SDGOP takes hit on Heidelberger

From the sounds of things going on in Aberdeen, it sounds like State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger is getting it with both barrels from the South Dakota GOP.

First, readers started pinging me about this ad, which appeared in the Aberdeen American News this morning…


And this afternoon, I started getting reports that the other shoe dropped in District 3 mailboxes.

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The GOP taking a hit on Heidelberger? It shouldn’t come as a shock to those watching the race, considering Cory has been dinging Al Novstrup on his blog for months, with yet another post yesterday where Cory tries to air some self-superiority, and pokes at Novstrup again simply for the fact he can’t resist it.

The postcard relates back to his firing from the Madison School District, where as it’s often recounted, he got into a profane shouting match with a student in front of his Principal. (Probably not a good career enhancer.)  And SDWC Bonus – they also grabbed a 2013 SDWC post on a recent Cory proposal to hand out condoms at schools to teachers and students.

On the firing, one big argument against it is that it did happen a while ago, back in 2001. But, it’s hard to use that logic to refute it, when the people who would complain about it are gleefully using the Trump audio from 2005 to declare him unfit to serve in the office of President.  If it’s bad to say what Trump did in 2005, it is arguably also bad to yell profanities at a student in the middle of a high school in 2001.

And the campaign rolls on.

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  1. District 3 Democrats Against Electing Cory Heidelberger

    Reading this Anti-Heidelberger Ad in the Aberdeen American News was a nice start to the day and our postal carrier just dropped off the mailer a few minutes ago.

    After a few of us have been going back and reading his blog posts we really hope Brown County voters hold Cory accountable for the content of his blog. Posts and comments promoting drug use, boycotts of businesses, anti-Catholic and religious faith posts and with his proclamation that he is an Athiest yet he always reminds us that his wife is a Lutheran minister. That is very manipulative! There is a great deal of hatred and demonization of our Republican friends. He has already thrown a number of South Dakota Democrats under the bus to advance himself.

    How would this guy go to Pierre and legislate on behalf of Brown County and our region? Heidelberger certainly won’t because he can’t get along with people and no one will trust him! We need all hands on deck in Pierre to be effective in representing our region in promoting the advancement of value added agriculture, Northern State University and furthering economic development in all sectors regardless of party working together.

    Please support and vote for Al Novstrup for State Senator District 3.

    1. Robin Friday

      I don’t know what Cory said 15 years ago, but there is no logical comparison to be made between common profanity and Trump’s disgusting braggadocio about being a sexual criminal.

  2. Anonymous

    Where is the outrage over “negative and mean” campaigning?

    Trump’s comments 11 years ago are okay, but Cory’s mistakes with a disrespectful student are not?

      1. District 3 Democrats Against Electing Cory Heidelberger

        DR there were a few commenters in the past over at Heidelbergers blog that when confronting Cory when he contradicts himself in regards to policy and statements those comments were deleted and commenters were banned. He does not react too well when that happens.

        When one watches the video & closing statements from the District 3 Senate Candidate forum sponsored by League of Women Voters Al does a great job. Cory referred to the other Democratic legislative candidates as not “OUR” but “HIS” team as in possessive. They are his minions and unable to think for themselves. It’s all about Cory.

        It is too bad that Brooks Briscoe during the forum repeatedly said that he agreed with Cory every time he got up to answer on an issue. It made it look like Brooks was unable to think for himself and should of at least been original being his own person while stating his position since he is very intelligent, has good interpersonal skills and would most likely be a good legislator without the ego and self serving interest Heidelberger has.

  3. Pat Powers Post author

    Whoever posted the entire article…. Don’t. I automatically delete entire articles, as they violate fair use principles.


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