t know that the Repugs. get OSM ? How much did/ is Koch alone putting up to defeat IM22?

  6. Anonymous

    I agree. This is a weak rebuttal. The perception is that Republicans are taking away the people’s voice by repealing IM22. They don’t understand that it has to be repealed to replace it. The SDGOP needs a better message.